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Escaping the Prince

by Annabel Blair

A 13,500 word Steamy Regency Novella with no Cliffhanger – for Mature Audiences only!

Charlotte Gordon is the envy of high British society, universally known as both beautiful and charming by everyone — and now she’s caught the eye of the Prince.

But for the adventurous and spirited Charlotte, marriage to the Prince is the last thing she wants. Trapped in an engagement she neither wants nor asked for, she meets a mysterious stranger who just might be the man of her dreams…

But why won’t he tell her who he is?

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Dmitry Donskoy

by Thomas Hill

This is a historical play, describing an important event of Ancient Rus, which in the future allowed to throw off the Mongolian yoke and from Russia as a state. Written in verse and reflects the most important aspect, namely the religious and military culture of the Russian people. Dmitry Donskoy was the first of the Russian princes, who managed to defeat the Mongolian-Tatar army and free the Moscow Principality from paying tribute in 1380.

A Bolt of Lightning

by Johanna Jenkins

Historical Western Romance
A standalone short story with HEA!

Gaby Reslin is positive she will never marry. She is also positive that she will never find a companion so perfect as the Collie, Lightning, who she has raised and trained since he was a pup. When, due to the nature of her father’s work as a cattle dog breeder, she is forced to sell Lightning to a young rancher, she is more than downhearted. To her surprise, Tobias Branson, the rancher in question, admires her love for the dog and invites her to visit his ranch once every week to continue training him. Gabby knows that Tobias’s true interest is in her as a woman and not the continued training of Lightning. All the same, in order to see her dog, she accepts his proposal, warning herself firmly not to become too attached to the handsome young rancher. But, as the months go on and she becomes more and more fond of Tobias, that promise she made to herself becomes nearly impossible to keep. When news of a tragedy in her family overtakes her, she has nowhere to turn for comfort except to Tobias. Will tragedy force Gabby to accept the love she has been pushing away for so long?

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The Quarry Bank Runaways: The Journey to London of Thomas Priestley & Joseph Sefton in 1806

by G J Griffiths

In the early 19th century, when it was the policy of many of the poorhouses and workhouses to deter paupers from applying by making the conditions inside harsh and unpleasant, two boys set out on a journey to Hackney Workhouse in London. Their starting point was in the pleasant Cheshire countryside, where they were apprenticed to the cotton mill built by Samuel Greg in 1784. Children as young as 9 would be employed there, as scavengers, piecers, mule doffers or can tenters. These jobs could be just as unpleasant and difficult for a poor child as those we may have heard of, such as chimney sweeps and match girls.

Quarry Bank Mill was some 200 miles north of London and the boys had to sneak out unnoticed and then attempt to walk all the way. It was likely that these enterprising travellers took advantage of the drovers’ roads and the newly developed “motorways” of the times – the canals. Perhaps they were lucky enough some days to hitch a lift; their general direction of travel taking them to Beartown, the Potteries, Dunstable Downs and eventually to London. Whatever challenges they encountered along the way archive evidence shows that they made it.

Runaway apprentices had become a problem for society during the years of the Industrial Revolution – so what had prompted Thomas and Joseph to do such a hazardous thing? What happened to them on their long journey? Did they receive any help? Or were they chased relentlessly wherever they ran, since what they were doing was illegal in the eyes of the authorities?

This is the story of their adventure and it concludes with the events in the Middlesex courthouse, known then as the Old Sessions.

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