Free religious fiction Kindle books for 29 May 17

Buried Secrets (Carolina Danger)

by Allyson Carter

A message from her dead husband turns Mary Cox’s life upside down. Someone wants to kill her and her daughter, Faith. They’ll stop at nothing to track her down. The only man she trusts is her best friend’s brother, Jace, except, he lied to her before. Will secrets from her past destroy the life she’s made for herself or bring them closer together and to God?

Just as Jace Smith begins to adjust to civilian life, a cry of help from the only woman he’s ever cared for sends him back into the heat of battle. The type where someoneĆ¢??may not come out alive in the end. Secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again. He’d do anything to keep Mary and her daughter safe from the danger after them. But a secret from his past threatens everything. Can they ever get back what they once had or die trying?

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Ogla’s Inspirational Journey (Sweet Clean Romance) (Mail Order Bride Romances Book 1)

by Sandee Keegan

Olga Petrov is a young girl struggling to make ends meet in the heart of New York City. She and her parents left Russian for a new life in America, but her mother had fallen ill during the journey and had not survived.

Heartbroken, her father became an angry and bitter alcoholic.

When he suddenly returns to Russia, Olga is alone in the world. Desperate, she begins a correspondence with a handsome rancher in Montana. She falls in love and agrees to once again travel thousands of miles – but this time, she is alone.

When she arrives in Montana, she quickly realizes her rancher is drastically different to the man she had fallen in love with through letters; Olga feels cheated. Something suspicious is going on, but she is unable to find out what.
With the wedding only days away, Olga must make a decision, and fast.

Will she choose to marry this man who has clearly been lying to her, or will she be forced to face the Wild West broken-hearted, and alone?

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Estelle’s Christmas Gift (Sweet Clean Romance) (Mail Order Bride Romances Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

Things are changing too fast in Estelle’s life. When her mother’s unexpected death brings her to the doorstep of Jared Bradford, she holds on to the thought of him to cope with the rest.

Jared is cold, arrogant and distant, but his eyes give him away every time. Estelle reads what Jared is hiding so well from the world; his soft side. With all the bad things happening around her, being with Jared is stitching her wounds back, along with building emotions she has never encountered before.

The last thing Jared want is to let another woman walk into his life and play with his heart. He is perfectly content with his current arrangement of living an introverted life and protecting himself from any heartbreak.

When he finds Estelle barely alive near his house, he couldn’t help the spark of life in his heart that he had caged long time ago. Those innocent eyes and pure soul manage to walk past every barrier that he has built around him.

He can’t let her come close, but the thought of letting her go is unbearable.He could let his past experiences define his present, but what if Estelle is the best thing to happen to him?

Jared is afraid to get hurt again and Estelle is over the moon with the way her feelings are developing for him. They both have their own battles to fight; Estelle from her sorrows, and Jared from his past. Will the love between them overcome the rest?

Judge Seth Code and Other Literary Works: A Collection of Fictional Stories

by Tiffany Rogalin

In “Judge Seth Code”, Seth’s mother, Ada Code”, is committed to a psychiatric hospital. She is administered to by a nun who shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with her. She is then healed by the benefits of knowing Christ and having exposure to God’s word. Ada shares this with her son while he is still young and though Seth denies God and hurts many people throughout his career as a Judge, he is able to change his ways because of the seeds of that had been planted in him by way of his mother.

There are no coincidences in the short story, “God’s Knitting Needles” as Sarah knits and God makes her knitting beautiful by connecting her with an older Congressman where she is a Congresswoman.
In “The Black Triangles” God connects Nivena with Latonya through prayer. While Latonya prays for God to help her out of her dire kidnapping situation, Nivena is led by God to escape her own incarceration to help Latonya. God then uses many other people to help carry out His will. This is a story about the power of prayer.

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