Free science Kindle books for 27 May 17

La bioética: un camino para el presente (Cátedra Eusebio Francisco Kino) (Spanish Edition)

by Ignacio Núñez de Castro

Con la revolución biotecnológica, la bioética hizo su necesaria aparición para establecerse como una disciplina integradora de la ciencia y de los valores humanos para poner en su justa dimensión las implicaciones y consecuencias de estos avances en el hombre, como sujeto y objeto de investigación. A través de varios ensayos el autor hacer un recuento de los principios generales y avances de esta ética de la vida desde la consideración principal de apelar al valor absoluto de la dignidad del ser humano.

The House of the Future: An Expert’s Guide

by David Kermaani

Love gadgets and technology? Do you wonder what your house will be like in the future? Futurist David Kermaani is a technology insider who gives a glimpse into what you can expect your home to look like in the future! Areas and topics discussed include:

– Living Room
– Bedroom
– Kitchen
– Automobile
– Bathroom
– Internet of Things, and more!

With his fun but direct writing style, Kermaani whisks you away into a future where you’re surrounded with televisions built into bookcases, picochips (a chip that is much smaller than the nanochip), and bathrooms with augmented reality mirrors. The book is intended to be a light read and is the first in a series of books that describes the future.

10% of all profits are donated to Girls Who Code.

All the opinions in this book are my own, and not those of the companies that I’ve worked for in the past or work for currently.

Where To Find Geodes, And How To Do It. Let’s Go Hunting!: Rockhound Guide to Geode Hunting, How to Find Geodes.

by Daisy Dixon

Where To Find Geodes, And How To Do It. A guide to finding geodes for the beginner rockhound or collector. All your geode hunting questions answered, with detailed images that show examples. I have always been a lover of rocks, minerals, and precious stones. Perhaps I just feel very connected with nature when out finding them. Geodes are everywhere, and nothing is more pleasing than cracking open that rock and staring at the beautiful crystals and minerals inside. Since I have such a passion for doing this- I wanted to share my tips and tricks, and teach you how to find your very own treasures.

*Where to find geodes
*How to find them
*What to look for
*How to break them open
*Images of geodes both opened, and closed for examples.

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