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The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Andrew Lombardo

The riveting true story of Darlene Foley’s murder in Coldwater, Michigan in 2009. The killer entered her home while her husband was at their son’s birthday party and shot her in the face at point blank range. One month later, the Michigan state police arrested her husband, Thomas Foley, for her murder. After serving two years in prison, Tom Foley was given a new trial based on evidence that had not been presented at his first trial. A shocking ending to a case that has law enforcement experts and the public baffled to this day. Who took Darlene Foley’s life and why?

Four Years: A Navy Medic’s World War II Memories

by H.C. Goldsmith

H.C. “Doc” Goldsmith served in the U.S. Navy during the early 1930s. Never imagining a return to service, he willingly re-joined the Navy in the fight against the Axis powers after the invasion of Pearl Harbor. Discovered after his death in 2000 by his grandson, this book is a compilation of journals written in 1965 that described in vivid detail H.C.’s World War II experiences aboard the U.S.S. Sentinel, a minesweeper assigned to the European theater.

From air raids in North Africa and London to his ship sinking in the invasion of Sicily, H.C. describes his experiences with the simplicity and awe of a farm boy from Lewisville, Texas and the calmness of a Navy medic who helped his men survive the horrors of war.

Trust Overboard: Memoir of a Sadistic Cult in Malaysia

by Liya Red

It was 2014. Third culture kid, Liya, began a spiritual journey to explore various faiths, at seventeen years old. Five years into her spiritual exploration, she became intrigued with the beauty of Islam. At twenty four years old, Liya agreed to marry Adam, a Muslim college mate who began to satisfy her spiritual needs.

Join Liya as she discovers that there’s more to the world of Islam than its beautiful verses. Liya divulges into the deception, abuse, and abandonment she personally experienced, and how she investigated her oppressors on the way out.

All I Own Is Hurt: A Memoir About Death, Divorce, and an Uncertain Future

by Marie Charles

This memoir is a detailed life story of a woman who survived the death of a sibling at a young age, an emotionally abusive marriage and divorce, and the attempted suicides of two immediate family members. Her experiences have prompted her to search for healing through therapy and behavior changes.

You Know I Love You Because You’re Still Alive: Confessions of a Middle Aged Working Mom

by Lori B. Duff

Lori B. Duff follows up her bestselling books “Mismatched Shoes and Upside Down Pizza” and “The Armadillo, the Pickaxe, and the Laundry Basket” with this 2017 eLit Gold Medal Winner for humor. This hilarious collection of essays will make you laugh out loud and nod with recognition.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Lori Duff fully admits to having a high tolerance for shenanigans and an inability to feel shame while making a fool of herself. Those traits combine to make a hilarious, and sometimes tender, book full of stories about a modern mother and her ever-challenging lifeâ?¦.Lori’s quick wit and charm will definitely win you over.” – Keith Stewart, author of Bernadette Peters Hates Me

“Take a peek inside Lori Duff’s hectic but happy life and realize you’re not alone in trying to balance work, family, marriage and home. With hilarious anecdotes and brutal honesty, she finishes her legal work while making chicken soup and leaves to chaperone a student trip to the Hotel of Doom. Laughing with Lori could become a welcome habit.” – Elaine Ambrose, author of Midlife Cabernet and Midlife Happy Hour

“About halfway through this book I realized that Lori Duff is saying a lot of smart and true and salient things WHILE she’s making me laugh out loud until my stomach hurts.” – Mary Patterson Thornburg, author of The Kura and A Glimmer of Guile

“If Erma Bombeck and Andy Rooney had a secret love child and she grew up to be a writer, it would be Lori Duff. Enjoy this funny, sweet, ironic collection of essays.” –Heather J. McAdams, author of Desolation Sound

“Duff embraces her middle-aged, working-mom role with gusto and Erma Bombeck-esque humor in her latest sidesplitter, a page turner that’ll have you shaking your head in agreement one minute; laughing your head off the next.” – Allia Zobel Nolan, author of Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much

“Lori Duff’s essays get to the point quicklyâ?¦.She speaks for many other working middle-aged moms who “only want to be left alone” and are certainly “too old for overtime.” Duff’s book is heartfelt, laugh-out-loud funny and ends with this sage advice: “Forgiving is healthy. Forgetting is for fools.” – Gianetta Palmer, author of Reflections on a Middle Aged Fat Woman

“Whether she’s inventing hysterical television game shows for couples, creating witty public service announcements, drafting the new Bill of Parents’ Rights, or imparting her famous chicken soup recipe in amusing narrative form, Lori Duff’s uproarious voice-of-reason will resonate long after you’ve read her cover-to-cover.” – Stephanie D. Lewis, author of Lullabies & Alibis

Just Josh

by Moira Rutherford

Just Josh is a wonderful narrative of how hard it is for every unwanted animal (in this case a dog) to find a forever home. Written as if by Josh himself, the author brings him into your heart and mind in such a way that it is almost impossible to not read in just one or two sittings. The book has happy, sad and funny moments but the overriding feel is one of positivity; no matter what life throws at you, staying positive and having hope are life’s strongest supports, whether canine or human.

