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MEMES: Ultimate Memes & Jokes 2017 â?? Memes of May Book 18 – Funniest Memes on the Planet : Funny Memes 2017, Dank Memes, Memes For Kids, Memes Free, Memes xl, Pikachu Books, Roasts

by Morgan Memesfreeman

THOUSANDS of fresh and hilarious memes from 2017


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This book contains over 3000 pages of memes! I’ve gathered here the best memes on the internet for you to easily browse in one place.
Since we love laughing at funny memes and pictures, we decided to create a series of books showcasing hilarious memes we find throughout the day from all over the internet. We’ve even found some memes in that old crusty sock you keep under your bedâ?¦
Book is not appropriate for young kids. May have adult language or adult themes. Reader discretion is advised

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Real Men Don’t Eat Kale: A Guide on How to Man Up

by Manly M. Mann

Real Men Don’t Eat Kale is a great humor guide on how to become a manly man.

Real Men Don’t Eat Kale contains fantastic advice, illustrations and memes. Sample chapters include:

– Manly Men Pick-Up Lines
– Words Manly Men Never Utter
– Manly Men Hobbies
– Manly Men Inspirational Quotes
– Manly Sports Accomplishments
– The Worst Things a Woman Can Say to a Real Man
– What Manly Men Don’t Talk About
– Real Men Don’t Do These Things

The author is the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, and a New York Times Bestselling author. Of course, none of that is remotely true, but he has a good excuse for that (and real men don’t believe everything they read anyway).

You will have to read his book Cover Your Ass: Foolproof Excuses for Any Occasion to find the excuse.


by Kenneth Buff

Skeletons, everyone has one, and in this collection of dark short stories they’re scratching their way to the surface for the world to see. Here you’ll meet a man who confesses his secret time traveling fetish, a cashier who investigates the eerie behavior of his retail co-workers, a torn lover who travels to her boyfriend’s haunted retreat, a teenager whose town undergoes some unusual changes, and a father whose personal time is moving a little too fast.

Womb, Womb Envy: The delightful, compulsive life of Jennifer Post. (Jennifer Post Book 1)

by Anna Sheppard

Compulsions of having a husband and child rack Jennifer’s brain daily. Having friends around her that get pregnant, at the drop of a hat, doesn’t help with her envy. Her intrusive thoughts sometimes spill out into the real world. With the help of her best friend Renee and beloved therapist Rita, they try and constantly back Jennifer off the ledge of life, with minimal collateral damage. Just as her compulsions start to get under control, they quickly spiral into a deep dark place. Jennifer’s quest to find a husband and have a child of her own seem doomed. Her luck with men and her angry outbursts seem only to land her right back where she started, childless with no companion in site. Hope and a fresh start may be the ticket to Jennifer’s new life. If she could only stop meeting the wrong men, she might have a chance.

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