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In one fell swoop

by Willow Rose

Fasten your seatbelts as Willow Rose takes you on one scary, wildly imaginative ride. For anyone who loves a good thriller, this is a treat.

On a hot day in June, two groups of campers disappear in the Green Swamps of Florida. The wood is still burning in the bonfire, all their belongings are abandoned, and there is blood at the campground. But not a single body is found.

Patty McGee, the grandmother to one of the missing campers, sets out to find out what happened to her grandson, thinking his father might have kidnapped him. However, soon she realizes she is up against a force way more powerful than that. It’s a battle even she can’t win.

From the Queen of Scream comes a scary, yet humorous tale of man’s battle against nature. In One Fell Swoop is a compelling and clever story, as only Willow Rose can deliver.

Fans of Stephen King, Blake Crouch, Paula Hawkins, Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni will be gripped by this page-turning supernatural thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading til the next morning.

What everyone is saying about In One Fell Swoop

‘Hold on to your seat, because just when you think you can stop holding your breath, you have to take an even deeper breath to continue.’

This is a mile a minute horror story. Forget the dishes or folding clothes while you read this because everything will be forgotten. Be sure the kids are taken care of first!Madeupagin

‘Willow Rose has scared me again. When I read her books, I tend to lose myself in the story. This is another of her stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat and jump out of your skin! If you want a thrill and a chill, you must read her books. I highly recommend them.’ catwoman1a

‘This book is just mind-blowing!! This is a book that you won’t regret reading! Awesome!!!’ Darlene

‘In One Fell Swoop kept me reading anxiously to the end’ Bev Powers

‘Quite different from her other books that I have read. But once again as usual, surprising and fantastic! Very well written, great characters and a storyline that keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. A real page turner’ Jim Porter

‘This was the first Willow Rose book I’ve read, and I enjoyed it very much. It was imaginative, well-written, and very different from anything I’ve read before. I’m most eagerly looking forward to buying more of this author’s books’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘Don’t mess with Mother Nature’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘It was a fast moving story that was scary and creepy. I usually don’t like horror stories, but this one was a doozy. It was a bit disturbing, to say the least. I love all Willow Rose books, she is a wonderful author..’ Goodreads Reviewer

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Finding the Road Home (Bellingwood Short Stories Book 5)

by Diane Greenwood Muir

Before Polly Giller moved to Bellingwood, she lived in Boston where she had friends, a fantastic job, and a life she never considered leaving.

When Polly left home to go to college in Boston, she never intended to go back – especially after her father died. She thought she had a plan for her future.
In this prequel to the popular Bellingwood series, Diane Greenwood Muir uncovers the reasons for Polly’s return to Iowa. Plans change. People change. Polly changed.

People who are seen as ordinary become fascinating when viewed through Polly’s eyes. From the stereotypical Italian mother, to annoying coworkers; self-centered friends to a wealthy boyfriend who knows no limits, she sees each one through the lens of love. Those who care for her, do so deeply, but once in a while, someone goes too far, frightening Polly and her friends.

Follow Polly’s story as she finds her road home.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

Million Dollar Bedroom: Scrappy Lessons of Success, Setbacks, and Other Surprises Not Taught in Business School

by Matt DeCoursey


Based in a spare bedroom in his home, Matt DeCoursey built companies that generated millions of dollars in revenue and huge amounts of profit. And he started it all with only an American Express card with an $8,000 limit and a determined vision to succeed. Using the inspiring narrative of his startup journeyâ??from its profitable highs to its scrambling lows and all the hard-won education in between, Million Dollar Bedroom delivers a refreshingly unidealistic window into the pros and pitfalls of starting your own business. Packed with Million Dollar Lessons, topics include:

  • The most common reasons new businesses fail.
  • How to think like a search engine and get your business noticed.
  • Understanding your critical path to revenue.
  • How to start making money when you have no money.
  • Creating a truly professional business plan and what to expect for those seeking investment.
  • Insightful advice and stories from other hugely successful individuals.

With real-life education culled as much from failure as success, Million Dollar Bedroom brings unique authority to help avoid expensive mistakes and unnecessary heartache as you transform yourself from a dreamer to a true entrepreneur.

Salting and Pickling: 30 Best Tasty and Easy Salting and Pickling Recipes For Spring Vegetables And Fruits

by Micheal Barlow

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Salting and Pickling: (FREE Bonus Included)

30 Best Tasty and Easy Salting and Pickling Recipes for Spring Vegetables and Fruits

Want to preserve your favorite fruits and vegetables? Do you want to try some new method of preservation? Heard about pickling but do not know how to do it? Looking for some of the salting recipes? Well if you need an answer of any of these queries then you are at the right place. We are here to remove your confusions and to teach you preservation methods. This e-book is all about salting and pickling. It is filled with a number of recipes for helping you out.