Born by the River: The true story of a young girl growing up along the Mississippi River during the summer of 1963

by Jenness Clark

In the 1960s, twelve-year-old Jenness Clark leaves the troubles of her homelife for her great-grandfather’s farm across the Mississippi Riverâ?¦only to be rocked by more clashing turbulence.

Born by the River is Clark’s account of her nine-month trip around the river to visit extended family, all connected by marriage but markedly different in culture, class, and traditionsâ??circumstances certain to provoke discord. A coming-of-age story set in a time and place deeply divided, Clark’s memoir explores her family’s past, referencing the area’s history from 1820 to 1964. The region acts as a conflicted backdrop, threatening the hopes, the dreams, and the American way of life for the author’s family.

Alternating in viewpoint between the reflections of the adult Clark as she looks back on life and her stirring impressions during the time of her river journey, Born by the River is an inspirational memoir lifted from family destruction and the prejudices of a socially divided region.

I Am Justin Bieber ( Who Am I Series)

by Renee A. Irene

A teenage heartthrob who rose to prominence through a pleasant blend of luck, talent, and loads of hard work and a never ending willpower – Justin Bieber has truly earned the place where he is at today. From a talented two year old who knew rhythm like an old friend to a talented 22 years old who knows how to stir an audience, he has a story to tell; and this book tells exactly that. It simplistically goes through the popstar’s life chronologically and tells you things you never knew about Justin. This book is a book for Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike.

Reclutado en los 80: Memorias del Servicio Militar en Nicaragua (Spanish Edition)

by Mauricio Valdez Rivas

En estas pocas páginas describo una parte de mi vida cuando yo fui militar, en una época que en Nicaragua era difícil no serlo, pues el Servicio Militar se había vuelto obligatorio y los encargados de reclutar ya no respetaban edades, religión o creencia y cualquier hombre capaz de manipular un fusil era “entrenado” para mandarlo al campo de batalla a “defender la soberanía de la Patria”.
También narro algunas vivencias de mi hermano mayor que también cumplió su Servicio Militar antes que yo.
Este es un homenaje a todos aquellos que fueron reclutas en los 80 y a todos aquellos olvidados.

My Confirmation Name is James

by Leonard Stegmann

Leonard was a little confused there for a while, but now he’s pretty sure…his confirmation name is James. (Humor/Nostalgia/600 Words)

Stuck on You

by Leonard Stegmann

There were certainly more horrifying experiences for an eleven year old boy than being stuck on a girl’s sweater in front of the whole class. Young Leonard just couldn’t think of any at the time. (Humor/Nostalgia/1,105 Words

A picture of a dead horse: Living â?¢ Loving â?¢ Laughing â?¢ And Spinal Injury

by Trevor Herdman

In 1972 Trevor was an average teenager growing up in the North of England when he had an accident celebrating his 19th birthday. He broke his neck leaving him paralysed from the chest down.

After discharge from Pinderfields Spinal Unit, all Trevor wanted to do was get back to his life of fun, friends, sport and girls (with more than a dash of sex, drugs and rock and roll). He had aspirations and ambitions too, but could he achieve them now his life was so very different? This is not a, ‘triumph over tragedy,’ or ‘woe me’ story though. It’s funny and frank with enough twists and turns to keep the reader wanting more as Trevor’s life unfolds.

When Angels Dream: Book of the North (Diary of an Angel Knight 1)

by Sophia West

When Angels Dream, Book of the North is a creative non-fiction book. Enter the incredible real life world of Edward Jagen, an award-winning police intelligence detective who, with angelic guidance, develops expert investigative skills on route to saving humanity.
After drowning on Jupiter Beach at age 8, little Eddie Jagen is given a chance to come back to life by accepting a mission to be the legs for a great angel. The two work together to uncover a long-lost truth and wisdom of the ages while positively intervening in historic events that change the course of humanity. Jagen’s astonishing world is filled with secret undercover plots, infiltration of terrorist organizations, and unstable alliancesâ??all the while hoping to find a special baby girl with the initials M.V. Stakes are high for Jagen, as you follow his miraculous story from the lowest lows – birth in a Chicago hospital toilet, to the highest highs – the White House. This is a spellbinding thriller and must read if you want to gain the lost wisdom of the ages and see the spirit of tenacity at its best.

