Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 May 17

Scary events: The Beginning

by Alexander Johnson

I will let you know when I’m putting on you.
It’s been three months.
The Beginning

Darkfall (Eye of the Draco Book 1)

by Kadin Seton

They come from an unknown location within the distant constellation, Draco. Per orders, soldiers are eradicating Earth’s population, leaving its valuable infrastructure intact and making way for mass colonization.

Allie Spencer and her brilliant friend Nathan McCaffrey are barely teenagers when they discover a pocket of survivors calling themselves Sector Three, led by Henry Reynolds, a tough nineteen year old.

Pushing aside nightmares of losing her family and most of her friends, Allie must search within herself and find the strength to stay alive.

Under Sector Three’s strict military lifestyle, survival and weapons training are mandatory. Allie and the ragtag group must learn to think like a Draco soldier, as they are coming – hunting down the humanity’s last remnants.

They are grossly outnumbered and crippled by lack of tech, but Sector Three must not go down.

A Long Reign: A Society Series Story

by Victoria L. Szulc

What if Queen Victoria lived to be 100? What if neither the North or South won the Civil War and England had stepped in to rule the Americas?

The sun never sets on a brutal British Empire despite the efforts of the reformed Underground. Lavinia James, a young girl from the cornfields of Missouri, is chosen to help overthrow the tyrannical Kingdom and its feared Redcoat soldiers.

Will she be able to live past the vicious modern slave trade and succeed as a lady amongst the most dangerous of spies?

The Valley of Despair (Tales of Despair Book 1)

by Chris L. Adams

Lost in a savage Jungle…

Sent off course by a faulty compass German pilot Lieutenant Erik von Mendelsöhn sets his plane down in the treetops of an African jungle after running out of fuel.

Having survived the terrific crash he is now forced to endure the terrors of a primitive world with no idea where lay the lines of the friendly forces he was attempting to reach.

Soon, however, Erik discovers there to be forces at work infinitely more dangerous than the jungle wildlife with which he has contended since abandoning his wrecked plane when he stumbles on a mysterious, prehistoric city buried in a valley governed by the time-warp of a distant star – a star whose grim, gray inhabitants would make of him a thrall!

A short story inspired by pulp authors Edgar Rice Burroughs, H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard.

Buzzkill: A Detective Story: Part Six

by Trevor Judd

Dash Reid is a cynical, misanthropic New York private detective living in an alternate 1957 where humanoid robots have taken over the American workforce, cars fly, and digital computers are commonplace. When the mysterious Mr. Bell hires him to locate an elusive hacker named Buzzkill, Reid thinks he’s in for an easy payday. Instead, he runs afoul of CIA assassins, KGB spies, and the Russian mob! Can Reid stay one step ahead of the opposition, or will he become the latest casualty of the Cold War?

Mr. Slytherin: Part two

by Margo Bronte

Before we get started, I’ve got a question: I’ve been  rewatching Peaky Blinders lately. If you haven’t seen the show I
cannot recommend it enough. Cillian Murphy is gorgeous as usual and Helen McCrory is amazing as Aunt Polly. It’s a TV show but the cinematography reads like a movie. It’s agangster flick set in Birmingham right after World War 1 ended. If any bit of that appeals to you even a little, I highly recommend giving it a try.
Now, my question. I’m already working on To Be a Slytherin and Only Forever. However, I’ve got some chapters stored up for both. I’ve got a plot bunny going for Peaky Blinder and  I’d  like  to  know if any of you would be interested in reading something by me in the Peaky Blinders fandom. It would be updated randomly, whenever I had the urge to work on it  instead  of  on  a  strict  schedule,  but I’ve  got  a  lot  of  it  planned  out  in  my  head  and I’m liking where it’s going. However, I don’t want to get started on something elseseriously if no one’s  interested.  There’s a poll up on my bio now. Please go vote and tell me what you think.

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