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Leadership and Self Deception: Maximise your potential for a successful life in 5 steps (Lead your life Book 2)

by Thomas Garry

Self-esteem describes the feelings of worthiness and value that one assigns to themselves as a person. A multitude of factors affect one’s self-esteem, including life circumstances and input from mentors and relatives.

Self-esteem development begins at a very early age. Researchers suggest that humans have the capacity to develop self-esteem as soon as they can recognize their own name. Problems with self-esteem start to occur when one or more needs fail to get fulfilled. Specifically, the needs for belongingness, attention, affirmation, safety, and love must be fulfilled in order for healthy self-esteem development to occur.

As humans start to undergo the lifelong process of socialization, they realize that a degree of power to have these needs met lies in their hands. So, when one of these essential needs is not met, one might blame themselves, which leads to reductions in self-esteem. For example, when a peer group intentionally excludes a single child on the schoolyard, that child may believe that his rejection has something to do with his own shortcomings. The socialization process dictates that the excluded child will learn from the experience, and either find a new peer group or make adjustments to the ways in which he goes about making friends. However, if enough of these rejections occur over a period of time, that child will begin to think that he must be worth less than those who reject him. In his mind, if he were a person worth being friends with, then the other children would automatically accept him into their social circle.

Your current level of self-esteem is a product of a lifetime of receiving messages relating to your personal qualities. To illustrate, imagine that, as a child, you interrupted your mom while she was speaking on the phone. The way in which she responded to your interruption had a lasting impact on your self-esteem. Did she tell you that your behavior was rude, or that you were rude? In the event that you were informed that your behavior was rude, you would have gotten the idea that you can make adjustments to your actions in the future to avoid upsetting your mother. On the other hand, if you were told that you yourself are rude, then you would be led to believe that you lack the power to do anything about your behavior in the future. Being rude, according to this belief system, is just a part of who you are; you cannot help that you are like that. Thankfully, you can take steps today to undo the effects that a lifetime of harming messages had on your self-esteem.

If you go through your own life with an ingrained belief that you are a bad person, then you will struggle with self-esteem. You will believe that anything good that you experience is a fluke. You will believe that, because you are a bad person, you deserve for bad things to happen to you.

Stock Market Investing: 3 manuscripts- Day trading, Investing In Stocks and Trading Stocks

by Richard Locke

3 Books in 1!

Day Trading

There are many sources of income but day trading is more than just a source of income but a door to brighter future. Is your daily job giving yourself the best that you need in life? If not Day trading is a change in both lifestyle and mindset.
With so many trading books out there, many that are noticeably absent are those that address day trading that is precisely how this book came to be. As someone enjoys reading those books who understands the benefits of day trading, I had to find a way to keep things in check.
At first, I began my book by explaining what to do in order to get ready for day trading then I outlined the entire book in the following headlines:

The basics of day trading
Strategic trading
Money matters
Establishing yourself
Don’ts of day trading
Stock market
Entry strategies for day trading
Technical analysis in day trading
Daily pivots
Creating your day trading plan
Success tips in day trading
Brokerage firms that focus on day trading
Essential day trading tips for beginners
Developing your target price
Using candlesticks chart as part of your strategy
How to subscribe a level 2 service quotes service

Investing In Stocks

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced stock investor, this book, “Investing in Stocks: A Guide for Investing Safely” has a wealth of tactical information for your trading success.
As a stock trader or investor, the very first thing to do is to estimate the amount or extent of risks you would like to expose yourself to. Stock trading or investing is a very risky business. This book helps you navigate through the different investment options there are, highlighting their inherent risks and possible rewards.
This book offers some strategies for playing safe in stock investing: You will discover some pitfalls that most rookie investors often make and how to systematically avoid them. Simple, step-by-step approaches to profitable stock investing are provided so that you can begin to trade stocks straight away, even with little or no fore-knowledge of stock investing.
Stock investing isn’t a standalone process, it is interconnected with other alternative investment options, and you can find these other investment opportunities outlined in this book.
In fact, all the vital information presented in this book is enough to transform you into a profitable stock investor, if you follow them diligently.

