Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 02 Jun 17

Brazilian Bombshell: High heels & bikinis

by Marcos Tadeu

My name is Marcos Carlos Tadeu from Brazil. I like to travel all over Brazil. And I met several beautiful women.

This ebook contains 39 photos of Vivi, a sexy Brazilian woman, wearing bikinis, in high heels & cocktail dresses. She is from Rio de Janeiro. All models are 18+

Harambe Coloring: A Tribute Picture Reference Book for Adults

by Jasmine Taylor

Honor Harambe and be inspired with these realistic coloring page examples

Use this eBook to accompany the coloring book paperback version. These examples illustrate blending and shading techniques that are possible for you to create stunning colored Harambe works of art. The unique image design provides just enough detail to unleash your artistic liberty and freedom… unlike many other coloring books.


The eBook version is not interactive or meant to be colored as it is not possible within the Kindle environment. This eBook illustrates the blank coloring pages that exist in the paperback version for you to color yourself. You’ll also find full colored examples next to each blank coloring page which show just one of the infinite coloring possibilities.

Try for yourself

If you’re ready to treat yourself, unwind and bathe in the therapeutic effects that coloring can offer then grab a copy of this eBook and download a few of the FREE example coloring pages using the links provided within. Watch as your color palette and imagination awaken Harambe… the gentle giant.

If you’d like more to color, then grab a copy of the paperback version and start your coloring journey now!

I’ve Waited All My Life to See His Face: An A Cappella Christmas Cantata Play

by Sally Hull

A Christmas A Cappella Musical, this play begins with creation and moves to the prophecies in the Bible of the coming Savior, and then tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, concluding with a scene in Heaven. It is designed for an adult choir with soloists and a children’s choir.

Fascino della Seta (Italian Edition)

by Mmerenard

Dal fascino della seta, affiancato dal delicato suono dei fuurin, nascono tutti questi manufatti dipinti a mano. Partendo dalla meditazione che un haiku o uno waka suggeriscono i pennelli scorrono trasferendo sul tessuto le emozioni dell’anima. Ogni dipinto e’ unico, proprio perche’ ogni emozione e’ unica e ognuno di voi, che si accostera’ a questi dipinti, potra’ scegliere di indossarlo nel modo suggerito, in quel preciso giorno, dal proprio stato d’animo, attraverso la tecnica del furoshiki. Questa antica tecnica giapponese permette di trasformare un semplice foulard in un accessorio sempre diverso.

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