This book will comprehend:

  • Benefits of pickling
  • 10 Easy Salting Recipes for Vegetables/Fruits for Preservation
  • 20 Easy Pickling Recipes for Vegetables/Fruits for Preservation

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Low Carb Recipes: American Cooking Recipes – Paleo Diet, Healthy Cookbook for Organic Cooking, Low Carb, Vegan, Weight Loss Cooking Recipes, Salad, 130+ Additive Free, American Recipes

by Adrianne Love

The Healthy American Cookbook: Healthy Eating – A Tasty & Super Healthy Recipe Collection for Simple & Easy Weight Loss Diet

Endulge in a tasty collection of healthy dishes, from seafood and slow cooking to desserts.

In this book you will discover delicious healthy and tasty recipes like:

– Asian Shrimp Salad

– Sweet & Spicy Pork

– Fish Tacos

– Quinoa Superfood Salad

With over 130 recipes in one collection, you are sure to find some new favorites!

Tags: healthy eating, clean food diet, healthy diet recipes, weight loss recipes, healthy living, natural foods, healthy cookbook

Ketogenic Diet: Lose Fat Fast With 7-Day Keto Kick Start And Menu Plan

by Parker Townsend

Ketogenic Diet

Lose Fat Fast With 7-Day Keto Kickstart And Menu Plan

If you are looking to lose some weight and want to do it in a healthy manner then using the ketogenic diet plan offered in this book along with a collection of 7-Day meal planners to choose from will help you to reach your weight loss goal. This diet plan was originally designed to help to treat epilepsy, but it was also found to help benefit people in general that have concerns about being overweight, developing diabetes, or heart disease. The ketogenic diet is designed in such a way that it will cause your body to go into the natural state of ketosis where more ketones are released into your body. The ketones trigger your body to start using the fat stores in your body as an energy source. This is activated when your body is not getting enough carbs to sustain it as a main energy source. The ketogenic diet is basically a diet that is high in good fats and proteins and low in carbs.

You must be ready to stick to the ketogenic diet in order for you to succeed in your health goals using it, because once you cheat which usually will involve carbs you must start from the beginning again. The reason for this is because your body will go out of the ketosis state no longer using up your stored fats as an energy source, but instead using the glucose that you have eaten through the ingestion of carbs. So if you are ready to gain some wonderful health benefits through the use of the ketogenic diet you will find the easy to follow diet plans offered in this book a great aide for you in sticking to the foods that are acceptable in the ketogenic diet plan.

Essential Oils For Problem Skin: 50 Recipes That Heal Widespread Skin Issues

by Debby Cage

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Essential Oils For Problem Skin: (FREE Bonus Included)

50 Recipes That Heal Widespread Skin Issues

Within the pages of this book you will discover a collection of wonderful recipes that are based on various essential oils to help heal widespread skin issues many people suffer from. By following these simple recipes, you can have your skin looking healthy and radiant in no time.

When using essential oils, you must be careful and follow the dose exactlyâ??if it says to add one drop of an essential oil then that is what you need to add one drop no more! It is also a clever idea to conduct a patch test with any essential oils that you have never used before. You want to make sure before you use them that you do not have an allergic reaction to them. This collection of skin essential oil based recipes will help to rejuvenate your skin bringing back that healthy glow!

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Hunter and Homestead Recipes: Corn (Vegetable Collection Book 2)

by Arlene Lee

Great selection of home-style family favorite corn recipes. These recipes are sure to become your quick and easy dishes for lunch, dinner, potlucks, picnics, and parties!

Recipes include:

  • Scalloped Corn
  • Bacon Spiced Corn Tomato Casserole
  • Corn and Beef
  • Succotash Deluxe
  • Succotash Memphis Special
  • Garden Roundup Casserole in Peanut Sauce
  • Country Dinner
  • Tennessee Vegetable Bake
  • Chicken and Corn
  • Chicken Corn Chowder

Partial proceeds of all book sales are donated to Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Research in honor of my mother who taught me about life and love through sharing her gift of baking. 

Home Defense Survival Guide: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide To Grid Down Home Defense For Survival

by Ronald Williams

In this guide, we are going to discuss how to properly fortify and defend your home from attackers in the event of a disaster scenario where the world has gone bad.

If you’ve read books and resources on preparing for disaster so far, those books and resources have probably focused on preparing for specific kinds of disasters, such as natural disasters, EMP attacks, terrorist attacks, nuclear power plant accidents, economic collapses, and so on.

The information in this book, however, is relevant to literally any kind of a disaster.

The reason why is because in a large and long enough disaster in which the supply of basic necessities such as food and water becomes cut off, once normal people will turn into savages. They will do life threatening and desperate things in an attempt to get the supplies they need to survive.

This means that the once ordinary people in your town or maybe even in your neighborhood will come knocking on your door if they have reason to believe you have necessities and supplies they needâ?¦and they’ll be willing to kill to get it.

Here’s one of the brutal realities of disaster: people will start killing each other for food, water, and whatever else they need. And the hungrier and thirstier they get, the worse it will become.

Ask yourself a question: will you allow your family to become victims of these savages in a disaster?

If your answer is a firm and resounding â??no,’ then this guide is definitely for you. The average American house is not defensive friendly, but fortunately, you can modify it so that it is.