Trading Stocks

This eye-opening book introduces the readers to the complete crash course stock trading basically to the individuals who are working a dead-end job and those who are eager to learn more about trading stocks.
The author gives a practical insight, techniques and the actionable steps the reader can apply in trading stocks using the following:
Getting started in stock trading
Fundamentals of trading for beginners
Learn stock trading
Stock trading plan
Stock trading strategies
Stock technical analysis
Stock charts
Day trading stock
Understanding the markets and capital requirements
Stock trading basics
Managing your risk in stock trading
Stock trading systems
Stock trading indicators
Essential online stock trading guidelines
Rules for trading stocks
Mistakes most beginner traders make
Understanding stop losses and position sizing
If you want to emerge successful in life, leave the rest of your life plan, read this guide to know everything about stock trading and be focused since in this unpredictable economic time there is every reason not to wait. For those whose dreams are escaping, I give them an actionable advice to try following this guide since it is such a simple guide written in simple language that everybody can easily understand. Go through this manual, take your able body and act immediately, ill bet you will even contact me to share your success story.

Influence: 2 Book Bundle: How to Analyze People & How to Talk to Anyone

by Modern Psychology Publishing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read people’s minds? What if you could win people over effortlessly with your natural charisma, and always know what to say to someone based on their personality type?

Knowing how to navigate social situations can seem like a challenge, if you are unequipped with the proper tools. But with the right knowledge, you can not only unlock your own inner charisma, but become a master of human psychology!

Learning how to analyze people can be a surprisingly helpful tool in business and personal relationships, and coupled with the confidence to talk to anyone, you will become an unstoppable force! Get rid of your social anxiety, and learn how to have fun meeting and learning about new people, making friends and gaining valuable business and personal contacts!

This bundle contains 2 books to help you skyrocket your social skills:

â?? How to Analyze People: Analyze Anyone Instantly: The Best Techniques to Read People Like A Book for Increased Influence and Instant Social Leverage

â?? How to Talk To Anyone: 21 Tips for Instant Rapport

In this bundle, you will learn:

â?? How to increase your charisma in social situations

â?? How to uncover psychological traits based on a framework of observation

â?? A reliable system for discovering personality type accurately – without them knowing!

â?? The best way to master body language and nonverbal cues

â?? Utilize the psychology of persuasion–learn tips to influence and persuade others

â?? The benefits of being able to analyze people effectively, and how it can lead to greater social influence

â?? How to determine if someone is lying

â?? And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for??? Pick up a copy of Influence: 2 Book Bundle: How to Analyze People & How to Talk to Anyone and learn how to increase your social skills today!! Click the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Manipulation Bases: How Effectively to Exert Influence On People

by Mateusz Bartoszewicz

Have you ever wondered how powerful words are?

Did you know that by proper formulating your request, you are able to influence on whether your interlocutor will do it or not?

We live in times, where information is worth its weight in gold.
If you are able to appropriately gain information and in a competent way to hold a conversation, you can accomplish incredible things.

Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or manager, who wants to take a high position in corporation or simply wants to achieve success in the life, should master the ability to influence on other people.

From us and our attitude depends, how far we will get.
Everyone has the same amount of time within a day, the same hands and one head. And yet some of us achieve spectacular success and other simply go through their life.

In this book you will learn about a few basic principles of social impact, which every man of success should know and should be able to apply.

You will be surprised how great influence on other has what you say. Sometimes only by differently formulated questions you are able to influence on your interlocutor, and you have a very good chance that he will carry out your request.

This is a book for everyone, who seriously thinks about own self-development.

Book Launch Formula: How To Write, Publish, and Market Your First Non-Fiction Book Around Your Full Time Schedule. Become an Authority, Build Your Brand & Create a Passive Income

by Justin Ledford

You will learn exactly How to Write, Publish, & Market your book all while working around a full-time job.

