Free history Kindle books for 02 Jun 17

The Dragonflies

by Robert Jackson

“The dream of flight is as old as the mind of man.”

So begins Robert Jackson’s incredible book on the history of helicopters.

It is an epic tale that begins in the 4th Century B.C. and travels to ancient Greek physicists and great men like Da Vinci. Dreams of fantastical flying creations that either soared magnificently or crashed to the ground. Their designs evolved until, centuries later, the helicopter’s potential was recognised by the military.

In combat, the helicopter’s story goes from the early dreams of flight to daring searches and rescue missions.

Complex and compelling, The Dragonflies explores man’s relationship with flight in an extraordinary way.

Robert Jackson was born in 1941 in the North Yorkshire village of Melsonby. A former pilot and navigation instructor, his active involvement with aviation lasted many years. Following his retirement from the RAFVR in 1977 as a squadron leader, he became a full-time aviation writer and aerospace correspondent and lectured extensively on strategic issues. He speaks five languages, including Russian, and has written more than forty nonfiction works on military affairs. He is also the author of the popular Yeoman and SAS fiction series.

The New Crusades: How U.S. Foreign Policy Got Stuck in the (Mythical) Middle Ages

by Alec Fisken

The New Crusades describes the related meanings of the terms West, Western Civilization, and the Clash of Civilizations as they are used in contemporary journalism and politics. It describes how those terms developed historically, and how they came to infect U.S. foreign policy. In tracing the historical roots of those terms, the book examines the narrative of medieval European history that they imply and finds it to be largely false.

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