Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 28 May 17

DIY BUNDLE: 16 Easy to Learn DIY Project Guides and Amazing Ideas for Makers

by Judith Foster

DIY MEGA BUNDLE: 16 Ultimate DIY How to Guides

Find out the best DIY Craft Ideas!

BOOK 1. DIY Protein Bars: 30 Delicious and Healthy DIY Protein Bars by Judith Foster

BOOK 2. Crochet: Outstanding Lessons to Learn Basic Crochet Stitches by Amy Wells

BOOK 3. Knitting: The Ultimate Step by Step Knitting Guide for Beginners + 8 Simple Knitting Patterns by Ann Hicks

BOOK 4. Decluttering: 15 Amazing Ways to Declutter Your House by Carl Webb

BOOK 5. Minimalism: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Become a Minimalist and Organize Your Life by Gregory Graham

BOOK 6. Jewelry Making: The Best Guide to Make Jewelry for Beginners + 10 Jewelry Patterns by Diane Rose

BOOK 7. Quilting For Beginners: 18 Incredible Easy to Make Quilting Patterns by Doris Dunn

BOOK 8. How To Knit: 23 Amazing Knitting Patterns for Beginners by Judy Hudson

BOOK 9. How To Crochet: 12 Gorgeous Crochet Patterns for Beginners by Kelly Arnold

BOOK 10. How to Draw: 25 Amazing Lessons for Learning How to Draw by Joe Wagner

BOOK 11. Drawing: 23 Essential Drawing Tips for Beginners by Gerald Rey

BOOK 12. Jewelry Making: 15 Amazing Earring and Necklace Patterns for Beginners by Lisa Grant

BOOK 13. How To Crochet: 7 Beautiful Crochet Hats for Absolute Beginners by Patricia Brown

BOOK 14. How to Draw: 15 Amazing Drawing Techniques for Absolute Beginners by Frank Olson

BOOK 15. DIY Protein Bars: 23 Healthy DIY Protein Bars You Can Easily Make by Gloria Lopez

BOOK 16. DIY Projects: 15 Insanely Easy to Make DIY Home Projects by Tom Richardson

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