Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 31 May 17

Intro to Piano: Class Piano for Adult Beginners

by Donna Gielow McFarland

“Intro to Piano: Class Piano for Adult Beginners” is an approach to beginning piano that primarily uses the guidenote method for learning to read music – a method which has proven to be very effective at helping students become good sight readers. Easier sight reading makes for a more enjoyable experience for the beginning piano student. Suitable for both individual and classroom use, this book includes pieces for sight reading practice, rhythm practice, performance repertoire and ensemble arrangements. Many of the performance and ensemble pieces are arrangements of well-known folk songs.

“Intro to Piano: Class Piano for Adult Beginners” takes the student from first recognition of notes on the staff to hands-together performance repertoire. The appendix includes scales, chords and technique drills. A bonus section has arrangements of well-known Christmas carols. Begun in the fall, most students will progress to reading and playing the Christmas music in time for the holidays.

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