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Ragnar Lothbrok and a History of the Vikings: Including King Ragnar the Warrior, Rollo, the Viking Age in America, England, France and the Rest of Europe

by Noah Brown

Ragnar Lothbrok was a legendary warrior who left a legacy among the Vikings like none other.

Today’s popular TV Show may have popularized Ragnar’s story but the real facts are not very well known. Discover the truth behind this Viking Warrior and the rich history of the Vikings

Topics Included in this Book:

  • The Legend of Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Vikings in England
  • Vikings in France
  • Vikings in America
  • Vikings in Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Rollo the Viking
  • And more amazing facts about the rich history of the Vikings!

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THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA (Unabridged): Philosophical Novel

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a philosophical novel which deals with ideas such as the “eternal recurrence of the same”, the parable on the “death of God”, and the “prophecy” of the Ã?bermensch. The book talks about the old wise man who descends from his mountain among the people, out of a desire to learn something from them and to donate his wisdom to people. He encounters a variety of people and learns their secrets and reveals that he is actually looking for a man equal to himself. Many do not understand his philosophy and ridicule him, but there are those who admire him. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, and Latin and Greek scholar whose work has exerted a profound influence on Western philosophy and modern intellectual history. Before turning to philosophy, he began his career as a classical philologist and worked at the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Basel, but he had to retire due to health problems. Nietzsche’s body of writing spanned philosophical polemics, poetry, cultural criticism, and fiction, and drew widely on art, philology, history, religion, and science. His writing displayed a fondness for aphorism and irony, while engaging with a wide range of subjects including morality, aesthetics, tragedy, epistemology, atheism, and consciousness. Along with Soren Kierkegaard he is considered to be one of the founders of existentialism.

Keto Diet: How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Reduce Your Appetite By 80%!: Over 300 Keto Recipes Included!

by KB Lynn

Do you want to lose weight?

Have you struggled in the past with fad diets and crazy exercise routines?
There’s no need to struggle any more, with this new book, The Keto Diet: How to Eat More, Weigh Less and Reduce your Appetite by 80%, you can lose weight and look fantastic while still eating lots of the things you enjoy.
Inside this book, you will find out why the ketogenic diet is taking the world by storm, how it works and why it is so good for your body. There’s an 11-step guide to follow, which will get you started and losing weight almost at once and much more, including:

  • Tips to simplify your new lifestyle
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Recipes for lunch
  • Fantastic ideas for dinners
  • Snacks and desserts
  • And much moreâ?¦

The keto diet really works because it follows sensible rules and is based on scientific facts. It’s that simple.
No more fad diets that help you lose weight quickly then put it all back on again. The Keto Diet helps you keep the pounds off because you will never be hungry while you follow it.
Download your copy of this amazing revolution in dieting today and keep those unwanted pounds off forever!

Beyond the Rails: USA Cross-Country Train Travel

by Lisa Bates

Did you know that you can travel for two weeks, visit eight different destinations all for less than the price of a round trip airline ticket?

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure unlike anything else you have ever done?

Do you want a quantity of quality time with your family or friends?

Did you know that a train adventure can provide the most incredible scenery, all while offering the epitome of relaxation?

Insider secrets, travel planning, sleeping on a train, what to bring, where to sit and so much more are all inside the pages of this book.

Over twenty destinations are featured in the “Day Trippers” section of the book including visits to national parks as well as major cities.

Get the ins an outs of train stations in the United States, no two are alike, find out what to do and where to stay once you arrive!

Go Away, Plan the Trip of a Lifetime!

Sexy Bikini Pictures Book vol.2: erotic photos adult, adult Photo Book

by Angelo Ryker

400+ photos about Sexy Girls.