“This book is will act a simple road-map that you can follow to get your first book done. I highly recommend experienced authors and first-time authors read this and follow along.”
— Hal Elrod, #1 Best Selling author of The Miracle Morning

Here’s the deal, if I can become a best-selling author on Amazon with a demanding work schedule, and family I love spending time with, so can you.

I will teach you a concise step-by-step approach for writing your book despite a busy schedule. Whatever you’re calling in life is you will benefit from the strategies and techniques which have allowed me and countless others to generate the kind of success most only dream of – just by learning to effectively write books on a part time basis.

Brianna, a successful salesperson from Texas says, “The techniques taught in this book are exactly what helped me to finish my first book in less than 3 months and become an Amazon #1 best-seller – earning residual income month after month.”

I learned a lot from my first two books, and am now working on my third – using the steps that got the greatest results. I promise that if you act on the steps outlined in the following pages you will not only finish your book faster than you imagined possible, you will enjoy the process.

I can also promise that the results you achieve will allow you to live a more fulfilling life, helping you become an authority in your current profession, and boosting your income.

Don’t be the kind of person who has dreams of writing a book, but never sees them through. Instead, be someone who crosses writing their book off their bucket list, and then moves on to even bigger and greater achievements.

In Book Launch Formula you will find:

– Justin’s Professional 3-step method that takes you from no ideas to completed rough draft, in less than one week (write a quality book in 1/2 of the time!)
– A technique that will save you LITERALLY $1,000’s of dollars when it comes to editing…
– An guaranteed launch strategy you can use to successfully launch your book… even if you don’t any marketing experience and no audience…
– How to keep sales rolling in after the launch
– The simplest approach that will allow your book to drive sales and leads to your business.

You will learn the best strategies from authorities in the self-publishing industry like Hal Elrod, Tim Ferriss, Steve Scott, Honoree Corder, James Altucher, Pat Flynn, and many more.

Book Launch Formula will guide you to unlock that story that has been inside you all along.

Book Launch Formula is the road map to you becoming a published author.

Book Launch Formula will teach you how to make a full time living from writing, increase your authority, and build your business all by writing a book.

Don’t you feel its time to live a life of design instead of default?â?¦

Check writing a book off your list, build passive income, and enjoy higher levels of abundance?

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Teaching Information Online: How to Sell Digital Products Through eBook Marketing & Online Blogging

by Oliver Smith

Learn what it takes to work at home and make a living as an internet infopreneur.


No Huge Capital, No Business Experience & No Expertise Required.

Here’s what you’ll get in this bundle:

– A step by step instructions on how to make a living as an Amazon self-publisher
– The 3 step process of finding a category and then confirming if it’ll make money or not
– How to choose the perfect sub-category for you
– The exact Best-Seller ranking table and how you can use this to confirm if a market will make you money or not
– Why quantity is as important as quality when you’re just starting out
– A real life example of how to analyze BSR
– How to pick the perfect title for your book (with examples!)
– How to map out your book’s table of contents
– How to know what to discuss in your ebook
– 2 blueprints that you can use to serve as foundation for your new project
– Top 5 tips to remember so you can finish your book fast
– How to hire a book cover designer
– How to publish your kindle book from start to finish
– How to manage your KDP promotion days and get a surge of sale after the free promo

– The simple platform to find your products and never pay for them with your own money
– How to run extremely cheap FB ads for your products
– Where to find product ideas that sells
– How to do long term SEO!
– How to fulfill the product just by lifting a few keystrokes of your finger! Never do the hard back breaking labor of shipping and handling ever again!


First, you can learn all of these by yourself, make more mistakes, waste your time and money in the process.
And then eventually succeed if you persevere.

Second, you can learn from my own mistakes and learn how to create a money making business via internet marketing.


If you’re an action taker and you’re now ready to make things happen, then go on and download your copy now.

How to Improve Online Sales: The Best Guide on How to Sell Online, Using Social Media, Backlinks, Web 2.0, Blog Posts, Keyword Research, Blackhat, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building and More!

by Xavier Zimms


How to Improve Online Sales

If you have an online business then an effective website is an absolute necessity for successful sales and growth. This book will take you through the steps necessary to greatly enhance your website and help you drive more traffic to it.

