Free reference Kindle books for 29 May 17

Mindfulness Alphabet Book: Mandala Alphabet

by Za Zen

Mandalas are circles or shapes based on circles, and you’ll find them on every page of this book. Just gazing at a mandala without having any focused thought can bring your child’s mind into a state of meditation.

The purpose of this book is to allow a child to explore this calming Mindfulness Alphabet book, engaging them through the activities of reading and gazing at the mandala formed images.

I Am Lebron James (Who Am I Series)

by Felicia S. Hudson

In this book, we give an inside look at the rise of basketball’s hottest prospect. Lebron had been displaying extraordinary basketball skills from a young age and came in the limelight from the time he was a high school sophomore in Ohio and went on to become an NBA star with rapidly growing influence around the world. The biography traces all the important events of his life from childhood to stardom in the most comprehensive, yet interesting style. Designed specifically for the primary years.

ENERGY OF THE FUTURE: This does not contradict the laws of physics and opens new perspectives.

by Sergei Unknown

This does not contradict the laws of physics and opens new perspectives.

Phonics for Teachers: Unlocking the Mystery of Phonics

by Leslie Anne Perry

PHONICS FOR TEACHERS: UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF PHONICS – This short book (2449 words) provides an overview of the most commonly taught elements of phonics. It is for preservice teachers who are preparing to teach at the elementary school level. It can also be used by inservice teachers as a handy (and brief!) source of the content of phonics instruction. Note: The book contains background information for teachers; no activities for students are included.

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