DIY Solar Panels: Set Up Your Inexpensive Solar Power Generator And Cut Up To 50% Of Your Energy Bill: (Energy Independence, Lower Bills & Off Grid Living) (Solar Power, Solar Energy)

by Marshall Burns

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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DIY Solar Panels: (FREE Bonus Included)

Set Up Your Inexpensive Solar Power Generator And Cut Up To 50% Of Your Energy Bill

A lot of studies have been done on the alternative sources of energy, and one of these are the renewable resources, solar energy being the top one. There are many things which should be kept in mind before building your own solar panel system. In this book, a complete guide is included for knowing the basics of installing an inexpensive solar system which is favorable for lowering your energy bills to 50%.

The whole book is divided into three chapters, which include the details regarding the following things:

  • Steps for building the inexpensive solar panel system for home
  • How solar system can cut your energy bills to 50%
  • The basic design elements of the solar system

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Prisoner Writing Projects: Write To Heal, Start Over & Reconnect

by Reverend Mike Wanner

Growing up is not easy for anybody and there is emotional adjustments needed as you mature. Lots of people do crazy things that they know they should not do and many of them get away with it because they do not get caught.

You may have anger at many kinds of authority as you grow up. Your parents, sibling, neighbors, teachers, ministers, rabbis, coaches, friends, teammates and many others may have let you down.

Unfortunately, you are the one in prison who is left holding the bag as the saying goes. Each day may be altogether different than the one before or you can stay upset with any injustices and be miserable.

You can choose to stay put of get moving again on your Life journey. This book will offer some ideas for your consideration.

The books that I have previously published so far about the prison situations are:

Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 4: Angels, Addicts, Alcoholics & Prisoners – Oh Yeah!
Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 5: Prisoners Caring for Alcoholics – Australia In Miniature Projects Intro
Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 6: Prisoners Caring for Addicts – Australia In Miniature For Addicts
Prison Jobs Now: Providing Care For Addicts And Alcoholics
Angel Raphael Speaks – Prisons (A small Kindle only book)
Contained Care Communities: Concept
Australia In Miniature Projects
Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Concept
Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 2 Dialogues
Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 3 Dialogues
Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 4 Dialogues
Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 5 Dialogues
Prison Possibilities Voluntary Exile: Concept
Prison Possibilities Correction Coaches: Concept
Prison Possibilities for Mexicans: Is A Boat Better than A Wall?
Prison Possibilities Family Time: A Reason to Thrive!
Prison Genius Pool: “So Much Genius In Jail”
Prison Possibilities Access Control: Prisoner Access by Request
Prisoner’s Lawyers Can Save The American Economy: Make A Buck Doing It & Be Thanked!
Prisoner Family Talks, Days, Stays & Vacations: Connecting Helps Healing
Prisoner Writing Projects: Write To Heal, Start Over & Reconnect
Prison Cell Clearing & Blessing: Clear Entities, Chase Ghosts, and & Create Sacred Space

Also Please Know The Following:
1. I have published 54 Dialogues of Prison Possibilities.
2. I have published over fifty other books on Angels, Healing, Veterans, PTSD, Fear, Children, Emergency medical Kindness, Language Tools and my Amazon Author Page is “Reverend Mike Wanner”
3. I have many websites and the primary ones are,, and
4. May all who read this be blessed AND SO IT IS!

Internet Business Success: Sell Your Own or Other Peopleâ??s Information Products Online

by Jeffrey Wiseman

2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to find problems to solve and why this is the best way to start an affiliate campaign
– The “top 10 method” of researching niches
– The “solution finder” method and how it can help you find undiscovered niches
– How to find the best products and what are the criteria to follow to get the best products to promote
– How to create your website from start to finish (no technical knowledge required)
– How to set up your affiliate link and where to put it
– The best plugins to use to rank faster in Google
– How to write a product review step by step (with actual real-world examples)
– How to rank in Google via 5 minutes of work

– How the “chicken soup for the soul” series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon
– The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online
– How to find the most profitable sub-topics
– How to outline your book in 20 minutes
– How to write your book the easy way
– How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less
– How to publish your book the right way
– How to promote your books for free


You can “trial and error” your way to online marketing success and that’s not so bad if you have a lot of time and money.

