Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 27 May 17

Makeup & Murder: Beauty Secrets Mystery Book 1

by Stephanie Damore

“A lovely cozy mystery mixed with makeup and sass.”


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Who knew selling lipstick was so deadly?

Beauty consultant Ziva Diaz is a girl boss who doesn’t back down from anyone. When she’s attacked inside a client’s home and wakes to find a dead body, she gives up the safety of selling lipsticks for the dangerous role of detective. The dead man was her top client’s husband, and it turns out he used his money to buy more than happiness. With suspects piling up, a killer on the loose and her own life threatened, Ziva vows to solve the case and digs her high heels in even deeper. The last thing she expected is finding another dead body – or befriending the murderer!

A Case Of Hundred Missing Children: A True Story

by Mona $d

Some readers may find the content of this book disturbing. Proceed with caution.

Two young brothers, Ijaz and Riaz, roamed in the streets of Lahore. It was getting late and they hadn’t earned a single penny. Their family waited for them to bring food. Out of the blue, a middle aged man approached them. He gave an offer, they couldn’t refuse.
They had never seen this much money in a day their whole life.
The man led them through a narrow street to a small house. Ijaz told his younger brother to go back home and he promised to meet him there. Riaz went away. Little did he know that he was seeing Ijaz for the last time…

This book unveils the shocking truth behind the mysterious disappearances of over a hundred children in 1999, Pakistan.

New found love – Assasination

by Phobee May



Mia and Natasha are both Managers in Flippage. They will be assigned in a big project together. Since both of them are experienced Managers, they will have to compete for each other in order to get promoted for a higher position that will handle most projects in the next coming years in Flippage.
At first, Mia and Natasha don’t get along. They are both very competitive; they don’t allow feelings to precede their projects. However, as time goes by, they became close to each other. They got to know even more and because of this, they fell in love with each other. Soon, Mia will found out Natasha has financial problems with her family. Natasha’s mother was murdered and she became devastated. Inspector Mikee and Jack helped solved the mystery, but it did not completely healed Natasha’s broken heart. Soon, Natasha asked Mia if she wants to live with her in New York; which means, both of them will leave Los Angeles permanently. She will then decide if she wants the promotion, or if she will sacrifice and give way to Natasha knowing her problem.
Things became complicated when both of them got closer. They secretly had a relationship. Natasha got the promotion but before they day of announcement, she went missing because of her fears after her mother’s death. Everybody thought Mia kidnapped her because of the promotion. Since no one knows their relationship, she had to keep mum about it and hope that the truth will prevail.
There were no proven statements about her disappearance. Suspicions arise but Mia came calm and did her own investigation in order to find Natasha back. In the end, Mia came up with the idea that she should help Natasha to get back on her feet as she felt responsible for leaving Natasha after what happened. Mia had a connivance with her half-brother, Joseph. Joseph had a mission to make Natasha fall in love with her, then convince her to go back to Los Angeles and help Mia solve the company’s problems.
Is everything going to be okay? If not, can she keep up?
But the real question is, can she take it?

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Woman at the Top of the Stairs

by Deidra D. S. Green

Domestic violence is an unfortunate part of many relationships today. Every year more than 1.5 million women are made victims of this relational epidemic. Has domestic violence become so commonplace that it is no longer considered a problem? Have we grown so accustomed to seeing and hearing about it that we not only turn a blind eye but a deaf ear as well? Meet Gina. She is the woman at the top of the stairs who repeatedly hears the cries and screams of the woman who lives below her as she is constantly victimized at the hands of her partner. Bearing witness to Zenobia’s pain reminds Gina of the abusive life she narrowly escaped from. But Gina can’t get away from the nightmares of her past; the tumultuous reminders of how she was battered and nearly broken at the hands of her contemptuous and menacing husband. Will Gina be like the many and turn her back on Zenobia, leaving her to fend for herself, or will she build an alliance with Zenobia to end her suffering once and for all? Find out in this compelling novel, Woman at the Top of the Stairs.

Night Undone (Agent Night Cover Me Series Book 2)

by K. S. Brooks

Former Special Agent Kathrin Night is not adjusting to civilian life. More than a year after her career-ending injury, she still can’t get the hang of it. This is wearing thin on her lover, Russian FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, who tricks Kathrin into seeing a psychiatrist specializing in post-military/espionage patients. The therapy doesn’t go exactly as Aleksey hopes, but before he can react, Russia recalls him to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Before his departure, Aleksey reveals his deepest, darkest secret to Kathrin. Had he, in fact, used her to escape his duties in Russia, or was his allegiance to her genuine? Determined to see justice served, Kathrin hatches a scheme to help Aleksey while at the same time reviving her career in espionage. The Vancouver Winter Olympics could be the perfect venue for her plan, but can she pull it off without destroying their relationship, causing an international incident, or getting either of them killed?

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