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to fortify and defend your home so you can successfully defend it against looters, raiders, thieves, burglars, and angry mobs.

Your house is your castle, and you cannot allow it to fall no matter what. Your family’s lives depend on it.

The specific subjects that we are going to dive into detail in this guide include the following:

-Why Do You Need To Learn How To Fortify and Defend Your Home?
-Fortifying Your House
-Building A Defensive Perimeter Around Your House
-Tactics To Defend Your Home Against Attack
-Weapons For Defending Your Home
-Stockpiling Your Home With Essentials and Supplies
-Building A Safe Room

By the end of this guide, you will know why you need to fortify your house, how to fortify it, defensive tactics for defending it, stockpiling it, and how to build a survival safe room as a last ditch defensive option.

Now if you’re already an expert on tactical home defense, then this guide will probably be too basic for you. But if you’re new to the subject of prepping in general and home defense specifically, this book will be an excellent resource for you and a superb starting point.

I’m also going to deliberately keep this guide short so it’s a quick and easy read for you, but that still doesn’t mean that you should take the information you’re about to learn lightly.

Chia Seeds Cookbook: Puddings, jams, cookie, pancakes and saladsâ?¦

by Katherine Cliff

If you’ve been struggling to find ways to use that big bag of chia seeds you recently bought, here are some awesome chia seed recipes that you can turn to over and over again.Whether you are looking to improve your digestive health, boost metabolism, or add another source of healthy fatty-acids to your diet- chia seeds have got you covered.

If Youâ??re a Tomato Iâ??ll Ketchup With You: Tomato Gardening Tips and Tricks (Easy-Growing Gardening Guide Book 3)

by Melinda R. Cordell

The National Gardening Association has found that, among vegetable gardeners, tomatoes are their favorite plant to grow. One in three Americans have a vegetable garden, and 9 out of 10 of those gardens have tomatoes in them.

Tomatoes range in size from gigantic beefsteak tomatoes that can weigh up to a half-pound, to the smallest cherry tomato about the size of a marble. You can grow heavy-yielding hybrids or open-pollinated heirloom varieties in different colors, shades, and sizes. You can choose early varieties that set fruit when it’s cool outside, mid-season varieties, and late-maturing varieties that will give you the biggest fruits but take 80 to 90 days to do it. Sometimes you’ll need about 120 days to get a decent harvest, but hey, at least you get tomatoes!

Tomatoes are so versatile and so good. You can cook them a million different ways or you can eat them, sun-warmed and delicious, straight off the vine. Some people grab a cherry tomato, a leaf of basil, and a slice of mozzarella cheese, and eat them like that.

Welcome to the world of tomato gardening.

There’s nothing as sweet and good as a sun-warmed tomato fresh from the garden on a hot summer afternoon. It’s no wonder that tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in America (though botanically, tomatoes are a fruit). Cordell’s book walks you through the steps in raising tomatoes – through starting tomato seeds, planting (and tricks for planting tomatoes early), and staking and caging tomatoes. Readers learn how to fight off diseases and insect pests, decipher the mysterious letters on a tomato tag, how to harvest tomatoes, and how to dry, can, or freeze tomatoes for next year. With plenty of information for advanced gardeners, ready help for beginning gardeners, lots of expert knowledge, and a smidgeon of wit, If You’re a Tomato will guide you in the ways of the vegetable garden with a minimum of fuss and feathers. And also with a minimum of weeding. Nobody likes weeding.

Table of Contents:

Tomato Varieties
Determinate vs. Indeterminate
Starting Tomatoes from Seed
Planting Tomatoes!
Growing Tomatoes in Containers
Location, Location, Location
Soil Building – Make Your Dirt Work For You
Staking, Caging, Propping â??Em Up
A Rogue’s Gallery of Garden Pests
Spider Mites
Flea Beetles
Stink Bugs
Tomato Hornworms
Kaolin Clay for Pest Control
Diseases and General Afflictions
The Mysterious Letters On the Tag
Tobacco Mosaic
Blossom End Rot
Late Blight and Early Blight
Fusarium Wilt
Heat Will Stop Tomato Production
Harvesting Tomatoes
Food Pantry Plea
Getting Tomatoes Ready for Harvest
The Truth About Green Tomatoes
Canning and Preserving
Canning Tomatoes
Freezing Tomatoes
How to Sun-Dry Tomatoes
How to Save Seeds From Tomatoes

Hot Asian Girls: Sexy Young Asian Models (Kawaii Girls Book 4)

by Eric Nelson

Indulge in this high resolution sexy Asian girls collection.

Meal Prep: The Best Meal Prep Recipes Cookbook for Preparing Clean, Delicious, and Nutritious Meals (Meal Prep, Meal Prep Cookbook, Meal Planning 1)

by Erin Bloomfield

Meal Prep – Recipes Cookbook for Preparing Clean, Delicious and Nutritious Meals Every time

Are you busy and spending countless hours in the kitchen every week?

Would you like to prep meals that are delicious and nutritious in advance?

Would you also like to save more time and money when meal prepping ?

If yes, then this meal prep recipes cookbook is for you!

