Free history Kindle books for 01 Jun 17

Historia de Lota (Spanish Edition)

by Alfredo Gaete Briseño

El origen de esta obra se remonta a una investigación que hizo su autor durante el año 2002, con la finalidad de documentarse para escribir la novela de ficción histórica Confidencias de una ciudad museo, publicada en Santiago de Chile, en agosto del mismo año.

Alfredo Gaete Briseño, consciente de lo poco que se ha escrito respecto a la zona de Lota y la familia Cousiño, ha considerado que sería un error irreparable no dar a conocer tan valiosos datos. Por ello, decidió, transcurridos ya casi quince años, rescatar los contenidos de aquel trabajo realizado en terreno y diversos archivos, para plasmarlos en estas páginas. Un interesante libro que gozarán todos aquellos lectores que gustan del profundo sabor que deja la historia escrita.

The lost ones: danger

by Christopher Grant

So, this is the first chapter of my new story. I know some things aren’t the same as in the books, but it’s mostly done to accommodate the story to my OC. After all, Izzy doesn’t have a twin sister in TMI, so I had to make room for her 🙂 Each chapter is written in first person, but from another point of view.

The Main Course: to revive

by Nicholas Ford

(And so my journey begins. I have ridden myself of the old calendar, and will now have to adjust to the strange and nonsensical dating methods utilizes by the Earth populations. Today is the 27th of August, in the year 2006, according to my sources. In approximately 3 Earth hours, it will be the 28th. Then in a few days, it will be the 1st of a month called September. It may take me a while to adjust to this unusual and frustrating calendar, but that won’t be the biggest concern I will face. This will be my first visit to the planet Earth, and there will be a lot more to learn than simply the time. I have gone through plenty of lectures on this strange blue planet, and though there are a few cultural similarities, the dominant race – Humans – are different to us in too many ways to count. I have heard stories from friends who have traveled to Earth before, and they talk of great metal structures that touch the clouds, huge swarms of humans invading streets made of dull grey concrete, a media that twists and turns to misguide its gullible followers, corruption on a vast political landscape… From what I have heard, Humans are a very unusual species, and one that is greatly and worrying varied. Violent, corrupt, hateful, and yet they are also the opposite of those things, all at once. They create masterpieces of art and music, great cultural revolutions, and yet at the same time they would create art or music of the most deprived, most uncouth and uninspired kinds; start brutal, unnecessary wars; murder and deceive for some of life’s most trivial pursuits. I hope that the Humans I will meet will be of the more well-intentioned and respectful kind, but I understand that this may not be the case. We Antedates have developed a reputation among these creatures, and not an entirely positive one. Human perception of us is largely shaped by the Wryer war that ended just years ago, one that we played a major and not always a helpful part in. I should avoid talking about the war with the humans, if I am to avoid confrontation. I am not here to confront these baffling creatures. I am here to protect them. I am-))

An Honorable Man: gentleman

by John Taylor

Gender stepped from yet another council meeting feeling as he always did, and feeling weak for thinking so. Besides, what was the point in feeling this way anyway? What was the point of feeling that the Kingship would be too great a burden to bear when he must carry it no matter what he thought or felt? He was the crown prince, his father was the king, and as the eldest son, he was in line for the throne. Wishing otherwise was a useless folly. He was a man grown and more than able to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders. His whole life had been spent preparing him for such a task, and there was no one more prepared than he.
“You look very pensive your grace.”
Gender spun around, caught off guard, yet again, by Lord Vary, who always seemed to be appearing from thin air and reading his very thoughts. A eunuch, everyone knew that of Vary, but that was not the reason he was not to be trusted. The thing was, though no man could be everywhere, Vary could. He knew everything. Every secret, every whisper, and sometimes it felt like every thought in Gender’s head.

Song.Song.Song: charms

by Charles Osborne

The early winter winds blew through the lands of forever winter. Three rangers rode this night- men of the Night’s Watch searching for Wilding raiders by the Wall. Seer Royce of House William was a young man of Doreen. He was a tall youth of eight and ten clothed in warm leathers, chain mail, and a long sword at his hip. The sword was an exquisite craft of steel, the handle made of fine metal and wood, the end of which was shaped as the head of a cat for the sigil of House William whose proud words are “Pounce like the wild cat.” This was Seer Reece’s second ranger mission to the forest beyond the Wall. The brothers in black by the Shadow Tower had reported seeing Wilding wounded from a failed raid on Bear Island. Seer Royce, along with two other rangers, Will and Grave, had been dispatched to intercept the raiders and kill them. The pursuit lasted days and now they found themselves in the haunted forest. When Will came to stand beside his lord’s horse, Seer Royce peered from beneath his cloak’s hood.

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