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The Amazing One

by Lorraine Ramsey

The Amazing One Is A Story About A Young Woman Who Happens To Be My Daughter. I Decided To Write Her Story To Encourage Young Woman To Pursue Their Dreams. The Sky Is The Limits, The Only Limitations Is When We Limit Ourselves. We Are All Created For A Purpose In This Lifetime, Many Of Us Are Not Fully Aware Of Our Purpose. As I Relaxed One Night, A Thought Came To My Spirit, As I Was Reflecting On My Life, Where I Am Presently In My Life, And Where Have I Been. A Thought Found Its Way In My Being, That I Had To Silence My Mind To Receive The Message That Was Being Delivered. Certainly My Full Attention Was On What Is It That I Needed To Know Or Do. I Laid Still Clouding Out Any Noises Which Try To Interrupt The Voice That Was Speaking Within. The More Stillness That I Had In My Being, The More I Knew That The Answer Would Be Revealed. I Found Myself In A Deep Meditation Which Of Course Opened My Mind To What I Need To Do. I Must Write A Book About The Most Dedicated, Motivated, Ambitious, Woman That I Have Ever Met In My Life, I Have To Let Her Story Be Know, Not So Much For Her, But To Reach Out To Others. At The Age Of 27, My Daughter Earned Her Doctorate To Practice Medicine As A Pediatrician. She Also Received A Master Of Science In Public Health, This Year. Words Alone Cannot Explain How Honor, And Grateful I Am To Be The Mother Of Just An Extraordinary Young Woman, Who Strives To Reach Her Fullest Potentials. As I attended Her Graduation, Tears Found Their Way At corners Of My Eyes, Of Course They Were Tears Of Joy. A Very Sentimental Moment For Me To I Will Treasure, And Cherish For The Rest Of My Life, To Be The Proud Mother Of A Young Doctor. As I Reflect On So Many Young Woman Having Babies Out Of Wedlock, By The Age Of 27, Some Have Four Babies, This Tells Me That Their Focus Is Not On Pursuing A Career, Or Is It That Many Choose To Be Young Mothers. We Certainly Are Living In Different Times When Babies Or Having Babies, A Grown Trend These Days. What Really Gets To Me Is The That Many Of These Young Mothers Are Raising A Child, Or Children By Themselves. No Involvement From The Fathers. Which Leaves Me To Wonder Why Are The Fathers Absent In their Child or Children Lives. Could It Be That They Are Incarcerated, Died, Or Just Choose Not To Be Apart of Their Children Lives. Certainly The Answers Are Way Beneath My Own Understandings. My Only Concern Is The Well Being of The Children, Because They Are Affected The Most Mentally, Emotionally, By Those Who Are Trusted In Their Care.
Certainly These Thoughts Also Influenced Me To Write This Book, I Want To Spread My Story To Touched Upon Lives And Souls. My Intentions Are To Empower, Uplift, and enlighten In A Positive Way. To Let Others Know That We All Were Created For A Purpose In This Lifetime, Many Of Us Or Not aware Of Our Purpose, We Find Ourselves In Careers That Are Not Pleasing To Our Being, Knowing Deep Down That We Are Not Satisfied, Because We Sense That Feeling Deep In Every Fibers Of Our Being, And As A Result We Are Not Living The Life That Is really Intended For Us To Live. We Cannot Find Peace, Or Be Happy In Our Lives, Because We Are Not Aware Of The Purpose Why We Were Created

At an early age in Elementary School I Saw The Potentials In My Daughter, All Throughout Elementary School, She Maintained A Average, Succeeded In All Subjects. Always Determine To Reach Her Fullest Potentials. She Never Settle For Less That Fit No Where In Her Being. After Graduating From Elementary School, She Went To A High School , Which She Did Not Like Because She Had To Wear A Uniform. Certainly We Had Disagreement On Her Attending That School. Her Grades Of Course Were Above Average. She Decided To Go To College After Graduating From High, To Pursue Her Degree In Public Health. As Soon As She Finish Rutgers University, She Decided That She Wanted To Be A Doctor. She Was Accept At In Medical School , And Earned Her License To Practice Medicine As A Pediatrician.

A Life Not My Own

by TM Brown

In A Life Not My Own, Tina shares her personal experiences of child abuse and neglect, her struggles as a teenager and in her young adult life.
The book started as a journal and was her attempt to address many of the secrets she had pushed to the back in her mind. As the memories continued to resurface, she was forced to address the issues that ultimately led to her sharing her past with readers around the world as a powerful force of inspiration.

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