In deciding whether or not to follow Sir Edward on his journey with the great Archangel Michael, ask yourself a few questions:
– Am I longing for something more in my life?
– Is there something I cannot quite articulate, but which I am certain exists as part of my destiny?
– Am I at a loss as to not only what it is, but where to find it?
If you answered yes to those questions, there is a good reason for that. You are like most of the 7 billion humans living on planet earth not living life to its potential. Why? Because there is a lost knowledge, a God-given aspect of humanity that has purposely been hidden from our race. Throughout the ages those in power have kept the truth hidden from the masses. You have been held in a captivity of mediocrity. It’s time now for humans to wake up and claim their power. This book is crucial if you want to connect to the potentiality that is innately yours.
Jagen is sharing his life and near death experience as a vehicle to your personal awakening. After drowning he learned that life does not end at physical death. When the brain stops a portion of our spirit, the mind that has recorded our life, continues into an afterlife in a fifth dimension. Your spirit crosses over only with the knowledge, understanding and deeds you recorded during the life you led. Realization that you didn’t live up to your true potential commences as does regret. That’s when you wish for another chance at life, a second chance that is rarely given.
Laced within Jagen’s amazing life story, the Angel revealed many truths to him as they honed a clear level of communication. Once Edward’s understanding matured, he gained the respect of an Ascended Master and channeled the lost Book of Wisdom containing 53 detailed lessons, exercises and 15 ancient laws of the â??Knowing’.
These lost lessons are the keys that will unlock the reader’s mind and potential.
After all is said and done, you will awaken with a renewed happiness and purpose in life. You may find that you are one of the legendary 144,000 Light Bearers of Truth.
God bless you and your journey of illumination.

Killer Stripper : The True Story of Mechele Hughes

by James Morris

Kent Lippink’s dead body was left on a hiking trail near Hope, Alaska, an hour from Anchorage. He was discovered by utility workers making their way to a job. But perhaps because of the conditions on that remote hillside, or because of the carefulness of the murderers, no physical evidence was found that could have tied anybody to the crime.
What little evidence there was, and common sense, pointed towards roommates Mechele Hughes and John Carlin, but not enough to bring them to trial. Leppink’s death, however, was almost overshadowed by Mechele Hughes’ story: a stripper who had perhaps had her boyfriend murdered in cold blood, by her lover. The salacious story gripped headlines around the country when the case went to trial, a full decade after the crime.

Diastasis Recti – 35 Long Years: Through eight babies and beyond

by Diane Neill Tincher

In 1981, after the birth of her first child, Diane learned from her doctor that she had diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal wall right down the middle, in her case, as a result of pregnancy. If there was any information about this condition at that time, it was far from her busy life in Manila. There was nothing to do but tough it out.

“When are you due?” innocently asked by strangers and friends alike over the years only exacerbated the embarrassment of that tell-tale pregnant look. Finally, after eight babies, already in middle age, she attained a measure of victory over this nemesis.

This is not a how-to book, but rather an honest, unembellished, and entertaining short story, recounting one amazing mother’s adventures with exercise, lifestyle, and the Japanese medical system.

Dedicated to all the beautiful mothers with diastasis recti.

A Bricklayer’s Tales: A Collection of Short Stories and memoirs (The Ray Dennis Series Book 1)

by Gary Troia

Top #20 Amazon Bestseller In Biograpy&Memoirs>Collections

Get Your Copy of This Fantastic Short Story Collection
In this short story collection, Gary Troia shares his adventures, travels and memoirs from his life.
“Excellent! A collection of short stories about: depression, alcoholism and drug use. Very compelling reading. I read this short story collection all in one go.” (Maria, Goodreads.)

“Gary manages to take the mundanities of life and elevate them to brilliance. in this short story collection” (Sara Fell)

“Author, Gary cements growing reputation…A Bricklayer’s Tales touches on real-life experiences in the building trade.” ( Salina Patel, Hounslow Chronicle)

Anyone who has ever done building work for brutal wage slavery and wondered if they were going mad, will recognise the life of Ray Dennis, (Troia’s alter ego) which evokes a vision of mind-numbing, soul-destroying workplaces and workmates. His is the voice of discord for the marginally employed, the creatively frustrated working Joe, who turns to a life of drink and drugs to elevate the monotony of life.

Few have brought this world to life with such despair, black humour and indifference as Gary Troia. He paints a beautifully sad portrait of a truly messed up person with potential, struggling to keep his messed up mind from drowning in cheap wine and self-loathing. Ray’s spirit is trapped in a world of endless grey mundanity.

A Bricklayer’s Tales is the ultimate “I hate this job” story, written as a collection of short stories and memoirs, each one containing a snapshot of the life of Ray. Troia captures the tedium of working in a low paid, menial job and living hand to mouth. This book of short stories is sad and questions the reader to ask questions about their own life. This book achieves clarity without trying.

Ray has three expensive hobbies: drinking, drugs, and running away. Without the income that Bricklaying provides, he would not be able to maintain his chosen lifestyle, so he compromises his principles and continues with his trade.

A collection of short stories and memoirs that include:

  • Angel Dust, the peculiar story of a man whose new life in America leads to conversations with Ancient Greek philosophers
  • Advert In The Art Shop Window, will a new building job in Spain be the start of a new life?
  • Return Ticket, handcuffed and ready for deportation. A sad departure from the States
  • Peyote, hippies, LSD and an idyllic refuge
  • A Bricklayer’s Tale, the story of a disillusioned, alcoholic bricklayer

Ë?Ë?Ë? A collection short stories and memoirs of British dark humour.
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