But the smarter way to do it is to learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the lessons from their mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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The C is for Complex

by Myunique C. Green

Purpose. Not just Passion.

Not everything that happens in life is random. There are moments that break you, moments that make you and moments that shape youâ??live for these moments. Realize that as time moves forward, growth is inevitable. The C is for Complex was written like a diary. A cleanse.

To find the beauty in madness.

The HabitSystem â?? The Actionable Guide to Long-Term Sustainable Habit Implementation

by Lukas von Hohnhorst

Many people want to change their life; they want to implement new habits to grow. Unfortunately, more often than not, these attempts fail. The HabitSystem is a simple yet powerful approach to finally implement habits long-term. The HabitSystem does not care about quick fixes. It cares about big impact in the long run. Because sustainable change is what matters.

In three sections, each likened to one component of a mighty oak tree, the reader learns how habits can be formed. The HabitSystem is not a motivational feel-good book. It also is not a book with funny and pseudo-inspirational anecdotes. Rather, the HabitSystem is a highly practical book: instead of making you feel good, the HabitSystem provides you with proven and simple techniques that have worked for many people before you.

The first section analyzes why habits often do not work as intendedâ??and provides you with the right mindset to change that. Upon reading it, you willâ?¦
– learn about the two main reasons for failure with new habits
– learn why simple systems beat complex planning
– understand the idea behind Start Slow Then Grow
– learn about the five elements of successful habits
– be provided with an easy to follow framework that can be used right now

The second section provides you with the tools that help you to do activities consistently and to track your progress. Upon reading it, you willâ?¦
– learn how habits can be classified based on the Habit Taxonomy
– learn about the three Habit Spheres and how they are related
– learn about the peculiarities of the Spillover Effect
– be able to to easily track your progress with Habit Tracking
– be able to create a chain of success that does not break
– learn how to get rid of bad habits

The third section provides you with more than a dozen habits for your inspiration and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you getting started. Upon reading it, you willâ?¦
– understand the three types of growth
– be provided with more than a dozen habits, explained in detail
– learn about an unconventional approach to exploring new activities
– acquire the skill to learn anything and make everything a habit
– be provided with a step-by-step guide to set up your HabitSystem

The Science of… Collection

by Wallace Delois Wattles

Wallace Delois Wattles’s collection containing:
The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Being Great
The Science of Being Well

The text is “divided into short, straight-to-the-point chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, not competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction.” 

WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with.


Insulin Resistance Diet: The Essential Insulin Diet Guide – Lose Weight, Prevent Diabetes and Optimize Your Body With Over 100 Amazing Recipes

by Craig Miller

Discover How To Take Control Of Your Health And Defeat Insulin Resistance With This Essential Guide!

Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you spend hours exercising and counting calories to no avail? Do you often find yourself feeling tired, groggy, and hungry? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you could be suffering from Insulin Resistance.

Insulin Resistance Diet: The Essential Insulin Diet Guide – Lose Weight, Prevent Diabetes and Optimize Your Body With Over 100 Amazing Recipes

Insulin Resistance can be a frustrating condition to manage, and with good reason. Turn on the TV, you’ll soon be bombarded with advertisements that promote a range of products from unhealthy food choices to weight management programs. With so many options available, regaining a healthy lifestyle can become daunting.

Best-selling author Craig Miller knows this struggle all too well and has done the research for you so you can slim down, feel great, and live a healthy life. Through Insulin Resistance, Miller gives you the tools to not only beat the condition, but potentially save your life or the life of someone you love.