Erin Bloomfield’s “Meal Prep: The Best Meal Prep Recipes Cookbook for Preparing Clean, Delicious, and Nutritious Meals” is going to make life so easy!

As all her other books, this book was well research, comprehensive, contains tons of meal prep recipes in one spot with sample meal plans unlike other books on the market!

This book will show you the incredible benefits of meal prep, including how to:

-Save money
-Have greater control over portion and calories
-Save time and energy
-Always eat clean and healthy prepped meals
-Prepare only healthy recipes based on nutritional science included for your enjoyment

The meal preparation recipes in this book are listed per meal type and with many healthy, delicious, and easy to prep recipes, list of ingredients, prep time, caloric counts for each meal, and a very easy and simple directions on how to prepare them.

This meal prep cookbook contains healthy meal prep grocery list, meal prep recipes list, meal prep ideas, how and when to prepare meals, sample meal plans, and clean eating gourmet recipes.

Buy purchasing this meal prep cookbook, you will learn:

  • About the benefits of meal prepping and how it will help you save time and money
  • Practical must have meal prep fresh and dry goods list you should have in your kitchen without breaking the bank
  • Simple steps to meal prep delicious and nutritious meals in your home every day
  • Meal prep recipes are laid out for you for breakfast, lunches, snacks, salads, dinner recipes, and dessert.
  • This meal prep cookbook’s every recipe has been selected with care and attention to satisfy the fussiest eaters among you.


If you don’t prep meals in advance, chances are you are more likely to eat out and eat the wrong fast food and snacks, which are going to set you back in your health and your hard earned money! By simply meal prepping in advance you will be able to eat clean food, live healthier life, and enjoy your time doing other things besides cooking every day!

This amazing meal prep recipes cookbook contains so much value and is a copy worthwhile to add to your list of great practical cookbooks!

Take action now and discover the clean, delicious, healthy, and nutritious recipes in this meal prep cookbook has for preparing your meals ahead of time!

Get your copy today!

How To Influence People: Learn to get your voice heard and how to inspire people so they’ll start listening to you

by Daniel Watson

Learn To Influence People And Be The Role Model People Look Up To!

Wonder why some leaders inspire a following that goes all out to please them while others can barely get people to acknowledge their instructions?

you feel like you are pretty freindly person and get along nicely with most of the human beings,

but sometimes, when there is a small argument, or people can’t decide what do next, you want to be the one who sets the tone and that doesn’t always work.

You feel like that if you would just said the right words, or used other attitude, things could have gone in a better direction.

Mastering the fine art of winning and influencing people is definately an asset for life, and this book will tell you all you need to know.

Maybe you want get your voice heard more often at work, maybe you want to promote your business and increase sales.

No matter what yours goals are, the techniques described here will help you acheive them,

people are not born leaders, they are made, time to know how!!

here is what you are going to learn in this book:

  • 10 Foolproof Ways to Influence People
  • 15 Golden Rules for Mastering Small Talk
  • 10 Infallible Steps to Increase Your Influence
  • Proven Tips to be a Charismatic Public Speaker
  • and much more!!

It is important to understand that none of the techniques described in the book falls under the dark art strategies of persuading people,

Influencing people isn’t about destroying their self-esteem to feel great about self.

Au contraire, it is about building them up by encouraging and inspiring them

Don’t hesitate any longer on your journey to become the leader you always believed you can be!

Let “how to influence people” help you becoming that person.

Javascript: Javascript Programming For Beginners Guide To Javascript Coding, Javascript Programs And Javascript Language

by Josh Thompsons

Do you want to learn JavaScript Programming? Don’t know where to start? Have you learned the basics of JavaScript computer programming and want to take your knowledge further?

If so, then you can easily learn how to write effective and efficient JavaScript code for programming success and continue your progress towards JavaScript programming mastery with this complete JavaScript guide!

â??â??â?? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited NOW â??â??â??

JavaScript is a language that you will always be able to learn more about and always be able to expand your knowledge of. It can be very rewarding, and you will need to be able to do as much as possible with it if you want to get the most benefit out of it. The book, “JavaScript: Javascript Programming For Beginners Guide To Javascript Coding, Javascript Programs And Javascript Language”, covers the most essential topics you must learn to begin with JavaScript coding. In addition to that, this guide also includes numerous exercises throughout to let you practice what you have learnt. Once you have learned the very basics of it, you should work to make sure that you are trying to find out as much as possible.

Learn JavaScript Programming Fast, Easily And In A Fun Way!

If you are a newcomer to programming and web developing, or just new to JavaScript, this guide will give you everything you need to get you started and keep you running. The tips and tricks in this guide are designed not only to show you how to use the codes to build a beautiful interactive website but to also wow all of your visitors with everything that you have to offer on the website.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About Insideâ?¦

  • Setting Up Your Environment
  • Statements
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Type Conversion
  • String Operators
  • If / else Statements
  • Boolean Logic and Switch Statements
  • JavaScript Array Methods
  • Loops and Iteration

Added Benefits of owning this book:

  • Various mechanics of JavaScript programming: variables, conditional statements, etc. and why learning these core principles are important to JavaScript programming success
  • How JavaScript and HTML are able to effectively work together to create better web pages
  • Basic building blocks of JavaScript programming in order to gain the confidence to tackle more complex topics

Save Time And Money By Learning The Tips And Tricks Of Javascript And How To Write More Efficient Javascript Code

Download “JavaScript: Javascript Programming For Beginners Guide To Javascript Coding, Javascript Programs And Javascript Language” right away and begin your path towards JavaScript programming mastery!