Turning visitor into customers on your website can be more easily achieved if you know the how and what back linking is. Are you using SEO words and phrases appropriately and keeping your company blog refreshed with new relevant content each week? If you are not sure about any of these things then you need How to Improve Online Sales.

The social media landscape is a vast and confusing unless you know how to navigate it and use it effectively. In this book you will learn how to use back link with the different platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Are you successfully article-marketing? If not, then it is time to learn how right now and How to Improve Online Sales all the information you need like; what are keywords and why you need to know and care about keyword densities.

How to Improve Online Sales is an essential companion for everyone with an online business or anyone who wants a stronger Internet presence for his or her company.

Are you interested in reading this book?

Click Buy and immerse yourself in everything this book has to offer!

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Against The Odds: How An 18 Year Old Kid Made $2 Million Dollars In A Year

by Shubham Kumar

‘Against The Odds’ is an unexpected journey of an 18-year young Indian guy, ‘Shubham”. Shubham went to try for something else that never lasted beyond the first few weeks and finally, he landed doing something very different than what his family thought of doing him once. He was nothing much to speak of until he got a reality check which just swept him off his feet. 
Things changed drastically once he got courageous to listen to his heart and follow his dream. After knowing himself in a better way, his inner and hidden desires started ticking. Everything else can wait in his life but he was not at all into procrastinating his dreams any longer. Having no clue of what is in store for him, he took his first step.

When his mates were giving board exams and other entrance exams, Shubham was busy trying to build a platform that could generate massive income. When his mates were busy enjoying their teenage, Shubham took responsibility of his family.

Fighting and struggling all the time to make things right, he kept moving on and on without looking back! He has been deteriorated many times but he managed to not stop his feet even once in life. 
Find out:

  • Did he reach that point where he wanted to see himself? 
  • Did he really want to do what he opted once? 
  • What made him become a different person? 
  • Who played significant roles in his life? 
  • What played a role of the ladder in his life? 
  • How he led his path? 
  • How he dreamed of doing something so big and uncommon? 
  • How he never let his “too-low-family income” come between him and his dream? 
  • Can you relate to Shubham in any way? 
  • Do you too dare to dream like him?

Social Profit Blueprint: Make Money by Taking Advantage of Social Media Marketing Business Ideas. Consulting & Facebook Marketing Training Bundle.

by Matt Murray

Who Else Wants to Launch a Profitable Online Business from Complete Scratch?

Dear Newbie Marketer,

If you want to start an online career, then the best way for you to get started is through this bundle.

Learn how to start your career by choosing a business model that fits you and expand later.

What you’ll learn in this bundle:

– Why the old way of doing social media consulting is probably not for you
– How to new and smart way works and how you can profit from it
– How to provide social media services without being an expert
– How to never even touch a client’s single social media account and still make money off of it
– Some examples of packages to offer
– The unrefusable offer and how this can make you more than $1,000 per package
– The top 5 ways to find the best clients to work with…
– 4 ways to make more money




The first thing that we need to do is find products that will SURELY SELL. I’ll teach you some techniques to know if a product is more likely to sell or not.


The next step is store creation. A lot of people get stuck in this part because they thought that it’s going to be super techie stuff.

Well I have good news for you. Just follow my instructions and you will have a fully set up store in 45 minutes or less.


Once you got your product and your store, it’s time to sell them via FACEBOOK ADS.I will teach you an idiot proof way of creating facebook ads! No need to be a genius to do it. It’s actually pretty simple once you tried it a few times.


This bundle is perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business models.

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Ecommerce Blueprint: Sell Stuff Online With or Without Product Inventory. YouTube & Shopify Training Book Bundle

by Jason Burberry

Here are 2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Entrepreneurship Training Today!




Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

YouTube Quick Cash
– The exact categories to choose if you’re a beginner
– How to search for information products that converts into sale
– The criteria to use so you’ll have a higher chance of promoting a winner!
– The tools that you need in order to create a great video review
– How to write your script for your review
– How to do your keyword research so you can target high converting “money keywords”
– The types of videos you can create
– The exact YouTube optimization process that you need to do before you upload your video! This process will help you rank 3x faster and get more customers in the long run!
– How to find video tags so you can copy what keywords other reviewers are using… this is crucial!
– How to rank your video and let other people do the work for you.

E-Commerce Shopify Blueprint
– How to find the best products to sell online
– How to never have to worry about inventory ever again
– How to verify if a product will sell or not
– How to create a shopify website in 60 minutes or less
– How to set up your product page and product listing
– How to advertise on facebook for as cheap but as effective as possible
– How to use SEO for maximum website traffic



And Make a Full-Time Income for Part-Time Work!


The Art of Making Money Through E-commerce: Facebook Ad Shopify & Teespring T-shirt Marketing

by Jason Burberry

Here are 2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Entrepreneurship Training Today!




Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

– The best market to target for beginners
– How to confirm market size and possible profitability
– How to find the best product to sell on Facebook (note: there are some products that no matter how awesome they are, they just won’t sell on Facebook)
– How to create your own Shopify store fast!
– How to set up a product listing from A to Z
– How to start advertising on Facebook for as cheap as possible
– The 3 things you needs before you create your first ad
– How to evaluate the product and what to do after the testing phase
– How to fulfill the product via dropshipping on AliExpress

– How to find the best niches to target.. STEP BY STEP!
– How to make sure that your tshirt will sell even before you design one!
– Where to find the best designers at the best price
– How to properly set up a campaign for maximum sales conversion
– How to advertise on Facebook for as low as $5
– When to cut your ads and move on and when to expand your campaign
– What to do after you cut your ads and what to do to expand your ad campaign
– How to create a product listing that turns visitors into buyers!



And Make a Full-Time Income for Part-Time Work!


Habit Ever After: How One Habit Can Change Your Life

by Loui Lam

Want to become healthier and better looking? Richer? And happier?

Habit Ever After is the Author Loui Lams suggestion how one single habit can transform your life by becoming healthier, better looking, richer and happier, and it takes minimal willpower to do so!

Sounds too good to be true?

Pick up the book and decide yourself.

Youtube Marketing Strategies: Learn How To Build And Grow Your Youtube Channel â?? Plus Amazing Marketing Tips And Tricks!

by Casey Mcbride

Youtube Marketing Strategies (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

Learn How To Build And Grow Your Youtube Channel – Plus Amazing Marketing Tips And Tricks!

YouTube can be a great compliment to your other social media platforms, giving you new ways to reach your customers and market your company. With so many videos on the platform, it can be hard to make yours stand out enough to build your audience.

Whatever kind of product or services your business offers, a video series can be a fun way to bring more information to your customersâ??and to bring more customers to you. The information in this book will help you to do your YouTube marketing with maximum efficiency.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Tips for making high-quality videos that will hold your audience’s attention
  • Information about YouTube’s search analytics
  • How YouTube uses comments and likes to determine which videos are recommended to users
  • How to use SEO and keywords to make it easier for customers to find your videos

Download your copy of “Youtube Marketing Strategies” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Leasing: What is leasing? (Leasing in Russia)

by John Salko

Discover How Easy It Is To Learn About Leasing

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About What is Leasing

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About Leasing in Russia

This “Leasing” EBook Can Be Used by General readers who are interested in Finance, As Well As Those Who have Such education.

Don’t worry If You Don’t Have Kindle device. 

You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser  by Simply Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.

This ebook contains proven steps and strategies on how to make successful leasing

You no longer need to spend a lot of money and time in sourcing for information about the topic. The reaserch included in this book is very easy for understanding.

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ebook:

informational and fun for reading.

=> There are step-by-step directions for understanding the leasing that makes the process of reading much easier and quicker.

=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.

=> The ebook comes with table of contents which made switching to your preferred and desirable chapter very easy by just clicking on your device

Take Action Right Away To Read “Leasing” From The Comfort of Your Home.

