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ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: MEDIEVAL ROMANCE: In Search For Love (The Highlander Romance) (Water Black Series Book 1)

by Chandra Allen

After the death of her mother, Lydia Moor is sent by her stepfather to work on the big, rich ranch of his nephew, William Thomson. Her stepfather is aware that William is looking for a wife and thinks that Lydia could be a good woman for him. At twenty three Lydia refuses to become a mail ordered bride, but has to accept Will’s offer, because she has nowhere else to go.

At the Black Water ranch, Lenexa, Kansas, William Thomson had just inherited the place from his father and has every intention to make it prosper. He is a proud young man, who had studied in the best East Universities, but had kept his Western spirit. When his uncle asks him to take Lydia in the ranch and find her some work, Will says yes, thinking that she can work in the kitchen. Surprisingly, when she arrives, he changes his plan. The beautiful young woman is intelligent and full of new ideas. She refuses to obey him blindly and in her spare time, starts teaching some of Will’s cowboys how to read and write. That is when a new thought comes to his mind – could she be the one?

From the moment they meet, there is tangible physical attraction between them. A fact that leads to many awkward situationsâ?¦

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

Brides of Cowboys

by Ponderosa Publishing

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These collection includes:

Sisters of Faith

The Amish Arrangement

Rumspringa Break

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Barren Bride

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Romancing Lady Ryder (The Reluctant Grooms Book 4)

by Anne Gallagher

In this novella, Lord Randolph Remington Culpepper, Earl of Greenleigh, is known in Society as “The Boring Earl.” His conversations rarely stray from the topic of Renaissance art or Etruscan statuary. He longs for something “more” yet cannot define it. Until he meets the ravishing Lady Illora Ryder.

Young, beautiful, and dangerous, Illora could expose Greenleigh’s secret life as an undercover operative for the Foreign Office. As the daughter of the Earl of Harrowby, (the third most powerful man in the British government), she knows more about diplomacy and foreign affairs than the Secretary who sits behind the desk.

When Greenleigh receives a posh assignment as conciliatory diplomat to the Russian Embassy, he thinks his life of midnight raids, and back door espionage finally over. However, an old nemesis appears and Greenleigh finds he and Lady Ryder are merely pawns in the game played among the allies and Bonaparte for control of the Continent.

As the two grow closer, Greenleigh knows Lady Ryder holds the key piece of information that will sway the Russians to their side. When a deadly French spy bent on revenge kidnaps her, Greenleigh must expose himself, not only to the enemy, but to Society as well. Can he save her before it’s too late?

The Clockwork Assassins (The Harry Hunt Adventures Book 2)

by Robert J. Lloyd

1680. In the Norfolk Fens, a body is revealed, a man murdered during the time of the Civil Wars.
Harry Hunt of the Royal Society is called to investigate, for the dead man is Sir Jeffrey Hudson, the Queen’s dwarf, a fierce warrior for the Royalist cause, who once killed a man in a duel.
But no one knew of Hudson’s death…except the murderer.
For years, an imposter has lived in Hudson’s place, working as a spy. Now this man, too, has disappeared, taking with him knowledge of a plot to kill the Queen.
Harry’s search takes him to Paris, ruled by Louis XIV and the sinister Chief of Police, La Reynie. There, he becomes ensnared in a city obsessed with poisoning.
With the help of a cross-dressing aristocratic swordswoman, who has schemes of her own, Harry embarks on a desperate race to return to London.
He must save the Queen and all who gather for her Catholic Consult.
He must save them from the Clockwork Assassins.

The CLOCKWORK ASSASSINS is Harry Hunt’s second adventure, the sequel to The BLOODLESS BOY.

Rainbow Legacy: Grandfather’s Story

by Leslie Perez

ISABELLA, is the granddaughter of traditional story teller. From the time, she could remember her Grandfather telling her stories of a past that had nothing to do with her, at least that is what she thought. Isabella learns that her Grandfather SANI YOUNGBLOOD not only told stories that he learned he told her and her cousin ANDRES stories of his own past. Sani told them stories he thought would teach them not to rely on electronics so much. He wanted to teach them that the old ways of living aren’t as horrible and forgotten as they presumed they were. The fact that he lives on his own and grows most of his own food makes his grandchildren wonder why.
One night as their parents go out to have fun they leave Andres, Isabella and their friend COLIN at their Grandfather’s house. Colin hears the story that their Grandfather says that night and comes to the conclusion that he wants to help Isabella find out the truth behind the story. During Isabella’s research, she finds out that one of the stories that her Grandfather tells may actually come from his own past. She uncovers article’s that were written about him and two of his friends. The most interesting thing Isabella finds out about the article’s is that only her Grandfather and one of his friends return.
In the hunt for the truth they meet a Professor who directs them to some books that he thinks will help them in understanding and figuring out the truth of their Grandfather’s story. However, Colin and the Professor bring up a question that Isabella and Andres had never thought about. The Professor challenges them to confronting and questioning their Grandfather about the articles and finding out what really happened. They attempt to talk with their Grandfather but they find that to be harder then what they originally thought. Although they are able to talk to him when he comes to visit, they never actually get a chance to go back to his home and question him without their parents present.
Isabella slowly begins to think that her Grandfather is hiding something that he doesn’t want any of his family to find out. Isabella decides that since they can’t talk to their Grandfather they might as well try and find out if his story is true and the begin their hunt. It takes them several tries but with Andres, Isabella and Colin doing research they find out they don’t need to chase anything they just need to pinpoint the perfect spot. Eventually they realize that the perfect spot is at their Grandfather’s house next to the lake he once told them was the key to never getting lost.
During their final hunt they come face to face with a portion of their Grandfather’s story and begin to learn that not every story is myth. As their Grandfather had told them they soon had to make a decision about what they wanted to do. They could either stay and not find out if the rest of the story was true or they could continue on and find out how much was real. Each one had to make their own decision and realized they couldn’t rely on the others for this one choice. In the end they all make the same decision and find out everything their Grandfather had been trying to teach them was gonna be the only thing to help them survive. Eventually they find out that they must make their way back home relying only on each other and if the story is true on the help of a certain few others.
Their Grandfather knows what happened to his grandchildren and their friend and does his best to hide the truth from their parents. It’s the one thing he had hoped would happen but he also hoped that they would find their way back faster than he did. He sent a small request to the stars that they help lead his grandchildren back home fast and without having to face all the obstacles that he had had too. However, if they did face them he hoped they had listened to him all the times he had repeated his own story.

Dreams on the Homestead

by Ponderosa Publishing

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This collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke

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