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

Another story of the big four

by Ann Litta

The night things began to change was a chilly one. Wherever Jack went was blown over by a snowstorm and everything was painted white with the frozen water crystals called snow.

Sonoran Gold

by Carson McCloud

Trouble rides closer to Reuben Jacobs than his own shadow. Wanted in a half-dozen states the outlaw has robbed more than his share of stages and banks, and now he’s got his sights set on a big prize. One large enough to leave the outlaw life behind. One he can’t walk away from. His aim?

Seventy thousand in gold crossing the Sonoran desert in the belly of an armored wagon.

Pat Davies, the gold’s owner, has hired a band of hardened killers to protect what’s his. Three of the most dangerous men alive lead his group, and Davies himself is no stranger to bloody violence. He’ll do anything to protect his fortune.

The blazing Sonora itself might be the only winner. Full of Apaches and empty of precious water it’s an unforgiving place. The gold won’t come easy. Gold never does.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

Claiming the Heart: Mail Order Bride Historical Frontier Romance Novella

by Grace Fisher

Knowing that she needed to give up her high standard of livingâ?¦.she never realized that the ultimate cost would be giving up her heart alsoâ?¦

After coming to grips with the death of her father and the financial troubles that ensued afterward, Margie had felt all but hopeless. She had hated the thought of having to live like a mere peasant for the rest of her days. But, one day, after speaking with a friend from her church, she decides to become a mail order bride, and her life changesâ?¦drastically.

Andy seems to be the answer to her prayers, but when she arrives in Denver to begin her new life with him, she soon realizes that things were not at all the way he’d described them in his letters. Will Margie be able to find happiness with a man who misrepresented himself to her? Will she see that what she signed up for and what he claimed he was were two very different thingsâ?¦


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Free travel Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

Neapel, Sorrent und Amalfiküste: Impressionen und Rezepte (German Edition)

by Almut Irmscher

Neapel, Sorrent und Amalfiküste – himmlische Landschaften und göttliche Küsten

Schon seit der Antike gilt der Golf von Neapel als Landschaft der Träume, gemeinsam mit seiner Umgebung und ihren betörend schönen Küsten und Inseln. Der Bogen reicht von der fantastischen Amalfiküste mit ihren spektakulären Panoramen über das mondäne Capri und die Insel Ischia bis hin zur Sommerfrische von Sorrent und in die pulsierende Metropole Neapel. �berragt wird all dies von der imposanten Kulisse des Vesuvs, von dessen elementarer Zerstörungskraft Ausgrabungsstätten wie Pompeji oder Herculaneum zeugen. Fauchend und brodelnd schlummert derweil ein noch weit grö�eres Monstrum in der Tiefe: der Supervulkan der Phlegräischen Felder. Die Küste von Neapel ist voller dramatischer Gegensätze.

Dieses Buch erzählt Geschichten aus Neapel und von der Amalfiküste, von den Inseln und den Vulkanen dieser fantastischen Region.

Der sonnenverwöhnte Vulkanboden trägt Früchte, deren unvergleichliche Intensität der Aromen ein wahres Feuerwerk an den Gaumen zaubert. Dies hat die neapolitanischen Köche zu überaus verführerischen Köstlichkeiten inspiriert, mit deren Rezepten die einzelnen Kapitel dieses Buchs abgerundet werden.

Kommen Sie mit auf eine Reise nach Neapel, nach Sorrent, auf die Inseln und an die Amalfiküste!

Die Gegend um Neapel in der italienischen Region Kampanien ist etwas ganz Besonderes, ein Juwel von unbestreitbarer Einzigartigkeit, ein Paradies aus Schönheit und Harmonie, das weltweit seinesgleichen sucht. Der grandiose Anblick dieser sonnengeküssten Landschaft überwältigt und trifft mitten ins Herz, wenn der Blick über die weite Bucht von Neapel schweift, über die Steilküste von Sorrent und die bizarren Felsformationen der Amalfiküste. Man nennt sie nicht umsonst die â??göttliche Küste”, an die sich pastellfarbene Häuschen wie die Wohnstätten magischer Elfenwesen schmiegen.
â??Neapel sehen und sterben”, so heiÃ?t es. Neapel, das ist ein Ort seligen Schwärmens, ein zur Erde herabgefallenes Stück vom Himmel.

