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From Miss to Ma’am: Pretty in a Pinch

by Rainie O’Connor

This is a book for the busy woman who wants to look and feel great, but believes that she does not have enough time to put in the effort. The author is not an expert in the fields of beauty, fitness, or nutrition. She is not a celebrity with the financial resources that allow for expensive products and the extra time to spend on herself that comes with having a housekeeper or personal chef. She is a full time working mom in her forties who spends most of her free time driving her kids to their activities. There is not much time left over for working out, preparing healthy meals, or primping in front of a mirror. But, it is possible and it is worth it. “From Miss to Ma’am” provides you with the quickest tips to feeling more confident and beautiful without spending an excessive amount of time or money. This book acknowledges the many responsibilities and roadblocks that pop up in our quest for beauty and fitness. However, it also respects your time by including brief, easy to use tips. Growing older is a gift. It is important to honor that gift by taking care of yourself.

Write it done, watch it happen: Journal your way to happiness!: Journal your way to happiness (journal your way to clarity, health, wealth, love and happiness)

by Riccardo Martins

Use these powerful Journaling techniques to immediately get clarity about what it is you want !

What is journaling?
Journaling is the exercise of recording your thoughts, actions, and experiences usually in a notebook. This simple practice has been part of the daily routine of some of the greatest minds history has ever known.
Nowadays, writing in a journal does not strictly have to be in the form of ink on paper, though a lot of people agree that this original form of journaling retains its charm and function in a world that is quickly becoming immersed in all things technological. The good news is that you don’t have to visit a fancy bookstore and buy an expensive notebook just to begin your first journal. With the resources available today, you can choose to make a journal out of a scrapbook, an old sketchpad, or if you’re more of a tech personâ??then journal apps like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote could just be the answer you are looking for!

Are you tired of feeling like you are carrying the world on your shoulders ? Tired of walking around with a million thoughts running through your mind ? Wanting so many different things but not knowing where to start ? Fell like you just want to get it all out of your head ? You need this book, this book will help you achieve success in the four areas of your life , health, wealth , love and happiness. Don’t tell anyone your problems , 90% of people don’t care and the other 10% are glad you have them .

Code: 3 Books in 1: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with Python + JavaScript + Java (Python, JavaScript, Java, Code, Programming Language, Programming, Computer Programming)

by Charlie Masterson

Programming Language: 3 Books In 1!

Save time and money and start learning Beginner’s Guide Python, JavaScript and Java Programming now with this massive, best-selling Computer Programming bundle. This 3 book volume contains:

Python: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with Python
JavaScript: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with JavaScript
Java: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with Java

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BOOK 1 : Python: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with Python

In this Definitive Python Beginner’s Guide, you’re about to discover…

  • Essentials of Python programming. Quickly pick up the language and start applying the concepts to any code that you write
  • Major facets of Python programming – including concepts you can apply to *any* language
  • Various mechanics of Python programming: control flow, variables, lists/dictionaries, and classes – and why learning these core principles are important to Python programming success
  • Object-oriented programming, its influence to today’s popular computer languages, and why it matters
  • … And much, much more!

BOOK 2 : JavaScript: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with JavaScript

Learn JavaScript programming today and begin your path towards JavaScript programming mastery!

In this Definitive JavaScript Guide, you’re about to discover how to…

Program code in JavaScript through learning the core essentials that every JavaScript programmer must know. JavaScript is on the internet everywhere we look. Thanks to JavaScript, many of the sites that you enjoy are able to run the way that they are supposed to. And when you understand how JavaScript works, you are going to have the advantage of knowing how websites function effectively.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Essentials of JavaScript programming. Quickly pick up the code examples found on the book and start learning the concepts as you code
  • Major aspects of JavaScript programming – including concepts that are found on other computer languages

BOOK 3 : Java: Beginner’s Guide to Programming Code with Java

Learn Java programming today and begin your path towards Java programming mastery!

In this Definitive Java Guide, you’re about to discover how to…

How to program code in Java through learning the core essentials that every Java programmer must know. Learning Java is going to benefit you because it is going to help you in writing programs for the Web as well as being a stepping stone for learning other programming languages.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Essentials of Java programming. Read then pick up the language and start applying the concepts to learn better
  • Major facets of Java programming
  • Several mechanics of Java programming: variables, control flow, strings, arrays – and why learning these core principles are important to Java programming success
  • … And much, much more!

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Cooking for One: You CAN do it!! Your Taste Buds Will Love You For It! +Bonus Recipes Easy, Nutritious

by Julien Robideaux

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This book exists for one reason: people like you are tired of opening cans, eating cardboard TV dinners, and appalled at the price of takeout! Do you desire healthier eating? Here’s your chance! In your hands are easy, nutritious, healthy recipes that will satisfy the most discerning and finicky palate. Making wholesome Meals for One is no longer a chore but an accomplishment.