With The Essential Insulin Resistance Diet Guide You’ll Learn …

  • The little-known FACTS on Insulin Resistance and why it might be keeping you FAT
  • How ANYONE could be at risk and how to IDENTIFY it in your body
  • Strategies to CONQUER Insulin Resistance
  • Over 100 DELICIOUS recipes to optimize your health
  • Diet and exercise plans to SHED that extra weight
  • Advice to OPTIMIZE your body’s potential
  • Tips and tricks to live a HEALTHIER life

Here Are Just A Few Delicious Recipes You’ll Find:

  • Ham, Soft Poached Egg, and Asparagus
  • Blueberry Popovers with Berry Salad
  • Prawn-Quinoa Salad
  • Tarragon Chicken with Baby Spinach
  • Chicken Tacos with Mango-Bean Salsa
  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Strawberry Coconut Popsicles
  • And Much, Much More!

You don’t have to fight Insulin Resistance alone. Get healthy, burn fat and grab your copy today!

One-Hour Dropshipping: Set Up an E-commerce Dropshipping Importing Business in 1 Hour or Less Through eBay or Shopify

by Karl Andrade

ATTENTION: People Looking for a New Part-Time Income Source While Working a Few Hours a Day


What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

– How the whole process of making money on Ebay (with a twist) works
– Where to find the best products (it’s not exactly on Ebay itself)
– The 5 point criteria you should use everytime your are doing a product research
– How to create a website from start to finish
– How to create a landing page that will serve as the sales page of your product
– How to set up paypal payment method
– How to get started with Facebook advertising
– How to start with only $5 per day budget
– How to evaluate the results of your ads

– How to find the perfect product
– How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again
– The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not
– How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI
– How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour
– How to get cheap clicks on Facebook
– How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work!
– A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing … so you don’t have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to!

Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

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How To Sell Anything To Anyone: Over 50 Proven Closing and Negotiating Strategies and Tactics With Step-By-Step Instructions

by Reid Enright PhD

Knowing how to expertly negotiate and close deals is crucial to success in business. Fast track your sales and negotiation training with this easy to read collection of over 50 tried and true negotiating and closing strategies and tactics complete with clear step-by-step instructions. Applicable across all commerce and communication platforms, analog and digital, these foundational techniques are the basis for all modern sales strategies and tactics. Master your favorites to increase client satisfaction with your services, elevate your lead closing average, earn more referrals, have more fun and make more money!

Summer Plants Ideas: Ideas on Summer Plants for Your Garden

by Janie Deleon

Summer Plants Ideas – Ideas on Summer Plants for Your Garden

Book preview:
Gardening in Britain can be a frustrating occupation. There are those hardy perennials such as roses that keep returning year after year, but finding garden plants that will tolerate the extremes of both winter frosts and summer droughts yet reliably produce beautiful flowers to cheer us can be a bit of a challenge. Plus any sharp frosts and hosepipe bans will always throw a curve ball at any of our horticultural aspirations.
During droughts, look for Mediterranean garden plants with silver leaves and a strong scent, like lavender or rosemary. The oil on the leaves creates a sun screen to reduce water loss, they have deep roots which tap into reserves during summer and do most of their growing during the winter.
Lavender produces sweet smelling mauve flowers right through the summer months which attracts bees and rosemary’s aromatic leaves are wonderful with roast lamb plus it produces an attractive bush and a pretty small light mauve flower.
And READ this book, if you want more!

In this book, you can find:
summer plant bulbs,summer plant cover,summer plant food plot,summer plant seeds,summer planters,summer planting bulbs,summer plants