Aus dem Inhalt:

Neapel, ein Phänomen – Die Inseln der Sirenen – Die dunkle Seite des sonnigen Procida – Made in Positano: von Feen, Hippies und einer Märchenkönigin – Tod im Feuersturm: Leben und Sterben in Herculaneum – Die blaue Insel: ein Ausflug nach Capri – Der Hausgeist und die unterirdische Stadt: Napoli Sottoterranea – Längs der Amalfiküste: Wege der Götter – Das Schicksal von Pozzuoli – Das rote Gold: die Tomaten vom Golf von Neapel – Die glückliche Erde und das Dreieck des Todes – Wo die Garbo an der Balustrade lehnt: ein Besuch in Ravello – Eine Seilschaft am Vesuv – Das Kaninchen und die Kanzlerin: vom Leben auf Ischia – Die heldenhafte Delta: Pompeji, Stadt der Hunde – Zwischen Prunk und Siechtum: Amalfi – Auf Sandalen in die Vergangenheit: Sorrent – Im Reich der Furien, im Reich des Glücks: Furore – Ein Scherzbold aus Neapel: der Pulcinella

Rezepte aus der Region Neapel:

Pizza Margherita – Pizza Marinara – Gnocchi alla Sorrentina – Spaghetti alla Sorrentina – Pesce all’acqua pazza: â??Fisch im verrückten Wasser”- Limoncello – Zucchini mit Minze – Torta Caprese: ein Kuchen von der Insel Capri – Struffoli: ein Gebäck aus Neapel – frittierte Auberginen mit Tomaten und Ziegenkäse – Penne alle noce – Minestra maritata: neapolitanische Hochzeitssuppe – Nocino: Nusslikör – Zitronenmarmelade – Delizie di limone: â??Freuden der Zitrone” – Insalata di rinforzo – Coniglio allâ??Ischitana: Kaninchen auf ischitanische Art – Panis quadratus Pompeianus: pompejisches Brot nach einem römischen Originalrezept – Insalata di broccoli – Linguine con scampi – Dorade alla griglia con olive e capperi – Insalata di pasta – Fettine alla pizzaiola : Rindfleisch auf neapolitanische Art – Patate al rosmarino – Zeppole: neapolitanische Krapfen – Panzarotti – Scagliozzi

Lehnen Sie sich zurück und kommen Sie mit auf die Reise. Bienvenuti a Napoli!

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Free sports Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

The very Worst Riding School in the World

by Lucinda E Clarke

Who would be stupid enough to open and run a riding school when they are terrified of horses, can’t ride, without insurance or capital, and with not the faintest idea of how to care for horses. Add to that, two of the four horses are not fit for the knacker’s yard. Yes, that’s exactly what I did – like so many of my adventures I ‘fell’ into this one as well with hilarious results.

The Now of Flatwater Paddling the Cascade Mountain Lakes: Nature – Mind – Body â?? Spirit Seeking Silence Central and North Cascade Mountains (Paddling Washington State Book 1)

by TP Hicks

Paddling kayaks in the north and north central Cascade Mountains from Stevens Pass Highway 2 to the Canadian border.

Lakes included are:

Lake Diablo
Vogler Lake
Grandy Lake
Baker Lake
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Lake Wenatchee Central Washington State.

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Life Left Over (Tell Tales Book 1)

by Richard Beardsley

This is the story of my life, from dot to forty. I tell it as I interpret the facts, as I saw them. Some, and especially those near to me may very well hotly disagree, accusing me of being self-serving. So be it. It is my truth, cert with nuances and camouflage to protect others. Maybe I have mistaken a date here and there, – but I have falsified nothing.
I was born prematurely on the last Sunday before Christmas as Europe was preparing for WW2, and I was visited by the Angel of Death on the tenth day of Christmas when the hospital doctor was reported as saying, « The poor little bugger won’t make it through the night. »
My life was still minus 10 days prior to due estimated arrival date.
Three score and ten years on the old bugger is still here to tell the tale of a hit and miss kind of a life.
My â??sins of commission’ have been to have hurt people who I shouldn’t have hurt, and charged off on wild goose-chases, like Dice Man, without considering the consequences.
My greatest omission has been to fail, too often, to say, “I love you.”
In brief, a life leftover. . .

The Burning Season: The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest

by Andrew Revkin

“In the rain forests of the western Amazon,” writes author Andrew Revkin, “the threat of violent death hangs in the air like mist after a tropical rain. It is simply a part of the ecosystem, just like the scorpions and snakes cached in the leafy canopy that floats over the forest floor like a seamless green circus tent.”

Violent death came to Chico Mendes in the Amazon rain forest on December 22, 1988. A labor and environmental activist, Mendes was gunned down by powerful ranchers for organizing resistance to the wholesale burning of the forest. He was a target because he had convinced the government to take back land ranchers had stolen at gunpoint or through graft and then to transform it into “extractive reserves,” set aside for the sustainable production of rubber, nuts, and other goods harvested from the living forest.

This was not just a local land battle on a remote frontier. Mendes had invented a kind of reverse globalization, creating alliances between his grassroots campaign and the global environmental movement. Some 500 similar killings had gone unprosecuted, but this case would be different. Under international pressure, for the first time Brazilian officials were forced to seek, capture, and try not only an Amazon gunman but the person who ordered the killing.

