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Resistant to Reading: Tricks and Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers

by Esther Goldenberg

Does your elementary-age child’s teacher say your child has to read more to improve fluency, but getting them to do so is a battle every time? Are you sick of tears after school day after day and long for less chaotic late afternoons?

This book is for parents who are tired of having to beg, plead, and fight with their kids to get them to read. In it, author and book coach Esther Goldenberg, teaches you:

What kids love to read and how to get them to read it.
How to turn afternoon reading fights into afternoon reading fun.
How to boost your child’s confidence in his reading and get him to read more.
What to do when a child is resisting reading, or complaining that it’s hard or boring.
The secret to finally convincing your child that reading can be something they enjoy.

If you want your child to read for pleasure without fuss or fight, they need to see that it can be fun and rewarding. Get this book now and learn how to turn your reluctant reader into a pleasure reader today.

Shattered: From Grief to Joy After My Son’s Suicide

by Rebecca Tervo

When Rebecca Tervo awoke on January 29, 2012 it seemed like just another lazy Sunday morning. What she didn’t realize was that her life and the life of her family had already been changed forever. Her 17 year old son, Trevor, was already dead of suicide in an adjacent room, she just didn’t know it yet.

The shock of another teen suicide was felt throughout the community and the schools.

This book tells how Rebecca reacted to the event that changed everything for her and her family. It was uncharted territory for her, her husband, the community and the school.

It describes the unrelenting and nearly unbearable grief and loss. There were so many questions and so few answers. Why would Trevor do this? Where were the signs that Trevor had been depressed? Did someone else know something about Trevor’s pain? Why would such a bright young man choose this?

How would she go on? She had so many unanswered questions. How would she care for her other three children and her grief-stricken husband? How would her 20+ year marriage survive the biggest trial it had ever faced?

These issues and the grieving process she lived through are all laid out with raw honesty, but are told as if she was sitting with you on the front porch with a cup of coffee.

After experiencing all the stages of grief and despite everything, Rebecca finds a way to dig her way back to life. She chooses to live a life with more happiness and purpose than ever before. This book tells how she uses various support groups and therapy sessions to cope, but ultimately does some major work on her own to enter life again.

Not as the same woman, but a new, more conscious and mindful mother, wife and friend. She depicts how her personal transformation helped her make the decision to leave her accounting career, lose weight, do major decluttering and forgiveness work, and set some big goals for her life.

This book shows how one woman turned her grief and the lessons she learned from it to a purposeful, happy life that she is now living on her terms.

Her hope is that anyone facing major obstacles in their life would find inspiration through her story.

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5 Ideas para una armónica relación con tus hijos: Cuando hay una buena comunicación, todo lo demás es mucho más fácil. (Spanish Edition)

by Lola Zarallo

¿Quieres conocer las 5 ideas para tener una armónica relación con tus hijos?
Toda familia, de cualquier clase social y cultural a la que pertenezca, necesita respirar un ambiente familiar de equilibrio y tranquilidad. Cuando no existe una buena comunicación entre sus miembros y las relaciones se crispan, comienzan a actuar de forma individual y no como unidad familiar, debilitándose así la seguridad y la paz interior de sus componentes.
Una de las circunstancias que dan lugar a esta situación es la inadecuada comunicación y entendimiento entre padres e hijos. Para ayudarte a restablecer esa armonía perdida o para apoyarte a que la mantengas, te ofrezco 5 importantes y sencillas claves que, llevadas a efecto, te aseguran una experiencia satisfactoria y tranquilizadora con tus hijos.
Yo llevo trabajando años con familias en desequilibrio y ayudado a que recuperen su estabilidad emocional y el sentido de unión familiar y la alegría; quiero que la tuya también lo tenga.
Adquiere tu libro AHORA MISMO y conocerás las 5 ideas para tener una armónica relación con tus hijos

Sex Positions: Intimacy Marriage Kama Sutra Tantric Sex (Sexual Positions Sex Pictures Self Help Book 1)

by Amanda Franklin


Want To Have More Fun In The Bedroom? Take Your Sex Life To A Whole New Level

Stop the monotony that you’ve been experiencing in your marriage or relationship and put back that hot passion you first had when you first met your partner. If you’re looking for some ways to spice up your sex life, than this book is a must read for you!