Heal Your Mind First: Your First Step To True Health

by R. Michael Adams

The mind is a correspondence and control framework between the soulâ??the profound being that is simply the individualâ??and their condition. It is made out of mental pictures which are recordings of past encounters.
The individual uses their mind to pose and take care of issues identified with survival and to direct his endeavors in accordance to the solution.
The mind is comprised of two sectionsâ??the analytic and the responsive mind.
The logical personality is the levelheaded, cognizant, mindful personality which considers, watches information, recollects that information and resolves issues. The receptive personality is the part of a person’s mind which chips away at an absolutely jolt reaction premise. It is not under volitional control, and applies compel and the energy of summon over mindfulness, purposes, musings, body and activities.
A lot of people use the mind and some other terms interchangeably and we a lot of times, we get confused, so before I further explain the concept of the mind, we need to understand what people first properly mean when they use the term mind. What, precisely, would they say they are alluding to? In like manner speech, ‘the brain’ regularly alludes to the seat of human awareness, the reasoning feeling “I” that is by all accounts an agentic causal compel that is by one means or another related but on the other hand is apparently detachable from the body. The possibility of life after death is so naturally conceivable in light of the fact that our mental life appears to be so different from our bodies that we could envision our souls existing long after our bodies disintegrate. This prompts a judgment skills dualism that is a vital part to numerous religious perspectives.
The UT proposes there are some semantic issues alluding to the human hesitance framework as ‘the brain.’ One motivation behind why needs to do with what Freud “found” over a century prior and is presently outstanding by cutting edge analysts (see, e.g., Tim Wilson’s Outsiders to Ourselves)- – cognizance is just a little bit of mental procedures. Cognizance and brain are therefore not synonymous. In this way, we must acknowledge then that the MB issue needs to either be the Awareness Brain Body issue or the Cognizance Mind-Mind Body issue.
Perceiving the need to isolate the brain from cognizance is one of the keys to settling the issues. What, then, is the connection amongst mind and awareness? The UT discloses to us, we can swing to the intellectual insurgency in brain research to ground our answer. The psychological upset was birthed as a blend of work on data hypothesis, counterfeit consciousness, and artificial intelligence. It offered ascend to the computational hypothesis of the brain, which does surely offer an answer for a major bit of the bewilder. The computational hypothesis of mind places that the sensory system is a data handling framework. It works by deciphering changes in the body and nature into a dialect of neural motivations that speak to the creature condition relationship. The computational hypothesis of the mind was a tremendous leap forward in light of the fact that it permits us, interestingly, to theoretically isolate the brain from the brain body. How? Since we can now think about ‘the mind’ as the stream of data through the sensory system and this stream of data can be reasonably isolated from the biophysical matter that makes up the sensory system. To perceive how we can consider the partition of the data from the genuine sensory system itself, think about a book. The book’s mass, its temperature, and other physical measurements can now be considered as generally likened to the brain. At that point consider the data content (i.e., the story the book tells or claims it makes). In the computational hypothesis, that is similar to the mind. The mind then is the data instantiated in and handled by the sensory system.

Guía Definitiva Para Ganar Dinero Con Forex: El fundamento paso a paso para ganar dinero con Forex (Spanish Edition)

by Gustavo Adolfo Diaz Gironza

¿Quieres empezar a ganar dinero con Forex?

¿Tienes dinero y no sabes en que invertirlo?

Si tu respuesta a estas preguntas es si, entonces esta guía definitiva para ganar dinero con Forex es lo que estabas buscando. Aquí te enseñare los fundamentos iniciales y el paso a paso a seguir para generar ingresos con este maravilloso sistema de inversión. Forex es el sistemas de inversión mas grande del mundo, diariamente se mueven miles de millones de dolares en intercambios de divisas, y lo mejor de todo es que para todos existe una parte de la tajada.

Si eres principiante o una persona interesada en conocer como se maneja el mercado de Forex, en esta guía te explico paso a paso como debes hacer para invertir tu dinero en este tipo de sistemas para ganar dinero por Internet. Forex es uno de los sistemas mas efectivos para ganar grandes cantidades de dinero desde casa de manera que en ocasiones puede resultar fácil.

Aprende como generar dinero desde casa de manera efectiva con el sistema de inversion mas grande del mundo. Miles de personas y broker en el mundo generan dinero cada mes gracias al mercado Forex, es tu momento de tomar acción.

Por tu éxito esta es tu guía…

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