In this reissue of the environmental classic The Burning Season, with a new introduction by the author, Andrew Revkin artfully interweaves the moving story of Mendes’s struggle with the broader natural and human history of the world’s largest tropical rain forest. “It became clear,” writes Revkin, acclaimed science reporter for The New York Times, “that the murder was a microcosm of the larger crime: the unbridled destruction of the last great reservoir of biological diversity on Earth.” In his life and untimely death, Mendes forever altered the course of development in the Amazon, and he has since become a model for environmental campaigners everywhere.

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by Chloe Mendes

The waves crash onto the majestic boat that treads through the waters outside of the kingdom of Arendelle. The ship had two main sails, a woman on the bow and about a dozen sailors working everything.

The Last Librarian: An AOI Thriller (The Justar Journal Book 1)

by Brandt Legg

USA Today Bestseller “Never let them catch you reading!”
In the year 2098, there is no more war, no more hunger and no more pollution. The world is secure and Earth’s 2.9 billion people are healthy and happy. There is also only one remaining library that still houses physical books. In addition to the dusty volumes, the library holds many secrets. But the government has decided to shut it down and burn the contents. Unless an unlikely trio can save the books, humanity will lose more than just what is printed on those antique pages.

With a single government ruling the entire planet, one currency, one language and no religion, the population is unified and enjoying the prosperity that comes with more than seven decades of peace. Free healthcare for all and guaranteed employment make the future a dream. But this future may only be safe if they can hide the past. The books must be saved . . . the impossible task is up to an angry author, a brazen revolutionary and the last librarian. When everything is perfect, the only thing left to fear is the truth.

The Lost TreeRunner (Justar Journal #2) available now –
The List Keepers (Justar Journal #3) available now –

The Silent Darkness

by Blaze Eastwood

When Benton’s wife and two daughters don’t come home after an EMP takes place, he goes out to look for them. But when he stumbles upon the family car that is parked nearly a mile away from their home, he begins to suspect something is wrong. With the police spread thin, and rioters and looters roaming through the streets, he begins to run out of options. The world begins to deteriorate at a rapid pace, and his wife and children are still out there somewhere. Will he be able to reunite with his family before it’s too late?

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A True Alpha Christmas (Shifters in Seattle 3) : New Adult Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods

Christmas is a magical timeâ?¦ and a hard time to keep secrets.

Mia is your everyday college girl, trying to earn her business degreeâ??and a shifter who’s long hidden her identity from everyone, including her mother, who believes shifter is synonymous with criminal. Six months ago, sexy and powerful alpha-male Lucas rescued her in an alley and claimed her for his mate. Now Mia’s heart belongs to Lucas, and everyone in the world of shifters understands the magic of their mating has bonded them for life. But in the human world, there’s no wedding ring on her finger to show for it. With Christmas looming, Mia’s mother wants to finally meet Mia’s mysterious and high-powered live-in lover. With her human and shifter lives about to irrevocably collide, Mia fears there will be nothing but broken hearts in the end.

A True Alpha Christmas (Shifters of Seattle 3) is an “after story” novella with HEA, approximately 80 pages or 20,000 words, best enjoyed after reading True Alpha and Dark Alpha. It contains scorching hot shiftersâ??only readers over 18 should dive into the steamy world of Shifters in Seattle.

A Cat’s Tale (Sassafras Shifters)

by Melissa Snark

Alpha werewolf, Jared Kohl, wakes up in a vampire’s dungeon, swearing revenge upon the wily Siamese werecat who lured him there with her sultry lips and the sweetest tail. To escape his undead captor, all he has to do is seduce the skittish puss and show her that trust is often a hot and hard lesson to learn.

Enslaved feline shifter, Josephine Young, has learned the hard way not to believe in anything or anyoneâ??not men, not love, and certainly not the blood-sucking mistress who tossed her into the cage with the hungry beast she’d betrayed. But Josephine does what she must to survive, including tempting the dominant werewolf to give her more than promises.

Imprisoned for their blood, Jared and Josephine fight for survival and discover a passion that neither can walk away from. Can these two predators survive long enough to prove that cats and dogs can be more than enemies?

2nd Edition. Paranormal Romance.

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Important note for readers: This book is an adult paranormal romance set on an alternative modern earth where a great many different shifters live in Los Angeles. It contains violence, swearing, and explicit sexual scenes. No cliffhanger ending. Happily Ever After.

Eli: Valley of Chaya – Book 2

by Tracey Hoffmann

This second book in the Valley of Chaya series unveils more truths, action and suspense. Life continues for all the previous characters in this heart changing Christian fiction masterpiece. It’s guaranteed to provide an unforgettable read.

Eli has an eye for marriage and longs for a happy ever after life, but he has much to do before that’s ever likely to happen. Alliances are made to achieve a common goal, but everyones cards may not be on the table, who can be trusted? Events have turned his world upside down again and he’s now in a race against time to find his wife to be.

ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: The Secret Bride (Medieval Romance Scottish Victorian Highlander) (Contemporary New Adult Romance Inspirational Book 1)

by Sweet Love Press

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BOOK 2: High Hill Series

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Music from Heaven

by Johanna Jenkins

A Standalone Short Story With HEA!