Throughout these pages you’ll find the best sex positions you can add to your sex life. This book will bring that passion into your relationship. Now you can revitalize your relationship by adding these 10 sex positions into your sex life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship in a Couple
  • How to Keep the Sexual Relationship Healthy
  • Top Sexual Positions and How to Do Them
  • The G-Spot Stimulating Sex Position
  • The Lotus Sex Position
  • Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Missionary Sex Position
  • Dancing Sex Position
  • Much, much more!

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Divorce Recovery: Your 6 Step Path Out of Emotional Darkness and Into Your Shining Light

by Ralph Ervin

My own indescribable pain led me to write this book. Without question, the end of my four year marriage was one of the most debilitating and gut-wrenching experiences of my life. There were days I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. I lost 25lbs in 2 weeks, and I was a shell of the person I was prior to the split.
Perhaps you may not have been in a fog this intense, or maybe you’ve experienced something worse. Regardless, this book is your 6 step guide to recovery and healing.

Writing this book was difficult , but cathartic; I am glad I got through it. Reliving the details of my painful experience wasn’t easy, so I pray that these steps help you and others in some measure as they helped me.
It is my honor to serve you.

Indoor Games: 21 Fun Indoor Games for Kids

by Camelia Gherib

Get The Amazing Benefits Of Fun Indoor Games
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How many times have you heard the phrase, “I’m so bored” on a rainy day or even worse on a sunny day? Are you ever tempted to plop your children in front of the TV or a video game system?

Perhaps you feel you have tried it all. Maybe your kids have never liked games. Are you out of fun ideas to try? Whatever your situation you are sure to find some amazing games in this book!

Would you like your child to get up and get moving? You will find lots of amusing games that incorporate all types of movement to get the wiggles and giggles out of your child.

  • Does your child love watching stories where the hero beats the bad guy?
  • Would your kid enjoy hunting for lost treasure?
  • Can you imagine playing basketball inside?
  • Are you interested in helping your child learn new things while having fun?

No problem! This book includes different games for a variety of interests.

If you are looking for new ideas or want an update on an old game, there is something here for you to share with your kids to keep them entertained for hours! Most of the games are designed to be played alone, with a parent, or with a group. If you have an only child, don’t worry about inviting a whole brigade of neighborhood children into the house to play these games.

Another great thing about the indoor games you will find in this book is that they are played with relatively few items. Most of the parts are made from items lying about your house, like construction paper, paper plates, masking tape, ping pong balls, bean bags, pool noodles, and a timer. This means there’s no need for you to run out and get anything before you can begin playing. So even if a rainy day catches you by surprise, you will be ready to roll, hop, hide, kick, and toss with just a few household items.

21 Fun Indoor Games for Kids Book Includes

  • Baskets, Balls & Drinking Straws
  • Stand Up, Sit Down, Turn Around, Touch the Ground
  • Don’t Stand By . . . Let It Fly

Indoor games will have you laughing and playing in all new ways with your child! In the process of learning the games, you will spend quality time teaching and learning from each other. Isn’t that what every parent wants? Extra special time set aside with their kids to connect and have fun? You bet it is!

So take a few minutes to read through the instructions and then pick out one game to try today. You will not regret the time invested in creating meaningful and active play experiences for your child!

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Ocean Memories In A Landlocked Home: A Short Story

by John A. Groff

A family vacation at the beach ends in disaster. Guilt and the pain of wounds that are only magnified in a loveless home lead Denise to abandon sunny Florida. She heads west to the Front Range of Colorado and adopts a disfigured Thai girl. As Denise concludes her tenure being a college professor and her daughter prepares to attend a university in Florida, they have a long-anticipated talk that ends in a time and place Denise never expected. (The story is about 4700 words and 16 pages).

Marriage: How A Good Wife Masters Her Marriage – The Secret Of Building A Lasting Relationship For Women

by Mona Harris

You’re About To Know Exactly How A Good Wife Masters Her Marriage!

