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Echoes of Gedaliah

by E. Z. Ben-Asher

Is the very creation of the State of Israel built upon a murder cover-up? Possibly. History is written by the victors, and accepted history teaches that the legendary founder of Zionism, Dr. Theodor Herzl, died in 1904 of natural causes at the relatively young age of forty-four. What history brushes aside as an inconvenient fact, however, is the disturbing truth that Herzl died just a few months after he accepted an offer from the British to establish a Jewish State in Uganda, instead of in the Promised Land. Did Herzl, widely considered to be the spiritual father of modern Israel and cherished icon of Jews around the world, really die from heart disease? Or was he murdered because he had turned traitor to those adoring masses of persecuted Jews who had placed their faith in his oath of an imminent return to Zion? And if Herzl was assassinated, which of his many enemies was to blame? In the sweeping novel Echoes of Gedaliah, E.Z. Ben-Asher weaves a heady blend of suspense, historical fiction, action and romance as this dual timeline tale hurtles the reader through some uncomfortable truths which challenge one of the central foundation myths of the Jewish State.
The adventure begins with a chance meeting between Tzipora, a college student, and the enigmatic Neshama Kakungulu, a young Israeli army officer born in Kenya of an Israeli mother and a powerful, black, Jewish father obsessed with Africa’s role in biblical prophecy. The two young people become caught up with a strange entry found in an old engineering journal kept by Tzipi’s grandfather, an Israeli agronomist who died in Kenya in 1964. The novel follows these young friends as they search for answers, moving deftly back and forth between two exciting story lines. Historically, we are immersed in the tumultuous tale of Herzl’s last year alive, as he battled relentlessly, but with increasing desperation, to secure a homeland â?? any homeland – for the Jewish people in an increasingly dangerous world. A battle that, had Herzl ultimately prevailed in his bid for a Ugandan Jewish State, may very well have changed the tragic fate of six million
Holocaust victims. The modern storyline follows the young duo as they are led across the globe and through time in their pursuit to uncover the truth behind Herzl’s demise and Zionism’s contentious victory. Both storylines are interconnected and filled with unforgettable characters.
Echoes of Gedaliah is a work of epic scope and serious historical scholarship, wrapped in a tightly plotted, fast-paced thriller which will leave the reader, Jew or Gentile alike, with a much clearer understanding of the problems we face in the Middle East today. The novel confronts not only the political theory of Zionism, which resulted in the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, but it also raises many critical questions that most modern Jews have a difficult time answering: What does it really mean to be a Jew? Is Israel a religious State, or is it a secular one? Must one be a Zionist to be a good Jew? And where is the Torah itself in the ideological planks of a cutting-edge, modern nation which calls itself the Jewish State? This mesmerizing debut novel is divided into two volumes in paperback, totaling over 1,100 pages, yet the tightly-paced story will carry the reader along to the very last page. Both volumes are consolidated into this single ebook. No reader will be able to finish this eye-opening tale without a better appreciation of the complicated history of Judaism, the internecine affairs of the Jews themselves, and of the future of the Promised Land.

A finger of night (The wartime adventures of Eva Molenaar Book 3)

by Robert Craven

Eva’s third adventure sees her diverted from assignment in Italy to befriend an Italian aristocrat who may be shipping Nazi plunder from the Russian front out of Europe. She discovers that the plunder is funding an uberweapon for the Third Reich that may alter the course of WW2. Her adventure takes her from Europe to South America as she hunts down the renegade scientist developing the weapon
Henry Chainbridge and his team or irregulars, led by Nicklaus Brandt, are sent to Berlin to rescue spymaster Peter de Witte, who is about to be handed over to Himmler’s SS and may expose Eva, Chainbridge’s and Brandt’s identities.
Its a race against time…

Loved By The Rake: A Regency Romance Book

by Kathryn Havana

Lily Monroe was born to noble parents, but when she was fifteen, they died, leaving her penniless and desperate.

Lord Blackwood is more than twice Lily’s age, a terrible drunkard, and a womanizing boor. When circumstances force Lily into engagement with the wretched Lord Blackwood, she must tolerate his abuse (and his abhorrent personal odor) for the sake of her secret daughter.
Things get even more complicated when she meets Will, Blackwood’s only son, who is only half as obnoxious as his father, but extremely handsome (and secretly kind to her).

Where will Lily’s heart ultimately lead her? What will be the ultimate fate of these three interwinding lives? Follow Lily on her Sordid Journey of survival and self-discovery, all for the sake of Rosie.

***Author’s Notes:

–This is a Sexy & Steamy STANDALONE Regency Historical Romance with a hot bad boy billionaire alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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WARNING:This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Liberty Boy (The Liberty Series Book 1)

by David Gaughran

“It was the kind of morning that made him wonder if God hated the Irish…”

Dublin has been on a knife-edge since the failed rebellion in July, and Jimmy O’Flaherty suspects a newcomer to The Liberties – Kitty Doyle – is mixed up in it. She accuses him of spying for the English, and he thinks she’s a reckless troublemaker.

All Jimmy wants is to earn enough coin to buy passage to America. But when the English turn his trading patch into a gallows, Jimmy finds himself drawn into the very conflict he’s spent his whole life avoiding.

Liberty Boy is a riveting tale of an overlooked rebellion, told from the perspective of the streets, with gifted dialogue that is more heard than read and unexpected twists that leave you breathless from first page to last.” – Cindy Vallar, Historical Novel Society Review.


by Jackie Randall

The year is 1398. Eleven-year-old Emelin Lambert is quick-witted, mouthy, and an orphan. She also has an incredible gift for illuminating manuscripts.

When her last relative is killed, Emelin must travel to Reading Abbey in search of safety when she finds herself with a manuscript belonging to Geoffrey Chaucer.

Follow her dark and wintery journey through medieval England where she encounters violent thieves, a boy named Wolf and the treacherous adult world she must face alone. Can her gift ensure her survival?

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