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Westward With Love: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

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These collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

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When Tears Are Not Enough

by Vaughn T. Stanford

Love can be so blind…

I feel that this man doesn’t love me,
she thought as they stood taking pictures outside
the church after the wedding ceremony.

She quickly dismissed her misgivings.
All new brides had their doubts, she supposed.
But she should have listened to her gut.

Understanding The Law Of Attraction: How To Create Your Own Reality

by Bob Jones

Universal Spirit Press Los Angeles Copyrighted 2017

A Bob Jones Book

Understanding The Law Of Attraction

How To Create Your Own Reality

By Bob Jones

Author Of

No Empty Spaces

The Fire Within

Practising Presence

Feeling The Spirit

Allowing Abundance

Finding Faith

From The Heart

A Message Of Love

Understanding Energy

Manifesting Miracles

Bob Jones

Understanding The Law Of Attraction

How To Create Your Own Reality

As a man thinks, so is he. The human mind is immensely powerful, much more than is currently realised. Human beings are at the pinnacle of physical evolution and they are the perfect receptacles for spirit to use and utilise whilst experiencing life here on earth.

Throughout the countless generations, mankind has had an idea that there is more to life and the world than we see, that he himself is much more than just his physical form. There has been art created expressing as much, paintings, poetry, music, art of all kinds. Deep inside man has always know that he wasn’t his body, that the he that is really he, is something much more intangible.

Knowing, but not really understanding the true nature of himself mankind has not utilised the great inherent powers that are available to him. To realise in a very real sense that you are a spirit in physical form, and that your true source of power and strength, comes not from what’s outside, your physical form, but from what is deep within, your spirit.

Creating your physical reality, is what your supposed to do. It’s why we are all here. To be conscious creators of our life’s, letting our spiritual selfs guide us, and lead of to the place where all of our dreams come true. When we understand the laws of attraction, and how to utilise them in our own life’s, we can create the world that we want to live in. Unconsciously, we are all attracting the lives we have, now is the time to understand the laws of attraction for your yourself, and then you can go out there into the world, and consciously create the life of your dreams.

How & Why We Dream???: Need To Go Beyond The Sleep Theory!!!

by Abhik Abheek

Scientists don’t know much about how or why we dream. Sleep and sleep related issues assume a part in an expansive number of human issues and influence practically every field of drug. For instance, issues like stroke and asthma assaults have a tendency to happen all the more every now and again amid the night and early morning, maybe because of changes in hormones, heart rate, and different attributes related with rest. Rest likewise influences a few sorts of epilepsy in complex ways. REM rest appears to help forestall seizures that start in one a player in the mind from spreading to other cerebrum districts, while profound rest may advance the spread of these seizures. Lack of sleep likewise triggers seizures in individuals with a few sorts of epilepsy.

Sleep remains a puzzle in spite of all the examination done as such far. a great many people considered rest an inactive, torpid piece of our everyday lives. We now realize that our brains are extremely dynamic amid rest. Additionally, rest influences our day by day working and our physical and psychological wellness in ways we are recently starting to get it. Science says it unites our recollections and expels pointless data. That amid rest, when contributions from our five faculties are right around zero, the ‘mind-cerebrum’ takes stock and merges memory gotten the hang of amid the day. However, we sleep because it is like forced meditation; it invigorates and charges our batteries. Nerve-signaling chemicals called neurotransmitters control whether we are asleep or awake by acting on different groups of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain.
Let’s explore the facts that will stun youâ?¦

Brain/Cerebrum Basics – Understanding Sleep and Dreaming
Understanding Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves
Understanding Sleep Theory….
Dreaming and REM sleep
What do your dreams uncover about your health?
Dreams and nightmares: Why do we have them?
Dreams- – are the correspondences from our subconscious mind
Couple of common dreams and their mystifying meanings
Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep
Experiencing nightmares? Cure them with these home cures!

Music from Heaven (Box Set)

by Green Book Publishing

Collection of 5 Sweet & Clean Christian Romance Short Stories with No Cliffhanger and a HEA ending.

Enjoy over 200,000 words of 5 beautiful Christian romance and 25 special bonus stories that will surely warm your heart!

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This collection includes:
– Music from Heaven
– the City of Eternal Spring
– Sins of the Father
– From the Prison to the Palace
– The Long Wait
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The Pregnant Preacher’s Daughter

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. It also contains steamy romance scenes sure to entice you!

The Pregnant Preacher’s Daughter

As the daughter of a preacher Ruby knows there is a lot of pressure on her to be a good role model for the girls around her, but she can’t admit to them that her father has banned her from the English world.