Cooking for One recognizes that merely paring down ingredients does not necessarily result in a satisfying meal.

The secret is that preparing a Meal for One needs to have the same care as making a meal from many: the proportions must be sized, but nothing must be skimped.

In reality, good, Single Meals can be fast and easy to prepare, quick to assemble and lavish in their presentation.

You CAN do this in the comfort of your own kitchen, with easily and readily available foodstuffs that are nutritious, healthful, and tasty.

Your taste buds will love you for it. Your neighbors and friends will be astounded, and your guests will be overwhelmed.

And you? Well, you’ll be sitting down to wholesome, satisfying meals that are just right for you!

Go ahead! Dive in! The water’s just right!

Dwight Eisenhower: World Wars to the White House

by Luke Johnson

Dwight D Eisenhower is somebody that could get lost in the pages of history if you weren’t paying attention. How that could happen is hard to believe because he was actually an amazing man and leader. Long before he was president, he was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. Can you imagine the kind of responsibility on his shoulders? And that’s only the beginning of his career. He would later go on to win the office of the US Presidency. Not only that, but there are several things we as the population have now because he initiated its creation. For example, did you know that he was the one who started NASA? He was also responsible for initiating the Interstate Highway Act. Yep, those roads we travel on now are thanks in large part to President Eisenhower.

Mindfulness: Simple Daily Exercises to Lead a Happier, Less Stressful Life. (Mindfulness, Happiness, Stress Management, Meditation)

by Valerie Hoppe

Discover 14 Easy Techniques to Lead a Happier, Less Stressful Life Now!

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Work, traffic, arguments, more work, family, stress, try to sleep, and then do it all over again. Have you ever asked yourself how to break this crazy cycle of negativity and busy-ness that runs our lives? We end up bearing the stress and forgetting to care of ourselves, leading to more and more stress. No, we cannot add more hours to the day or stop time, but we CAN be mindful of how we perceive time, and what life brings us. That’s where Mindfulness comes into play. I have learned how to use Mindfulness to witness what is happening in my life and enjoy the ride, and I will share that secret with you in “Mindfulness: Simple, Daily Exercises to Lead a Happier, Less Stressful Life”.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Benefits of Mindfulness
  • 14 EASY Techniques & Exercises
  • 21-Day Plan – Put These Simple Daily Exercises into Practice, and Create a Habit
  • And much more to create positive daily habits that will immediately make changes to be happier, less stressed, and enjoy life!
  • Life is short – for only $.99, take action and download your copy today!

    Tags: mindfulness for beginners, meditation, mindfulness meditation, mindful eating

    Dating:Becoming Alpha To The Core 4th Edition – Dominate the Dating Scene Through Developing the Six Key Alpha Male Traits Fast (dating books, dating, alpha male)

    by Rick Johnson

    Domination And Nothing Less!!

    Own the Pussy for Life!!!

    Updated, Extended and Revised 4th Edition, New for February 2017

    Do you feel like a beta? Do you wish you could have blonde bombshells taking of your pants?Do you want to get the girl all the guys want?

    My name is Rick Johnson and I have been teaching men how to have success with women (Success can mean a number of things) for a number of years now, I have tested many methods and decided its time to give you guys the raw truth.

    I have been there guys, I am not someone who was born a natural with the ladies I can assure you of that, I had to figure it out and it took a shit load of work, work that I have now mastered, I’ve done the hard work so you do not have too, just apply what I say and results will follow.

    I have had a lot of success with this book as its gives guys a simple but highly effective way of cutting the shit and getting results with women.

    No Pick Up, Just 6 Traits That Once Practiced And Mastered Can Make The Most Hard To Get Stunner Want To See Your ****

    This 4th Edition was Released in February 2017, scroll up to buy!!!

    Raspberry Pi 3: Raspberry Pi 3 Projects From Beginner To Master Explained Step By Step (Computer Programming Book 2)

    by John Greenwald

    Have you ever sat and looked at your Raspberry board and wondered what you could do with it?

    Did you know that you can use it for more than just a board that is going to be able to throw out a hot spot and give you extra storage space?

    In this book, you are going to learn exactly what you can do with your Raspberry Pi 3 board and how awesome this device truly is! In essence, the Raspberry Pi board is just a small computer in the palm of your hand.

    The Raspberry Pi 3 board is an advanced piece of technology, and you should use it as such! Technology is advancing every day, and with the Raspberry Pi 3 board, you are going to be able to be part of that process, because you will be able to create things that no one else would have ever thought to build. No one has your mind, and no one is going to think about the projects that you are going to be able to think of.

