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SER: PRESENCIA (Spanish Edition)


Ser es la vida misma. Es la inteligencia que nos trasciende. Es el Ahora. Es el silencio. Es Dios. Es presencia.
El Ser está más allá del lenguaje. Siempre somos. Pero para ser humanos es necesario pasar por el sueño de tener yo, de ser persona, de estar separado y creer conocernos. Pasar por el sueño del libre albedrío.
Somos, antes y después del nacimiento y muerte del cuerpo. Durante el sueño nos identificamos con el yo y con la persona, es decir, con el ente y la nada que lo acompaña.
Despertar es posible. Le sucedió a Laotse. Y basta con que un solo individuo haya despertado para que ese hecho acabe por imponerse en la conciencia humana.
SER es el primer ensayo al que seguirán SO�AR y DESPERTAR. A final serán reunidos con el título: Presencia.

50 shades of yay: great thinkers on happiness

by Grigory Lukin

Happiness – what exactly is it and where I can get some? These two simple questions have remained unanswered despite all our efforts. Poets bicker about the definition of happiness, scientists try to determine how happiness works, and politicians promise all the happiness you can handle if you vote for them. The Declaration of Independence calls the pursuit of happiness one of the three unalienable rights, but how exactly do you go about pursuing it?

This book collects 50 essays, poems, philosophical discourses, aphorisms and snarky comments from great thinkers of our past. They include famous names (Mark Twain, Socrates, Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller and others), as well as some that you’ve probably never heard of. (Christina, Queen of Sweden, just might have been the wittiest 17th-century monarch.)

The 50 perspectives on happiness collected in this volume range from goofy to serious, from optimistic to morbid. No matter what your philosophical disposition, this book is guaranteed to help you with your own, personal pursuit of happiness. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you think, it might even make you cry. The “50 shades of yay” can do all of that – and much, much more.


by Robert Lawrence

By following the suggestions in this book you can become wealthier, happier, sexier, and more passionate about any area of your life. You should be living life on your terms, creating the life that you imagine. You should be happening to life instead of life happening to you. You don’t have to attend counseling, recruit others, pay dues, or join a support group. By the end of this book, you will understand that the road blocks we create are often related to the subconscious programming we received as children and young adults. The stories implanted in our minds have shaped our lives, for better or for worse. We are the sum total of every thought we have ever had. In ten years, we will also be the sum total of every thought we have ever had. Therefore, we should think creative, kind, healthy, wealthy, and happy thoughts! Our thoughts form pictures in our minds and our pictures become our reality.

Major Thoughts And Quotes

by Major Jackson

Introduction: This book is a collection of quotes and thoughts from author Major Jackson, Thomas Blueprint and other writers. Variety of thoughts and quotes that are inspirational, entertaining and funny.

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