Free horror Kindle books for 31 May 17

Dahmer Flu

by Christopher Cox

Humanity’s bitter end was bloody and violent. In those final days, the air was filled with the smell of decay and the moans of the undead; it wasn’t long before society fell apart entirely.

Bradley Harris lost everything then. All he had left was his family, and he would do anything he had to do to keep his pregnant wife and two children alive. Whether on foot or on the road, they’ll keep pressing north, hoping to get above the snow line and wait out the apocalypse.

The only problem is there’s no end in sight.

This terrifying tale explores what happens when a man is forced to adapt to a changing world, or die trying. And when disaster strikes, Brad begins to wonder- can the living be worse than the undead?

(Updated and revised on September 17, 2015)

Los Cuentos de mi abuela (Spanish Edition)

by Mauricio Valdez Rivas

Es una recopilación de los cuentos sobre leyendas de Chinandega que mi abuela me contó, con ilustraciones a color, en ellos salen a relucir: el cadejo, la carretanagua, la mona, la cegua, el mosmo, procesión de las ánimas, los duendes del chonco y espíritus burlones. Contiene además información sobre los orígenes de algunos de estos mitos. Incluidos también en el libro “Cuentos y Mitos de Nicaragua” que también lo puede encontrar a la venta bajo esta misma plataforma de distribución. Estos cuentos los puede escuchar en

Broken (Bellwood Family Series Book 1)

by E. W. Blankenbickler

Growing up can be tough. For Patrick Bellwood, growing up is already a challenge as a high school freshman in 1997. Dealing with the difficulty of high school bullies, crushes, and his own social awkwardness, Patrick struggles to fit in among his peers, especially his older, popular brother, Logan. As secrets come to light, tragedy strikes, rendering Logan, Patrick, and their sister Lillian, struggling to come to terms with a heartbreaking loss. Almost overnight, a threat to their family becomes a terrifying reality, as Patrick, Logan, and Lillian will soon find that some family secrets can not only be frightening, but deadly.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Blind Date

by Bradley Poage

Andrea has met the man of her dreams and tonight will be able to meet him in person. But she doesn’t realize that not everything is real and something online can prove deadly…

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Next Piece

by Bradley Poage

It’s another day at the coffee shop for Ward as he searches for the next piece of his collection. Who will have it, what will it take to get the perfect specimen to add to his most treasured showcase?

This short story will surely send chills down your spine as you are drawn into Ward’s demented world and what he will do to get his Next Piece.

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