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by Sharad Churiwala

    SIMPLE WAYS TO SAVE COST IN BUSINESS! You are sitting in your office, your accountant arrives and hands you the monthly profit and loss statement. You are shocked to see that you have made loss despite having terrific sales in the month. Your accountant explains you that certain costs have eaten away the profits.

You now wonder what to do next???

This is where, this book will come handy as it will guide you through the process of saving costs in your business by taking simple steps. You will discover some very basic as well as innovative ways to save cost.

Here is sneak peak

  • Where to Start When Planning to Save Cost?
  • How Your Vendors Can Help You in Saving Cost?
  • Discover How You Can Turn Your Existing Assets, Resources Into Gold Mines and much more…

Smarter Faster Better: Work Smarter, Not Harder and Be Productive in Life and Business (Productivity Hacks for Financial Freedom)

by Kor Marton

Why are some entrepreneurs extremely successful while others can barely scrape by? What do they do differently than the rest? Is there a pattern to success?

Successful people, too, have 24 hours in their day but as it turns out, they use effort multipliers and smart combinations of productivity hacks to outdo everyone else. They also avoid the obvious and even the not-so-obvious pitfalls.

Kor Marton is a bad boy street fighter turned revolutionary entrepreneur is now sharing his wealth of knowledge about the secret behind the superhuman productivity of successful people.

Smarter Faster Better introduces readers to:

  • Hacks, tips, and tricks to max out your productivity.

  • Proven concepts to get more done with less effort.

  • Working techniques to achieve great quality in less time.

You Too Can Be Super Productive NOW!

  • Learn how to shave hours, seconds and minutes off of your daily routine with simple, noninvasive adjustments.

  • Discover how to wake up energized and ready to work smart.

  • Uncover the modern world’s biggest time wasters and how to avoid them.

  • Become highly successful by making better choices regarding health and lifestyle.

Properly applying the collection of secret productivity hacks found in this book will help you unfold your full potential in no time! 

You Too Can Work Smarter, Faster and Better

 This book gives readers:

  1. Actionable steps for erasing possible pre-existing limitations.

  2. Practical insights to create habits that promote success.

  3. Behavioral techniques used by the most successful people on the face of this planet.

  4. Proven productivity concepts that can be applied instantly.

Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life!

Follow in the footsteps of thousands of successful, wealthy entrepreneurs and become a successful, highly productive person! 

>>The time to master productivity is right NOW!<<

Work Smarter, Not Harder & Be Productive!

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Business Habits: Business, & Habits-Money, & Riches: 5 Business â??Ritualsâ? That Transform Your Business Forever

by Fernando Colosimo

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you feel like your sales are in a rut?

Get straightforward answers to all your business questions with Business Habits: Business, Habits-Money, Riches: 5 Business “Rituals” That Transform Your Business Forever by Fernando Colosimo. This short guidebook shows you how to realize success with five core rituals that will put you on the right track and two bonus rituals that will keep you on it.

You’ll nurture your business from morning to night by:

  • Developing a morning routine that energizes and centers you
  • Tackling the highest priority task first thing
  • Reaching out and developing relationships with clients, customers, and colleagues
  • Taking care of one profitable job every day
  • Wrapping up your day with a sense of success
  • Maintain momentum through the workweek
  • Gaining new skills to keep up with challenges and change

With Business Habits: Business, Habits-Money, Riches: 5 Business “Rituals” That Transform Your Business Forever by Fernando Colosimo, you’ll learn to accomplish more before lunch than most people do all day.

Don’t let your business get stuck in a rut. Start developing better business habits today.

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How To Make Money Blogging: Insider Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Make Money In Less Than 30-Days

by Keith Meyers

Insider secrets, including tips and tricks that can help you make money blogging in less than 30-days. No more boring dead-end jobs. Learn how to start a home-based business in your spare time. After I was laid off from my job, I became an Internet Freelance Writer. I did not have any professional experience as a writer or journalist. However, within one year, I earned several thousand dollars writing articles and blogging. I built a blog and learned how to monetize it. Afterwards, my freelance writing career became much more interesting and I am very proud of my accomplishments.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.