Joanie Meeks is lost. And not just on a university campus that is too large for her and a music program where she’s not sure that she belongs. She also feels as though she’s lost her purpose or that she never truly had one. Deep down, she knows that God has a plan for her. If she didn’t believe that then she truly would be lost. She just wishes that she could see that plan for herself. When she hires an accompanist to help her with her end of semester vocal audition for the University’s performance program, she realizes that she is not the only one feeling lost. Though he tries to hide it behind a plain, pleasant exterior, Joanie knows that Noah Harding, her accompanist, has problems that she can’t even begin to imagine, starting with his distrust of Churches, Christians and the idea of God in general. In helping Noah find his faith, can Joanie discover her own purpose as well?

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Writings of a Mystic: Volume 2: Tarot Writings

by John Culbertson

Writings of a Mystic is a series of articles that mystic John Culbertson has written since he started his spiritual journey in the late 1990s. The majority of the articles found in the Writings of a Mystic series originally were published in various print and online publications, including his personal blog. They have been grouped together by category and are meant to serve both as reference material as well as thought pondering exploration.

This second book in the series is about tarot cards and tarot reading and covers various introductory topics in Tarot. It is a perfect reference source for the beginner. Included is the keyword method of interpretation for the court cards, major arcana, and minor arcana. You will also discover various tools that you, as a tarot student, can use to improve your reading ability.

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories of the Paranormal

by Donald Allen Kirch

“Forget the world that you know. You are about to enter a dimension of the bizarre, where the strange and unusual will guide you down the path of imagination. True stories where the ordinary will be replaced with the fantastic! Explore legend, myth, and folklore These cases are based on theory and conjecture. The reader is invited to make their own conclusions on all the available information.

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories of the Paranormal.”

Rock God: How God Shakes, Rattles and Rolls Our Easy-Listening Lives

by Robert C. Pelfrey

Has the church become like a bloated, aging rock star? Is Christian spirituality like easy-listening music? It’s time to shed the sequined jumpsuits and destroy our idols. Take up a cross and follow Jesus through rejection and death to the life that really is life.

God is calling us to follow his rebellion and to learn his riffs and rhythm. He is calling us to join him on the road and to root ourselves in his kingdom. Now is the time to set out for that undiscovered country whose music already beckons and whose King is the Rock God.

In Rock God, Robert Pelfrey uses characteristics of rock and roll to challenge our understanding of God and God’s work in the world, and to reorient our approach to Christian spirituality. Rock God tunes us to the God in whose image we are made and draws us out of our easy-listening lives.

More Than This: Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

by Staci Stallings

Liz Savoy has no plans to date anyoneâ??least of all the dark handsome mystery man who sometimes inhabits the corner table at the coffee shop where she’s working to get through school. But plans change, sometimes in ways no one expected.

Jake McCoy is the next mega-millionaire author, or at least he would be if he could get the stories in his head down on the ether. With no good place to write, he resorts to dark corners in Wi-Fi hotspots, knowing no one in the world cares about him or his comings and goings one way or the other. However, there is one waitress at The Grind coffee shop with a cute smile and kind eyes who doesn’t seem to think he is as invisible as he likes to think he is. Can reality with her ever hope to match the fantasy world where his imagination has him living?

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Küssen ist Sünde Leseprobe: eine sinnliche Liebeskomödie (German Edition)

by Katharina Klimt

Dies ist die XXL-Leseprobe des Romans

Eine turbulente Lovestory in der Welt des Glaubens. 

Anna ist verzweifelt. Genau an ihrem fünfundzwanzigsten Geburtstag kommt sie früher von der Arbeit als Krankenschwester und erwischt ihren Freund keuchend zwischen zwei schlanken Schenkeln.

Hals über Kopf rennt sie auf die Stra�e und springt kurzentschlossen in einen wartenden Reisebus. Der einzige freie Platz ist neben Samuel, einem faszinierenden Mann. Und der nimmt sie sogar mit auf eine Exkursion ins märchenhafte Florenz! Doch da gibt es ein kleines Detail: Ihr gutaussehender Begleiter ist angehender Priesterkandidat!


Für Anna beginnt eine aberwitzige Reise, die sie von Momenten absoluten Glücks bis zum Abgrund der Traurigkeit führt. Ist zarte Liebe zwischen zwei Menschen stärker als das Zölibat? Und wer ist der geheimnisvolle Mäzen, der auf Samuel ein wachsames Auge hat?

Immer enger umkreisen sich Anna und Samuel. Doch als das Ersehnte schon in greifbarer Nähe scheint, nehmen die Dinge eine rasante Wendung, an deren Ende ein furchtbares Geheimnis steht.



Ã?ber die Autorin:

Lachen, rote Ohren und Happy End – das sind für Katharina Klimt die idealen Zutaten für eine Romance. Sie mixt ihre Liebescocktails mit kitzelnder Erotik und frechem Humor.

Besonders wichtig sind ihr ehrliche Gefühle und authentische Charaktere.

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