She’s used to being controlled and accepts it- until her father bans her from seeing her friend. That leads to one night in the English world. One night that will change the course of her entire life. At first she thinks it’s God’s plan for her, but after a month she’s not so sure. That is, until she meets Luke.

Luke left his community and wants to start fresh at a new one, where he stays with the preacher and his family- and meets Ruby. When he finds out her biggest secret he can’t help wanting to save her. But will she accept his proposal?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Stephen’s Thanksgiving Bride (Sweet Clean Wholesome Romance) (Contemporary Novelette Romances Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

When Emeline lost her mother, she lost her whole world, made worse when her father sent her away to live with his brother.

She knew all too well that without her mother to keep her out of sight and mind, she was a constant reminder of the son he never had. Now, with her mother gone, Emeline wondered if she even had a reason to go on.

No one could have guessed that it would be the Stephen Du Morney, a rakish Frenchman with the charm of a scoundrel who would remind her that there is still joy in life, still friendship and love in the world, even after you have lost everything you hold dear.

While preparing for the feast of Thanksgiving, Emeline is introduced to Du Morney, another outsider who sees something in the beautiful, damaged girl he can’t resist and in return, sparks attraction the innocent young woman has never experienced before.

The unexpected love of Du Morney, begins to heal Emmaline’s broken heart, and gives her hope that her new home will be her happily ever after.

The Mindfulness Approach: To Eliminate or Reduce Symptoms of Stress-Related Illnesses

by Dean Nelson

Preface by Manoj Jain, MD, MPH. Dr. Jain is an Infectious disease physician, writer, and a national Leader in healthcare quality improvement.

Dr. Jain writes regularly for the Washington Post and a Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. His writings also appear in the New York Times and The Times of India. Dr Jain received his engineering, doctorate, and public health degrees from Boston University. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank on HIV, and has been interviewed by CNN and National Public Radio.

“Dean has had more than a fair share of challenges in his life. As a teen, he suffered a personal tragedy witnessing his father’s suicide which culminated into trauma-related, stress-induced health problems affecting his mind and body. However, he found solutions, and to our benefit, he shares his secret recipe to
life through his writings.”

“His first book The Experiential Approach: A Fresh New Approach For Creating Immediate Personal Power is designed to enhance life experiences. It is about how we can make positive changes in our behavior and thought processes by examining our beliefs, intentions, choices and actions to overcome our adversity. He follows the consequential path of how beliefs lead to intentions, which create choices, which manifest into actions. If only everyone knew this.”

Dr. Manoj Jain, MD, MPH

Mindfulness meditation is about finding ways of relating directly to issues in one’s own life and thereby taking charge by consciously and systematically taking ownership of one’s own stress, illness, pain and any other mental, emotional or physical challenges and demands of everyday life that may beset an individual.

Dean Nelson, author


The Essential Jesus

by Tony Payne

Two very popular and effective evangelistic tools:

(1) Two Ways to Live: The choice we all face

(2) the Gospel of Luke.

What, we thought, if we combined the two?

That’s what The Essential Jesus does. Most of its 80 pages are made up of a fresh and accurate translation of Luke’s Gospel. But the text of Luke is preceded by some important background information (‘Previously in the Bible’) that explains the biblical context and Jewish expectations as Jesus walks on centre stage. (This explanation is based on boxes 1 to 3 of Two Ways to Live.) The text of Luke also includes numerous footnotes, helpfully explaining to the modern reader some of the unfamiliar terms and names that appear from time to time.

After Luke’s account of Jesus, a summary of the message is presented using the Two Ways to Live framework, concepts and illustrations, but linking back to the content of Luke.

How a Star Falls

by Amber Stokes

Sweet New Adult Contemporary Romance Novella

How does a star fall?
Quickly. Completely. Unexpectedly.

Derrick Knolane escapes to Trinidad Head most evenings, avoiding his apartment and planning for the day he’ll break free of Humboldt County. Working in a music store might be fine for a while, but it’s far from the goal he had in mind when he got his college degree. Not to mention the fact that his roommate is a jerk and his family won’t stop trying to run his life.

Then Brielle falls into his world.

She claims to be a star. Not from Hollywood, but from heaven. He thinks she’s crazy. Certainly delusional. Yet, he can’t just leave her alone on the cliffs. So he takes her home.

And his whole world falls apart.

A heartfelt and fanciful contemporary romance novella, How a Star Falls explores the uncertain season of new adulthood and shows that sometimes the worst inconveniences make for the best miracles of all.

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