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Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy

by Walter Rhein

Nine tales of heroic fantasy by some of the most exciting authors working today. Stories include: Black Sword by Janet Morris and Chris Morris The Act of Sleepless Nights by Walter Rhein To Kill a Myth by Jesse Duckworth No Life Too Small by Douglas R. Brown To Live by Tom Barczak Dozen by Shane Porteous Just One Mistake by A.L. Butcher Witness to Death by Teel James Glenn Through the Sting of Fairy Smoke by R.A. McCandless

Grow Organic Tomatoes

by Elaina Gregory

Grow Organic Tomatoes – The Best Trick to Grow Organic Tomatoes

Book preview:
Are you planning to grow organic tomatoes at your home but lack of expertise prevents it from you? If you want to grow the juiciest, sweetest, and reddest crop in your area, then this text is going to help you.
On this article are several helpful suggestions that may be helpful for you to get the perfect organic tomatoes at your house:

Provide Sunlight
Tomato plants have an important affinity towards daylight and it’s essential that tomato plants will be exposed to no less than six hours of daylight – hence it is necessary to put the plant in the sunniest area of the garden. If there is not enough land in your garden then place your plant in container and raise it till the garden becomes rich with soil.
Don’t Use Junk Chemical Fertilizers
It is a proven, certain fact that organically grown tomatoes taste a lot better than chemically grown tomatoes.
As you know, food corporations use chemicals because it makes the tomatoes grow up quicker, which help them to turn around crop quicker so they can make more profit.
Bear in mind, being profitable isn’t your purpose here. You need great tasting tomatoes that will amaze your family and guests!
And READ this book, if you want more!

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Night’s Harbor

by W.J. Renehan


“Night’s Harbor is a meticulously crafted novella of suspense filled terror. Beautifully paced and wonderfully vivid, the story is as chilling as it is brutal.” – Michael Bray, author of the Whisper Trilogy

“This captivating vampire novella is not for the squeamish and will have you thinking twice about inviting anyone into your home.” – Shane Stadler, author of Exoskeleton

“Intelligent, erudite and well-written, Night’s Harbor is an exciting and down-right scary new work of Vampire fiction that will not be ignored.” – William Cook, author of Blood Related

“Night’s Harbor reads like a sequence of disturbing dreams: each hallucination more frightening and maddening than the last.” – Joseph Sale, author of The Darkest Touch


The tranquil southern New England village of Graves Harbor sleeps peacefully, even as an ancient evil approaches its shores. The townspeople have no idea of the malignant, sinister corruption about to move among them: a corruption as vile as it is archaic, as stealthy as it is barbaric, and apparently as unconquerable as it is cruel; a corruption which makes a religion of pain. Nor do they know what centuries-old quest has brought these immortals across distant dark waters to their quiet and obscure port. But they will learn soon enough.

Chocolate Chip Custard Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 46

by Susan Gillard

**This is Book 46 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**

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When Heather unveils her new Chocolate Chip Custard Donut, she expects a large crowd, but she didn’t expect it to include the angry private investigator Inspector Lemon who accuses them of stealing his cases and then leaves them on a threatening sour note. But after Inspector Lemon is in a suspicious car crash, Heather and Amy are all set to find the culprit who sabotaged the car. Matters become complicated when Lemon’s last words seem to implicate Amy in the crime.

Follow Heather as she has to sift through the investigator’s cases so she can clear her bestie’s name and track down the real killer.

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Book 21 – Banana Coconut Murder –
Book 22 – Oreo Sprinkled Murder –
Book 23 – Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder –
Book 24 – Coffee Treacle Murder –
Book 25 – Choc Churro Murder –
Book 26 – Iced Pumpkin Murder –
Book 27 – Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder –
Book 28 – Peppermint Glazed Murder –
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Book 30 – Peanut Butter Fudge Murder –
Book 31 – Christmas Donut Murder –
Book 32 – Lavender Grape Dust Murder –
Book 33 – Neapolitan Delight Murder –
Book 34 – Passion Fruit Punch Murder –
Book 35 – Pecan Nut Crunch Murder –
Book 36 – Toasted Coconut Murder –
Book 37 – Birthday Sprinkle Murder –
Book 38 – Raspberry Coulis Murder –
Book 39 – Creme Brulee Murder –
Book 40 – Kiwi Lime Surprise Murder –
Book 41 – Peaches and Cream Murder –
Book 42 – Cotton Candy Fluff Murder –
Book 43 – Cherry Dream Murder –
Book 44 – Vanilla Cream Murder –
Book 45 – Chocolate Peanut Brittle Murder –

