Free sports Kindle books for 27 May 17

The BallBuster Battle: Dommes and Moms Crush the Boys

by Ken Phillips

Seven incredible women enter this innovative ball busting competition. Each woman front kicks and knees two different men “right where it counts”. The men have pillow padding between their legs, but it certainly doesn’t give them full peace of mind or prevent much of the impact. You will fall in love with these women for their looks and attitude. The pictures alone are worth the price of this book! Get insight into the female mindset as these beautiful vixens describe how it feels to connect and ultimately see the men hit the ground in pain. We also profile two of the most incredible women ever! Both of these gals were not in the contest, but they are major league ballbusters and absolutely breath-taking beauties. This Kindle book will absolutely light your senses on fire! If you like ball busting women, this book is the absolute pinnacle of excitement!

Golf Sand Valley (Golf in Central Wisconsin Book 1)

by Mike Dauplaise

Veteran golf writer Mike Dauplaise leads you on a personal tour of the spectacular Sand Valley, designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw at Sand Valley Golf Resort near Rome, Wisconsin. Mike’s vivid descriptions will help you visualize shots, plan strategy, and score like a founding member. This handy guide includes course management tips with hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot guidance. It’s like having your own personal caddie in your pocket.

Medicine Ball Workouts: 8 Week Fitness Plan: Over 30 Step-by-Step Instructions for Medicine Ball Exercises

by 14 Peaks

Whether you are using a medicine ball for CrossFit, strength training or to get fit Medicine Ball Workouts has you covered. Each of the 30 medicine ball exercises shows you a breakdown of primary and secondary muscles targeted, step-by-step instructions and tips to get the most from each exercise.

Included is an 8 Week Workout Plan with a recovery week placed into the schedule. The only equipment needed for these workouts is your body and a medicine ball. These workouts were strategically designed by Samantha Pankey certified personal trainer, USA Rugby Player and USA Level 200 coach who attended the American College of Sports Medicine.

Within this book, you will find out the benefits of working out with the medicine ball, an overview of the best brands, 30 step-by-step medicine ball exercises and an 8 week workout plan.

This book works great with the brands Amazonbasics, Valeo, J/fit,Yes4all, Sports Research and Champion.

It is also available in kindle editions and paperback editions and can be combined with your Amazon prime order.

Get the ball rolling down the path to ultimate health.

Power Generation Collection: Go Off-Grid with Solar Air Heater, Micro Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and Wind Power: (Solar Power, Wind Power)

by Thomas White

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Power Generation Collection: Go Off-Grid with Solar Air Heater, Micro Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and Wind Power

Book 1. DIY Solar Heaters with Basic Materials: Water Heater, Air Heater, Solar Oven Tutorials

Book 2. Building A Micro Wind Turbine: Go Off-grid with the Wind Power Generator

Book 3. Solar Power: Proven Methods To Build Your Own Solar Power System That You Can Afford

Book 4. Power Generation: The Ultimate Guide on Building Your Own Wind Power Generating System

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