So many relationships end in divorce nowadays. Not only you are going to get married but also you are currently a wife, you have to be honest with yourself: Do you have a big concern about “How can I build a lasting relationship and prevent myself from the nightmare called divorce?”.

Any action you take has an impact upon how solid your relationship becomes!

This book will take you through the many ways that a good wife makes a difference to the outcome of her marriage.
You will be able to see how a woman controls the happiness levels within a marriage and uses her skills to make both parties to the marriage happy. Since women have a built-in emotional response to life, whereas men are the providers, this means that women really do have more power than they may imagine. This book will show you all of the secrets of keeping that relationship working for both parties. We also give you examples of real life situations where these methods have been tried and tested, so it’s not just hypothetical. The reason for the book being written was because divorce is traumatic. It can knock your confidence for six and knowing what it takes to keep a marriage going is much more useful.

Within This Book’s Pages, You’ll Step By Step Discover:

  • The Wedding Vows and What They Mean in Real Terms
  • Common Reasons why Marriages Break Down
  • Respect His Needs
  • Marriage of Minds – Avoiding Conflict
  • Making a Marriage Contract
  • Everyday Intimacy
  • Intimacy in the Bedroom
  • Trying to Change Each Other
  • The Importance of Companionship
  • Mutual Respect

Read this book and from now on, when you wake up in the morning next to that familiar face and watch him breathing while he sleeps, you’ll always think yourself lucky that the man you chose is so happy that your choice was the same as his.

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Unsere Freunde erzählen ihre Geschichten â?? Green Hill: Das Glück der Freiheit (German Edition)

by Amelia Impellizzeri

Ein Buch, das den Lesern die zugleich tragische und glücklich endende Geschichte der Beagles von Green Hill vor Augen führt: die Befreiung der zu Tierversuchszwecken gezüchteten Hunde hat die Welt bewegt und ist zum Symbol der Freiheit gewordenâ?¦â??Sie – die Hunde von Green Hill – warten auf dem nackten Boden zusammengekauert, in der Dunkelheit, im Schmerz und in der Stille der Verschwiegenheit. Ihre Stimmbänder sind beschnitten, aber unsere Stimme ist stark, laut und klar. Es ist die Stimme der menschlichen Würde, der moralischen Gerechtigkeit. Die Stimme der Wahrheit.”(Aus einem Artikel der Autorin für das italienische Online-Portal â??Kultural”, 2012)Hier findet man aber noch mehr wahre Erzählungen, die von Hoffnung und Kampf sprechen, von Opfern und Erfolgen, von beharrlich verfolgten Zielen, von Gefühlen und Emotionen, die die Tiere aus eigener Sicht schildern, uns ihr Herz öffnend: ein Wolf schlägt eine Brücke zum Urfeind Mensch; der Schäferhund Paris rettet das Leben seines menschlichen Freundes; ein Erpel führt liebevoll seine blinde Gefährtin durchs Lebenâ?¦Diese und viele weitere Geschichten ziehen den Leser in ihren Bann. Eine beeindruckende Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der Tiere, die unser Leben begleiten.

Chi sono i bulli? (Italian Edition)


A chi da piccolo non è mai capitato di incontrare un bambino prepotente?! E se avessimo saputo a priori come comportarci con lui forse ci saremmo evitati un bel po’ di traumi!

“Chi sono i bulli?” è l’ebook della collana osm kids che raccoglie le testimonianze dei più piccoli sulla delicata tematica del bullismo. Perchè è da piccoli che possiamo imparare quei principi fondamentali che ci porteranno ad una vita (lavorativa e personale) felice e di successo.

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Abracadabras: crio enquanto falo (Portuguese Edition)

by Cássia Fernandes

Em sua nova obra poética, Cássia Fernandes nos apresenta Miss Austen, Madame Natasha e Condessa. A partir de suas experiências seculares, as protagonistas dialogam, se criticam e se desentendem, em divertido e dramático comentário das relações afetivas do nosso tempo.

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