    “If you know something, share it” used to say a friend of mine. For this reason, this book was born!
    In this guide, we are going to cover step by step what you need to know to create awesome projects, such as:

    â?? Building a Classic Game Emulator

    â?? Building a NAS with Raspberry Pi 3

    â?? Building Your Own Streaming Program with Raspberry Pi 3

    â?? Building a Minecraft Server with Your Raspberry Pi 3 Board

    â?? Creating a Media Player with RasPlex and Your Raspberry Pi 3

    â?? Personal Assistants with Raspberry Pi 3

    â?? Building a Laptop with Raspberry Pi 3

    You can start from the easier projects and work your way up to more complicated ideas. Really, the only limits are in your mind.

    Are you ready to discover some of the coolest projects Raspberry Pi 3 has to offer you?

    Clean Eating: The Top 100 Healthy Recipes, Detox Your Body For Longevity, Lose Weight And Live Healthy, Rediscover The Fountain Of Youth ( Clean Eating, Lose Weight, Detoxifications)

    by Selena Gomez

    It’s time to detox our body for a healthier, better and new you.

    Eating Clean will eliminate all the toxins that are trapped in your body which is built up over time by consuming processed foods.

    This book contains proven steps of everything you need to know and will guarantee to completely change your lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. The benefits of eating clean includes:

    Loss of body fat
    Lustrous hair
    Improved Body immunity
    Glowing skin
    Increased energy
    Better sleep time
    Increased muscle mass
    Better mood and improved mental clarity
    Decreased risk of diseases such as cancer, heart, diabetes
    General feeling of good health
    Improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

    Take action now and enjoy all the benefits that clean eating will bring you.

    No lo estoy logrando: Herramientas para empoderar tus deseos y lograr todos tus objetivos (Realiza tus sueños nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

    by Mauricio Midence

    “No lo estoy logrando”
    La mayoría de las personas no consiguen sus deseos. Algunos simplemente no saben lo que quieren, otros jamás se hacen este tipo de preguntas, en otros casos los objetivos están mal formulados. La finalidad de este libro es ayudarte a formular objetivos alineados personalmente y desarrollar la habilidad para alcanzarlos. Conocer los obstáculos que impiden formularse esos objetivos y los diez ingredientes requeridos para lograr lo que deseas. Alcanzar el �xito y ser un ejemplo a seguir.
    “Si no te gusta cómo estás, has un nuevo trato con la vida. Este es el Reto y oportunidad que te ofrecemos”

    Hunkering Down: Prepping to Survive in Your Home During a Natural Disaster (The NEW Survival Prepper Guides Book 1)

    by Jason Ryder Adams

    A “hunkering down” survival guide for the beginning prepper …

    No one knows WHAT it will be. It could be a natural disaster or a medical pandemic. Financial system collapse or bioterrorism. Governmental shutdowns or societal breakdowns. The media is full of possible threats, and they seem to be coming at us from all sides these days.

    No one knows WHEN it will be.

    It might be today, or tomorrow. Next week or next month. Next year … or maybe never.

    But do you want to take a chance on “maybe never”?

    It pays to be prepared. “Prepare for the worst, pray for the best,” as the saying goes. And if there ever was a time to prepare for the worst, NOW is that time.

    Survival prepping is about preparing for the worst. It’s about making sure you and your family are safe, no matter what the world throws at you.

    This guide on “Hunkering Down” focuses on a scenario that would force you to stay in your home – a natural disaster which prevents evacuation.

    During a natural disaster, you might need to survive for a few days or a few weeks in your home before you can leave or before help arrives – if it ever does arrive!

    But don’t let the “natural disaster” part of the title fool you. You might hunker down for any number of reasons. No matter what happens that requires you to “bug in” (the opposite of “bug out” or evacuating), this guide can get you started in the right direction.

    This book contains easy-to-read, direct, to-the-point chapters on the essentials of hunkering down. How to make sure your home is secure. Food storage and preparation. Water storage and purification. Hygiene. First Aid. Communications.

    It is written to help you as a new prepper get started. It’s for us “regular folk” who want to make sure we are prepared. If you are ready to take those first few steps on the prepper path, this book will help you ensure your family survives, and maybe even thrives, should a disaster strike.

    Are you are uncertain about what you need to hunker down? Does even the thought of hunkering down scare you? This book can help.

    Together, we can put you on the right path to removing that fear and uncertainty. In a short time, we can get you and your family ready to hunker down no matter what disaster or catastrophe happens.

    Culinary Tricks, I Ricks To Ease Yourself In The Kitchen, How To Make Your Kitchen Works Easier

    by Arsy Law

    Culinary Tricks of the Internet and It was the Result

    1: To cut the cherry tomatoes in half, put them between two flat plates and pass a knife between them.
    Result: Cutting tomatoes this way is not very comfortable: we could only cut a few, then we had to split them by hand. If you have a sharp knife, maybe the trick will work, but you won’t be able to cut them all equally.
    Conclusion: it doesn’t work.