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Highland Pursuits

by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

1920s debutante Lady Ophelia Finchingfield is banished to wildest Scotland to come to her senses, having refused a marriage proposal from the Earl of Woldershire. In the care of her eccentric grandmother, Ophelia is soon caught between rugged widower Hamish and the villainous Comte de Montefiore.

She’s ready to play with fire, but will she burn more than her fingers?

A riotous romp, inspired by the work of Nancy Mitford, PG Wodehouse and Stella Gibbons.

Featuring a treasure chest of characters, ‘Highland Pursuits’ is a wickedly naughty comedy of manners.

Inhuman Beast

by A. Graimard

Frank Withstand is a rich thirty-two-year-old, handsome authoritarian devil in a sexy suit and a cold-blooded son of a bitch all rolled into one, used to keeping everything under the tight control of his strong fist.
Polar opposite of this mastadon of sex is the gorgeous Anna Brahert; a dreamer who adores her job to the core, a talented assistant to the head of a company that is going through a hostile takeover, and is a Columbian University graduate who lives by a strict schedule.
Under pressure from her girlfriends, she goes to sunny Greece on holiday with them, where she encounters her â??Adventure’. Anna couldn’t imagine that on her return to her native New-York, one carelessly violated holiday rule would lead her to a personal hell. The place, where hate and humiliation borders with passion and desire, and the pace of the game increases with each of their clashes.
The main rule of any game is to determine the limits, but when rivals raise the bar every time, the boundaries vanish. Sexual chemistry between opponents takes things to a whole new level.

Lady Justice And Dr. Death

by Robert Thornhill

In Lady Justice And Dr. Death, a series of terminally ill patients are found dead under circumstances that point to a new Dr. Death practicing euthanasia in the Kansas City area.
Walt and his entourage of scrappy seniors are dragged into the ‘right-to-die-with-dignity’ controversy.
The mystery provides a light-hearted look at this explosive topic and death in general.
You may see end-of-life issues in a whole new light after reading Lady Justice And Dr. Death.

Low Carb Recipes: 50 Low Carb Dinners for Permanent Weight Loss Success

by Mathias Müller

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For years, many people have considered cutting carbs to be the surefire way to feel good about stepping on a scale.

With the popular low carb diet, more and more recipes are being created to cut back carbs without sacrificing taste.

This cookbook is a guide with sound support on the philosophy behind a low carb diet without any prior knowledge.

This philosophy will be a delight for your stomach with every new recipe you try, making it a good deed for a slender figure and speeding up your metabolism.

To ensure the necessary variety the 50 recipes cover 5 categories from a small to a big appetite. These categories are

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian and vegan recipes often go hand in hand with the principles of a low carb diet. The variety offered here is even tempting for meat lovers.

Soups and Salads

Whether as an appetizer or for small appetites. Soups and salads virtually naturally eliminate carbs, making it easy to prepare a quick meal at night.

Meat Entrées

The high protein content makes meat the ideal companion for a low carb dinner. The recipes are also perfect for a dinner with friends or family.

Fish Entrées

The nutrients in fish give you power which lasts long into the next day. Each and every day the body is becoming stronger, even as you’re dropping bothersome pounds.


Dinner doesn’t always need to turn into a big event. But these delicious snacks which can be prepared in just a short amount of time are always big on taste.

One big advantage of a low carb diet is that it is rich in nutrients so you won’t feel hungry. And if you have a big appetite, the portions can even be a bit bigger without having to skip dinner the next day to make up for it. So perseverance isn’t important during these 2 weeks, making it even easier to incorporate a low carb diet into your life. The quick results and compliments are just another incentive to become a true low carb fan even after those initial 14 days are over.

Healthy weight loss with the low carb diet!

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