Free religious fiction Kindle books for 24 May 17

Lottie: Mail Order Bride: Brides of Bannack Book 1

by Natalie Dean

A sweet mail order bride romance with a twist of mystery√Ę?¬¶

Lottie Cahill is a headstrong, fiery redheaded orphan on the run from her past. Despite the challenges of frontier life, Lottie is determined to make a better life for herself out West as a mail order bride. But what seemed like an opportunity for a fresh start, begins almost as bad as the nightmare she left behind. Seems like bad luck follows her from one place to the next.

Doc McLennon isn’t looking for love, but when the beautiful, intelligent Lottie comes to town, Doc keeps finding himself in her intriguing presence. The more he’s around her, the more he realizes what his heart’s been missing all these years.

Together, Lottie and the good doc make a discovery that could leave her stranded. Will they be able to solve this deadly mystery? Or will someone destroy them before they ever get a chance? And, even in the midst of tragedy, will Lottie finally get the loving family she’s longed for all her life?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Download this book today to join Lottie on her courageous journey out west. This book includes several bonus books you are sure to love! Book 2 in this series of heartwarming standalones is out now too – Cecilia: Brides of Bannack.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Dear Captain Ross (Clean Sweet Romance) (Contemporary Montana Romances Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

When Stella leaves home to aid the wounded men in London, she finds solace writing to a soldier, Captain Malcolm Ross .

In their communication, she is able to remember and relive her life as it was, instead of in the sickbeds among which she lives her life now.

Malcolm began writing in the hope of staving off the incredible loneliness of being abroad during the war. When Malcolm is wounded, Stella’s letters become his saving grace, helping him to escape the horror of battle through her words.

But, in the hospital he is transferred to, a quiet nurse there catches his eye, and through her gentleness and sincere compassion for him, he begins to question his feelings for his letter-writing love.

Stella doesn’t know how to react when her two worlds collide and Captain Ross is brought to the hospital she is entrenched in, for rehabilitation. The letters they exchange their contain their hopes of changing both their lives, forever.

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