Free romance Kindle books for 01 Jun 17

Bad Boy For Keeps: A Bad Boy & Virgin Romance

by Vanessa La Porte

Richâ?¦ Badâ?¦ and he plays for keeps!

“As if being left at the altar wasn’t bad enough, now I’m going on my would-be honeymoonâ?¦ alone!
A jilted, 24 year oldâ?¦. virgin. Could life get any worse?

I hate the world right now, and the arrogant creep seating next to me on the plane is not helping matters.

I guess he’s kind of cute. If you’re into the heavily muscled, male model type. Sure, I may like to look, but I’ve never really gone for bad boysâ?¦

Wellâ?¦ maybe just this onceâ?¦”

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Bad Boy For Keeps depicts scenes of extreme lust and passion. Contains mature themes and language. 18+ readers only!

The Highland Chief (Scottish Strife Series Book 1)

by Dana D’Angelo

With their father nearing death, Rory MacGregon and his brothers fear the inevitable. But their hopes are renewed when the ailing man names a renowned Scottish healer who defected to England years ago. Rory crosses dangerous territory to obtain her help, only to discover that the gifted healer would rather kill herself than save his dying father. Rory gauges that kidnapping the woman is his only option when the healer’s beautiful daughter appears. The spirited lass declares that she is also a healer, and offers to go in her mother’s stead.

Darra Berchelaine has heard many stories about the bloodthirsty savages from the north. When she learns that the devil Scots plan to abduct her mother, Darra must protect her at all cost â?? even if that means feigning co-operation and luring the brutish Highlanders away from the castle. But even as she schemes to escape from her enemies, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the brawny Highland Chief. Suddenly Darra realizes that the handsome Highlander is neither an enemy nor a savage. And the only thing she needs to protect is her heart.

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