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Mail Order Bride: His Russian Darling: (Historical Western Clean Romance Short Stories)

by April Jane

Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance with a Happy Ending

Rosaline Belikov came over from Russia with her mother to change her life and make it better. Becoming a part of high society was in the near future, and making a name for themselves was second to that. Not all is well, though they have achieved this.

Rosaline’s one and only love from the time she was twelve doesn’t have enough money to stay in the Americas. She knows that she cannot have him either way; Adrian will be torn from her whether she lets him go back to his family in Russia and abandon his apothecary shop that he runs in her town, or she can allow him to complete his dream and live in happiness without her.

She will be in another house, another man’s wife. She will be a mail order bride. Rosaline decides that becoming a mail order bride is the best course of action, and is soon shipped off to Montana to a rancher who is a list of contradictions.

When he discovers that he will never have her heart, he decides to try woo her and gain her heart rather than send her back to get another bride.

Will she be able to resist this man who is twice her age, or will she fall in love with his charming personality?

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of His Russian Darling includes 3 x BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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Devlin’s Ride

by Carson McCloud

All Nate Devlin wants is a ranch to call home. A quiet spot to settle down. He’s found the perfect place on the edge of Eastern Oregon’s high desert. At the base of the rolling Ochoco Mountains there’s a canyon with a steady spring called the Clearwater. Clearwater offers rich grazing for Nate’s herd and room to grow.

But perfection comes at a cost.

Nate isn’t the only one who has plans for the Clearwater. Rhett Baron and his crew of gunhands will stop at nothing to take the spring. Nate may have gotten to the water first, but can he keep it?

In the tradition of Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey comes Devlin’s Ride by Carson McCloud.

The Girl of the Flower Lake

by H.T. LukačeviÄ?

Two teenagers, who are deeply in love, are forcibly separated at the start of the Kosovo War. After fifteen years, they meet again in San Francisco. Their mutual appreciation for the arts and classical music, allows them to connect on an intimate manner. Yet, as they re-discover one another, they realized that the war has profoundly scarred them. In this journey of healing and finding love, they must also face the phantoms of the past.

Guarding Her Secret

by T J Burden

Lara discovers that her tryst with a handsome stranger brought about an unwelcome outcome. When she realizes that he is not in a position to marry her, she is shattered. What was she to do? Her only hope to avoid a scandal was to marry and quick.
It becomes known that a duke, quite a few years older, is seeking a wife to give him an heir. His life is almost over due to a hereditary disease. When the duke meets Lara he agrees to marry her. Coming from a good aristocratic family, she is suitable for his purpose, although a little young.
Scared of the consequences if the duke learns that she is deceiving him, she exists each day in fear of being found out but somehow manages to hide it for a while. When her seducer is invited to their winter ball she becomes alarmed. Will he recognize her? Will she be able to guard her secret?

A New Life

by Johanna Jenkins

Historical Western Romance
A standalone short story with HEA!

Rose O’Neil has a problem. Three problems, in fact. First, she has arrived in Denver, Colorado from Boston with very little money. Second, she has no relations in the city, no job and nowhere to stay. Third, she is pregnant.

Wandering the streets of Denver, she knows that she will have to find a job quickly. That is when she comes upon a general store run by Jonah Henderson. Jonah is young, good looking and exceptionally kind, and not only offers Rose a position in his shop, but also teaches her both to read and to write. As they work together, Rose finds herself becoming more than a bit fond of Jonah, against her better judgment. But she has not told Jonah about the baby, and she knows as soon as she begins to show, she will have to leave Denver, the shop and Jonah behind forever. But, when complications arise in her pregnancy, she has to reveal the truth. Will Jonah accept her even in her condition? Will Rose finally find a place she can call home?

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A Tear for Memory (The Roses of Glen Affric Book 1)

by Kathryn Lynn Davis

How can a seer paint â??Truth’ when she’s lived a life of lies? Will she allow a man who has twice deceived her to open her heart to the truth?

In the Highlands of Glen Affric, years after The Forty-Fiveâ??the Jacobite rising led by Bonnie Prince Charlieâ??Celia Rose lives happily in Faeries’ Haven, where the lies that protect her from the past keep the magic and the faeries away. She finds her only magic when she paints, and “sees” things she cannot possibly know.

When a stranger comes on a mysterious errand, he threatens those who want to keep her safe at home. Little by little, he shows her new colors, new worlds and, most compellingâ??new passions. But he also brings danger, for he, too, lives a lie and is not what he seems. Still, danger comes in many forms, and the truth he offers leaves Celia with a difficult choice: to believe in those who loved and raised her; or trust this man, and learn the dark secret that could both destroy her innocence and forge in her a woman’s heart.

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