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Easy Spicy Tamarind and Honey Glazed Spiral Ham || Recipe Book

by Caitlin Keyla

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Bulletproof Diet Cookbook: Proven Slow Cooking Diet for Rapid Weight Loss (Bulletproof Diet Cookbook, Bulletproof Diet Recipes, Bulletproof Diet Book 1)

by John Carter

Have you heard about the bulletproof diet but not been sure about some of the recipes? With this book, you are going to find slow cooker recipes that are going to be approved by the bulletproof diet!

Also, in this book, you are going to discover some helpful tips that will assist you in sticking to the bulletproof diet so that you do not feel as if you are falling off the wagon.

Remember, it is never easy to start a new diet, and the bulletproof diet is not any different. Therefore, with this book, you are going to be able to get started right away!

Here is a short list about this book and what you will learn and find:

  • What is the Bulletproof Diet?
  • Steps to Helping You Follow the Bulletproof Diet
  • Intermittent Fasting on the Bulletproof Diet and How it Affects Your Health
  • Slow Cooker Bulletproof Breakfast Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Bulletproof Lunch Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Bulletproof Dinner Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Snack Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Appetizers
  • Slow Cooker Soups
  • and so much more…

The Bulletproof Diet Cookbook is a book that is meant to assist you in making starting your diet easier by not having to go out and find all of the recipes on your own as some diet books do. You are not only going to be getting recipes for every meal of the day; you are going to be getting information on how to follow the bulletproof diet and some of the health benefits that you are going to hopefully get to experience when you fully immerse yourself in the diet

Keep in mind that you cannot do a diet halfway, you either have to commit fully or not at all. With the information you have learned, you are going to have the knowledge to commit fully if this is what you have decided that you are going to do

Well, let’s getting cooking our way through this book and to a healthier you. Scroll to the BUY NOW button and click away!

Easy Grapefruit Vanilla Shortbread || Recipe Book

by Rubby Payton

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Easy Hazelnut and Buckwheat Financiers with Figs || Recipe Book

by Marrisa Haguin

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Vegan: 50 Fast, Healthy and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes for Vegans (Health and Fitness Master Plan)

by Mary Summer

This book contains a variety of recipes which you can enjoy with friends, family, or on your own, taking advantage of the benefits of a healthy, plant-based vegan diet. Many people nowadays are changing their lifestyles and becoming vegan, due to the vast benefits that a vegan diet offers. Going vegan allows you to simultaneously â??go green’ by supporting the environment and the waste caused by a meat-eating diet. It has a huge impact. The people around you will also be influenced by your choice, hence making this the best change that you can do. Another advantage of going vegan is that you will save a lot of money every month and all that extra cash in the bank can be used for other purposes.

I hope you enjoy the recipes in this book!

– Mary Summer

Murjan Recipe Book: Here Are all my favorite recipes that i enjoy for breakfast.

by Murjan Adan

Here Are all my favorite recipes that I enjoy for breakfast.

Low Carb Recipes: 50 Low Carb Lunch Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

by Mathias Müller

Lunch first and foremost needs to taste good to provide the necessary energy for the rest of the day. Low carb cuisine is evidence that a small amount of carbs can still easily cover this need for physically strenuous jobs. With this diet concept, eating a delicious, balanced meal without feeling hungry and finally reaching your weight goals is no longer an old dream.

This cookbook is a practical introduction to “Low Carb” for those who are interested without having to research the theory of a low carb cuisine.

It clearly focuses on trying and experimenting. The cookbook is divided into a total of 5 categories with 10 recipes each. All recipes clearly show the preparation time along with the difficulty and the nutrients. Most recipes were chosen so they can easily be prepared by novice cooks yet still offer clever highlights to ambitious amateur chefs. The ingredients are available at any supermarket so that you don’t need to run from store to store looking for special foods.

The five categories are

Vegetarian Recipes

Meatless recipes have long unjustly been a sub-category in many cookbooks. This cookbook right away starts with a vegetarian highlight which will leave you wanting to try all of the recipes.

Soups and Salads

Lunch is perfect to recharge with just a small meal. What’s more, the colorful low carb salads and soups are also a feast for the senses.

Meat and Poultry

The 10 recipes in this category prove that cooking meat doesn’t need to be complex. With lots of variety yet simple to make, the focus is clearly on savoring.

Fish Entrées

The variety of fish from all the oceans of the world now bigger than ever. These select fish recipes offer a little insight into the perhaps most delicious combination between low carb and fish.


Easy to make and take along in your bag. These nutritious snacks make it easy to skip the cafeteria or the food stand outside the office.

Over the two weeks you will find the right 14 recipes for any food preferences or be inspired to stick with a low carb diet after the 14 days are up.

Healthy weight loss with the low carb diet!

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Dessert cookbook: Best recipes to sweeten up your life! Baking, cookies, puddings and much more!

by Mia Syndella

Do you want something sweet? Maybe a cup of coffee with delicious brownies for you and your loved ones? Or perhaps you are looking for something to treat your children? Take a look at this cookbook! Baking, brownies, cookies, puddings and ice-cream – we have it all!
Here you will find the best recipes from different cuisines that I collected during my culinary travel. You will learn how to cook the fragrant Indian halwa, delicious Italian tiramisu, delightful Japanese yogurt, spicy Mexican cookies and so much more.
I picked the recipes that are both tasty and simple to cook so that everyone can enjoy them in their own kitchen. All recipes have information about the country of origin, nutritional info and picture of the final dish.
Look inside! Sweeten up your life!




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