Free historical fiction Kindle books for 02 Jun 17


by John Reinhard Dizon

After commando Carl Hansen is recalled from the frozen wastelands of Western Russia to thwart the Allied invasion in 1944 Normandy, his love affair with the French heiress Angelique Dagineau becomes his only reason to survive the cataclysmic battle ahead.

As the French Resistance rises across Southern France to block the division from joining the fray, the tangled web of intrigue between the corrupt Vichy government forces, the Parisian criminal network and the Communist insurgents begins to unravel.

When Carl learns that Angelique is missing and even worse, might be the target of a massive Gestapo manhunt, he sets on a mission to save her that leads him to the middle of danger and beyond.

Lenz: Eine Erzählung (Klassiker bei Null Papier) (German Edition)

by Georg Büchner

Ein fragmentarischer, aus dem Nachlass stammender Text, wurde zu einem Lehrstück deutscher Kurzprosa.

Der Dichter Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz will sich beim Pfarrer Oberlin in Obhut begeben, denn er fürchtet um seinen Geisteszustand. Schon auf der Wanderung in das abgelegene Bergdörfchen erfassen ihn Wahn und Visionen. Sichtlich geschwächt droht er geistig und körperlich zugrunde zu gehen.

ISBN 978-3-95418-895-6 (Kindle)
ISBN 978-3-95418-894-9 (Epub)
ISBN 978-3-95418-896-3 (PDF)

Null Papier Verlag

Patriot Rules: A Novel

by David Gregory

Life, liberty, andâ?¦time travel?

Politics, what-ifs, all-knowing historical ghosts.

Matt, a young college student with political aspirations, is dead set on becoming president someday. Inspired by his best friend, he wants to end poverty in America, and being president will give him the power to do just that. His plan: an economic bill of rights, that he believes should be guaranteed to every citizen. In a strange, near death-like experience, time freezes, and Matt encounters a man who calls himself Ben Franklin. Franklin tells Matt that he will become president but his plan to “fix” America will failâ?¦no matter what he does. He is, however, given a unique proposition – to travel back in time to the Constitutional Convention and present his plan, making it part of the foundation of the US. How it affected Matt’s present is something he never imagined. He soon learns that even the best intentions can have unexpected consequences, and that his encounters with the Founding Fathers have only just begunâ?¦

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