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Between the Wall and the Fire

by Russell Newquist

Accidental motorcycle ninjitsu. Demon fights on the bayou. Caves of wonders. Zombies. Brothers at war. A knight with the flaming sword of an archangel. Action, adventure, true love, and chocolate. One of these stories is even true.

Between the Wall and the Fire – A collection of superversive science fiction and fantasy stories celebrating devotion to family, including the stories:

“Soul Food”
“A Ruby for Dyree”
“On the Bayou’s Edge”
“Second Home, Second Chances”
“Kingdoms of Magic”
“Brotherly Envy”
“Henbit and Clovers”
“Knight of the Changeling”
“Life Began at Thirty-Three”

Un niño en la oscuridad (Spanish Edition)

by Mariya Lutsia

Bilba miraba como el humo de su pipa ascendía por sobre su cabeza cada vez que esta exhalaba.
Sentada frente a la puerta de su casa, la apreciada Bolsón Cerrado, se dedicó a mirar el maravilloso paisaje que tenía frente a sus ojos.

Oculto por la oscuridad (Spanish Edition)

by Mariya Lutsia

El hobbit estaba sentado en su banca afuera de su agujero que tenía por casa, Bolsón Cerrado, fumando tranquilamente cuando es interrumpido, por alguien, que no era Hobbit para nada.

Otras orillas, sus esperadas esperanzas (Spanish Edition)

by Joshua Clapton

A primera vista no parecían más que unos simples viajeros, pero si alguien fuera capaz de notar los detalles apreciaría los pelajes relucientes de las monturas, el porte digno de los dos hombres y las ropas de finas telas de las mujeres que les señalaban como personas con cierta distinción.


by Adenilson Lemos Pelozi

Having in mind the impending apocalypse, Lucifer rebels against God by incarnating himself and build a planet with the intention of forming his infernal army to subjugate humans. To contain evil, ‘four angels plus one’ are sent to the planet of Lucifer to deliver him a notification which demands the end of the rebellion, if it does not comply with the order, a forced war will be unleashed taking unimaginable proportions.
War of Angels portrays the battle that the ‘four angels plus one’ will have to survive on a hostile planet, by being incarnated for the first time, they have to learn basic functions such as: breathing, feeding, survival to heat and cold, in addition to extensive hiking and thirst. All this process will prepare you for inevitable battles that will follow throughout the book.

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