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Don’t Avoid Gaps, Lead Through Them: A view on leadership as creating gaps and managing through their closure (People-Centered Leadership Book 1)

by Scott Patchin

Too often, leaders see a ‘gap’ as a problem or something to avoid. In his work with leaders and organizations at growth-transition points, Scott Patchin has become convinced that the basic challenge of leadership comes down to creating and managing the gaps – those spaces between where you are now and where you want to be.

In this insightful whitepaper, Patchin outlines the three key gaps that every leader must master for effective leadership and the steps you can take to fill those gaps. He then looks at the four habits you should develop and commit to in order to successfully manage each individual performance gap.

Also included:
– Three hidden threats to effectively managing the gap
– How to take ownership of your gaps
– Steps to create an action plan
– Self-assessment

Passive Income: 21 Simple Ideas and Strategies to Create an Online Business and Finally Reach Financial Freedom (Passive Income, Online Business, Financial Freedom)

by Jordan Christie

Use These Powerful and Simple Ideas and Strategies to Quickly Start Creating PASSIVE INCOME For Yourself!

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In today’s financially challenging world, it’s becoming harder and harder to meet one’s needs and prepare for the future with just one day job or business. In fact, it’s becoming harder to do so using traditional ways of doing business. That’s why these days, passive income is considered to be the Holy Grail of financial freedom.
Why’s that so? Passive income is defined as income that comes from little or minimal effort and time. It’s a wrong idea to think that passive income is the lazy man’s road to riches, i.e., there’s absolutely no work or effort needed. There’s another two words for that – the lottery. But since passive income normally requires substantially less effort and time, it’s something that can help you achieve financial freedom even while you’re still stuck with a day job, traditional business or profession.
There are many ways to earn passive income but none are as great as those from online activities or businesses. Why? It’s because many of them can be started practically for free or with very little capital. And despite being relatively cheap to start, many online businesses or activities have huge upside potential for income.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Amazon FBA
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging<
  • Buying A Blog
  • Self Publishing
  • Virtual Assistance Agency
  • Being A YouTube Sensation
  • App Development
  • Much, much

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