    2: To make sure that the milk does not escape from the pot when boiling, put a wooden spoon on top.
    Result: The milk escaped, and no spoon was able to defend it.
    Conclusion: it doesn’t work.

    3: In the microwave, you can prepare a quick and delicious muffin in a cup
    For the preparation we use one egg, a little flour, sugar, and cocoa, add a little water, baking powder and a pinch of salt.

    Result: To be honest, this dish will not like everyone: its consistency is half gummy and rather looks like a hotcake than a muffin. But most likely that much depends on the quality of the ingredients. Maybe it’s a good way to have fun with the kids.
    Conclusion: It works, but everyone will not like it.

    Positives thoughts: Why have positive thinking

    by Emily Thomas

    I wrote this book after I discovered that with a mastery of positive thinking, the path to success and general wellbeing is actually as smooth and easy as I wanted it to be. I now believe I am limited only by what I allow my mind to think is strong enough to stop me. Our mind is like a vast garden. We can choose to leave it empty and devoid of life or full of ditches, moats and stagnant water. Or we could plant different flowers and crops to create beautiful and colorful sceneries. With the power of positive thoughts, you can choose whether you want to approach your goals in life with the speed of a jet and the comfort of a Bentley or you want to just drag yourself belly first, arms trailing behind you, across the finish line (if you get there at all).

    No Product, Profitable Business: Start Your First Online Business Without Having Your Own Product or Services

    by Marty Johnson

    Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

    You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

    – How to start selling services on Fiverr even if you have no expertise
    – How to outsource all the work to other people for as low as $1
    – How to choose the perfect service to sell
    – My top 6 services that are more likely to become best-sellers
    – How to create your own sales listing and get high sales conversion
    – How the up-sell process works and what to do with your own customer up-sells
    – How to easily double your income without too much additional effort…clue: It’s all about the packages
    – How to confirm if your market is profitable or not

    – The exact guideline to use in choosing a product
    – The only product source you need to get started in your business
    – How to create a shopify store from start to finish
    – How to create your own product listing
    – How to set up your payment option
    – How to test the marketing via Facebook Ads
    – How to expand your store to 5 figures…fast!
    – What is the “7 Step to Liberation” and how will this save you time, money and heartaches along the way!


    You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

    Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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    Digital Product Marketing: How to Make Money at Home Through eBook Publishing & Selling Digital Services Online

    by Cory Keith

    Here are 2 Different Ways to Get Started with Your New Online Business

    Start Today and Create Your Own Successful Part-Time Income Source.

    Learn to Create Your Own Business from Scratch.

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

    Book Publishing On Amazon
    – How to use the Amazon categories to find the perfect topic for your first book
    – A simple DO THIS DO THAT template to help you write your book fast!
    – The 4 Point criteria to follow so you’ll know if your topic will sell or not
    – The top 3 niches to target if you really want to make a killing via Kindle publishing
    – How the Amazon best-selling rankings works and how it can help you decide what topic to write in
    – How to choose the perfect title and sub-title for your book…something that would sell!
    – 2 Formulas for writing sub-titles
    – How to create your outline so you’ll have an easier time writing your book
    – My top 8 tips for writing your first book efficiently fast
    – 3 resource for outsourcing your book cover
    – How to write a product description step by step and how to upload your book and get approved fast
    – How to promote your eBooks in a way that it’ll have higher chance of being a best-seller in its category

    Buy & Sell Digital Services
    – How to find services to resell
    – The exact services to sell (my suggestions)
    – How to create a product listing that sells your services fast
    – How to confirm service profitability in 5 minutes or less
    – How to upsell customers so you can earn 5x more
    – How to drive traffic to your listing for free
    – Examples of listings that are killing it right now. Copy these listings and watch your conversion increase!


    The truth is you can learn these all by yourself. But why waste your time and money when you can take a shortcut and avoid some possible costly mistakes along the way?

    The path to online success isn’t a straight road – that’s for sure.

    If you’re an action taker and your willing to make things happen, then this book is for you


    Child Abuse: Sexual Abuse: A Child Abuse Story (Trauma Dysfunctional Relationships Parenting) (Bipolar Disorder Child Abuse Emotional Abuse Book 1)

    by D Walker

    Child Abuse: A Heartbreaking Story of an Abusive Relationship Between A Father And Daughter

    Seven year old May lives alone with her single father. Her father was a good family man, but after May’s mother passed away her father turned that heartbreak into violence towards May. Having only one parent May doesn’t want to lose or disappoint her father so she continually accepts the abuse.

    This heartbreaking novel visits themes of child abuse.

    Warning: contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.

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