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Silly Mistakes in Mathematics

by Sesan Oguntade

One of the major problems with most students in math is their poor foundation in the subject. Students have performed woefully in mathematics at higher classes because they were not well tutored in foundational topics like Indices, Logarithms, BODMAS etc.

This book has identified over 70 common problems of students and the right solutions have been provided to them. Detail explanations have also been provided to each solution.

My Eight-and-a-Half Year University Teaching Sojourn in China — Short Version

by Clair Lasater

History of my eight-and-a-half year university
lecturing career, in the P. R. China. Color
photographs help define the text.

How to Become Alpha Man: Unleash the Alpha Male Within

by Brian Burns

There are two basic types of men in the world Alpha Men and Average Joes. Alpha Man gets all he wants from life and lives on his own terms. Average Joe gets what he’s given from life and lives on terms dictated by others.

Alpha Man is the man who has confidence, strength, respect, loyalty and love in abundance. People notice him when he walks into a room. Women want to be with him and men want to be him. People listen when he speaks. Alpha Man has designed his own life. Nobody controls him.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become an Alpha Man this guide will give you the tools, no matter where you are in your life right now, to start on the journey to becoming the man of your dreams.

You will learn;

– To become your own man in charge of your own life;

How to build confidence and banish fear from your life forever.

– To be able to have a conversation and build rapport with anyone you meet;

– To have any woman you want eating out of your hand;

– How to tell the difference between the types of women you meet;

– How to figure out what you really want from your life;

– You will come a leader among your friends, family and colleagues.

In short this book will take you on a journey exploring how you have become the man you currently are and empower you with the tools required to become an Alpha Man. This book will change your life for ever.

The Role of the University in a Dysfunctional Society: A Book of Revelations

by Lionel Trilling

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I had one of the greatest reputations in the academic world. This thought made me retch. Fame is the thing I had most wanted from childhood; and after I got it, I had no understanding whatsoever of its basisâ??why people responded to what I said. I felt only disgust with my public “noble” character. I did not consider myself a scholar: I knew no languages except English, and I didn’t see the point of a systematic study of literature. I did not consider myself a critic, either, and I was surprised whenever I heard myself referred to as one.

I hated Hudson; I disliked most of my colleagues; I disliked teaching graduate students. After a routine disagreement over the merits of a dissertation, I refused to teach in the Graduate School again. I was frequently depressed, I had writer’s block, and I drank too much. I did not even like my first name. I wished that I had been called Quentin or Dick.

I held myself a discreet distance from any group with which I might be too quickly identifiedâ??professors, critics, liberals, curmudgeons, writers. I was all of those things, of course; I could not deny it. But I resented being understood under the auspices of anything so insufficiently nuanced as a rubric. I wanted to feel superior without betraying to others my sense of superiority. A lot of psychic energy went into the care and maintenance of my persona. It was the price I paid for a life of the mind.

I think of my intellectual life as a struggle, not energetic enough, against all the blindnesses and malign obfuscations of the academic world. For me, a liberal is a person who believes that the right economic system, the right political reforms, the right undergraduate curriculum, and the right psychotherapy will do away with unfairness, snobbery, resentment, prejudice, neurosis, and tragedy.

People’s political opinions may be rigid; but they are not necessarily rigorous. Political opinions tend to float up out of some mixture of sentiment, custom, moral aspiration, and aesthetic pleasingness. Today we live in an age of “fake news,” “sound bites,” “slogans,” “insults,” “insinuations,” “name calling,” “bickering,” “nitpicking,” and “demagoguery.”

I am happy I died when I did.

What I wanted to be more than anything else was a comic writer. Alas! I did not have a flair for comedy.

“The Role of the University in a Dysfunctional Society” is an address I gave to the faculty of Hudson University on April 1, 2017.

I can’t wait for the reaction from the nattering nabobs of negativism who earn their living as trigger-happy snipers.

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This series is unique series of study material for IIT-JEE(Mains) for overall enhancement of student’s capability to explore the best. It consists of topic wise study notes with illustrated examples, Level-1,Level-2,brain-drain, questions & answers.



Relative Motion is important concept to be understood for IIT-JEE.
Strictly Based on NCERT Syllabus
Covers the Nook and Corner of the Syllabus.
This series consists of topic wise study material along with illustrated examples, exercises, level-1,level-2 multiple choice questions & their solutions board exams important questions etc.
Suitable for Board/School Exams and Entrance Exams
Entrance Exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, KEAM, CEE, VIT, KVPY etc..
Last Minute Lookup for Medical Aspirants Who Try for Engineering Entrance
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