Free travel Kindle books for 29 May 17

Mandarin Preferred

by Darby Jones

Mandarin Preferred is the much awaited sequel to last year’s controversial Mandarin Optional. It follows the hedonistic adventures of two international travellers as they pursue love, lust and liaisons périlleuse in the People’s Republic of China. After a series of amorous escapades in Thailand, Darby Jones meets up with his new mentor on the Chinese Mainland, to explore the hidden delights of Guangzhou, South China’s buzzing hub of global commerce. Under the guidance of such an experienced old hand, he discovers an unexpectedly sensual side to this modern mega-city, a location that is often summarily dismissed as dirty and dissolute. Being unashamed pleasure seekers, they uncover a culturally diverse and exciting city of which most expats are completely unaware, let alone able to penetrate. In their endless quest for oriental beauty, they explore some of contemporary China’s most fascinating trends, from the rise of animal rights to the current explosion of Asian cosplay. The duo are guests-of-honour at a century wedding and visit the world’s largest sex toy and lingerie wholesale market. They even discover a selection of modern China’s most interesting employment opportunities, dipping their toes as male models, part-time priests and aphrodisiac consultants. Beyond Guangzhou, they journey to one of the country’s most popular tourist towns, where their romantic adventures continue. Together they explore a side of China that few people even realise exists, let alone ever have chance to explore.

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