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A gripping psychological thriller: Fighting Goliath: (Mystery Thriller Suspense Psychological Crime SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED) (Psychological Thriller Suspense Romance Crime)

by Kathlyn Grace

James Findlay has made some powerful enemies. As his small, island nation’s only representative to the Paris climate conference, he holds a unique amount of power of his own. But he knows too much.

For instance, he knows that Earth is still in an Ice Age, after 2.6 million years of persistent polar ice. Why would this be dangerous? Because the international power brokers depend on the conference delegates approving their measures. If global warming is found to be good, instead of dangerous, their multi-trillion dollar plan will fail. Warmth in an Ice Age might not be seen as dangerous. Findlay also knows that the power brokers have been confusing pollution and carbon dioxide. He knows that CO2 is a beneficial gas which has actually been greening the Earthâ??a fact that the UN’s scientists are not discussing.

After Findlay is drugged at the conference, he realizes that someone is desperate to stop him.

When Findlay finds his fiancée, Moira, murdered in their hotel room, he suspects that someone at the conference had arranged to kill her. He feels that someone is trying to warn him off and not at all subtly.

But Findlay realizes that much more is at stake than his own life and the lives of those close to him. What he does next could make the difference between survival and death of billions of his fellow humans.

A Suitable Epitaph

by Roxana Nastase

Klavdiya dreamed of money and love. Her dreams died with her under a merciless rain.
Leah, a Canadian detective with empathetic skills, and her team engage in a tedious race to find the culprit.
Leah is able to read people’s minds and sense their feelings and she makes good use of her skills. However, when she encounters Axel, her abilities are blocked and she doesn’t know if she found her killer or merely a witness to the murder.
If you like a detective story with compelling characters, then this is the book for you.

Moonlight Men: Gay Mystery Detective Romance

by Walker Frost

Sex, Murder, And Mystery

Kato Black, a handsome male escort with a solid name in the sex industry, is left beside himself after hearing that his colleague was found strangled in a motel room. Turning to the police he encounters Andrew Dole, an FBI man whose dedication to his appearance matches his thirst for justice.

But Andrew thirsts for so much more. The muscular officer detects the young escort’s attraction to him, sending their relationship into a whirlwind of sex, murder, and doubt as Kato begins to question his safety as a sex worker in a city where crime is on the rise.

Kato’s love for Andrew blossoms in their search for answers, leaving him to choose either success or security. Taking place in the middle of one of the most difficult cases yet, what results is a fast-paced, sexy thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, and begging for more.

This Is A Romance Short Story With A FREE Bonus Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

You Can’t Hide: A pulse-pounding serial killer thriller (7th Street Crew Book 3)

by Willow Rose

Another gripping serial killer thriller from the Queen of Scream.

Young girls are being kidnapped and so are their mothers. They are being bought and sold as slaves. Behind these kidnappings stands a ghostly person who calls himself the Boxer. He finds the girls and their mothers online, where he stalks and chats with the girls until he decides who to pick up and sell.

A new reign of terror has fallen on the unsuspecting residents of Cocoa Beach. They think their worst nightmare is the environmental catastrophe causing the thousands of dead fish in the river””until the first body turns up among the dead fish.

Mary Mills’ personal life is in chaos. She is trying to balance being a divorced mother and dealing with the presence of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend in her, and especially her son’s, life.

Mary gets on the trail of the disappearing mothers and daughters, and when she finally thinks she has it all figured out, it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems.

Meanwhile, Mary’s brother Blake is preparing an attack on her, and before she knows it, she is the one who desperately needs the help from her friends in the 7th Street Crew.

Every bit as pulse-pounding as her other books You Can’t Hide, delivers further proof that Willow Rose is the most addictive thriller writer around.

The fourth book Careful Little Eyes will be released in the fall of 2016.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Shadow Witch: Horror of the Dark Forest

by J. Thorn


Thom Meeks lives with his family in Droman Meadows under the protection of the Kingdom of Mylan. An unusually long winter creates anxiety in the village and some believe it to be the return of an ominous force known as the Shadow. When a pack of dread wolves lays ruin to Droman Meadows, Thom escapes with his wife and four daughters. They set out on the Mylan Road in hopes of finding refuge in the capital, but dark forces emerging from the primeval forest will challenge them for their eternal souls.

An epic horror fantasy novel from J. Thorn and Dan Padavona.

The Swallow’s Storm: Cozy Mystery (Hayley Argent Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

by Ruby Loren

A summer storm, a riderless horse, and a competition someone will do anything to win.

A gelding named Hadrian has been driven mad by a storm. Now it’s down to Hayley Argent, horse psychologist, to see if he can be cured. It doesn’t take Hayley long to realise she hasn’t been told the whole truth about Hadrian’s accident.

The cause of the gelding’s madness is shrouded in a mystery that Hayley must solve. If she doesn’t, Hadrian will never be ridden again.

With an important three day event competition on the horizon, Hayley starts to suspect that what happened that stormy night was no accident. Will she find out who is responsible for Hadrian’s downfall?

Hayley doesn’t have long to get to the bottom of what’s going on at the stables. Another storm is approaching and disaster is just a lightning strike away.

The Bordeaux Connection

by John Paul Davis

UK #1 Historical Thrillers  THE BRAND NEW SERIES From the International Bestselling Author of The Templar Agenda and The Larmenius Inheritance  Praise for John Paul Davis

Can’t wait for the new one! - RICHARD DOETSCH, international bestselling author of Thieves of Heaven, Half Past Dawn, and The 13th Hour

John Paul Davis clearly owns the genre of historical thrillers. - STEVEN SORA, author of The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar, The Lost Colony of the Templars, Secret Societies of America’s Elite

…If John Paul Davis wrote the phone book we’d all be reading it… - KEITH HOUGHTON, international bestselling author of Killing Hope 


In Medieval England, the defence of the realm in times of need rested on the shoulders of twelve men – a secret brotherhood of knights, who answered only to the ruler of England. They were called The White Hart.

As they are now…

When a series of explosions rock the Scottish capital, The White Hart is once again called into action. While the attackers flee Edinburgh with a hoard of priceless historical manuscripts, in a lonely village in England recent intelligence photographs suggest a potentially shocking connection between the suspected culprits and the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister…

For White Hart agents Mike Hansen and Kit Masterson, the new lead is just the first piece of a potentially explosive puzzle that threatens to tear a hole in the heart of government. As a new threat soon reveals itself, their only chance to bring to an end the recent chain of ruthless activities is to follow the trail to the bitter end. Right to the heart of its deadly conspiracy…

Part one of a brand new series…

The Loan Shark: A short story

by Shaul Behr

The name of Dror Eytan strikes dread into the hearts of all who would cross him.

A true, haunting story of an accidental hero who takes on a ruthless loan shark.

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