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Kural Selvam (Tamil Edition)

by Tamil Virtual Academy

�ல�ு தழுவிய நில�யில் வாழும் தமிழ் ம�்�ளும் தமிழில் ��ுபா�ு ��ண்�ுள்ள பிற ம�ழியினரும் தமிழ் ம�ழிய�யும், �றிவியல், த�ழில் நு�்பம், �ணினித் தமிழ் மற்றும் தமிழ்ப் பயன்பா�்�ு ம�ன்ப�ருள்�ள��் �ற்�வும், தமிழர் வரலாறு, �ல�்�ியம், �ல�, பண்பா�ு ��ியவ� பற்றி �றிந்து ��ள்ளவும் வ�ண்�ிய வாய்ப்பு�ள� �ண�யம் வழியா� ஏற்ப�ுத்துவதும், �ர�ு, �ல்வி, ���ம், வணி�ம் ப�ன்ற பல்துற��ளு�்�ும் வ�ண்�ிய �ணினித் த�வ��ளு�்�ான த�ர்வு�ள��் �ண்�றிந்து, நிறுவி, பராமரித்து, பயிற்�ியளித்துப் பயன்பா�்�� ப�ரு�்�ுதலும் �ண�யவழி �ளிப்பதும் �தன் ந��்�மா�ும்.

The Camaro Murders (The Driver Series)

by Ian Lewis

The first book in the experimental Driver series, The Camaro Murders is a stark account of a small town murder told from four perspectives, one of them from beyond the grave.
The man known as the Driver wanders between the living and the dead, tasked with gathering murdered souls. When he learns a young girl’s killer will act again, he must make a choice: carry out his duty or intervene to save a boy’s life.

Leakage: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

by Karen Harley

Neighbors and friends, staying strictly in the friend zone. Then one bizarre, moonlit night, it all changes.

The Challenge is easy: One man, one woman, one bed, once a week. What happens between the covers stays between the covers.

Help each other become better lovers? Check.Improve their relationships? Check.Finally satisfy his/her secret attraction for a certain person? Check.
Leave romance out of it? Check.

Above all, what happens from eight to midnight each Friday must not spill over into their friendships…or it all ends.

Yeah, that won’t happen… 

Meet the Players:

  • Matt: Manwhore and babe magnet. Spends his days blogging about toys and shagging women.
  • Jasmine: Ice queen and workaholic. Refuses to take Matt’s flirtations seriously. 
  • Harrison: Geek and gentleman. Would rather read Dostoyevsky than sweep a girl off her feet. 
  • Sara: Pushover. Secretly drools over Harrison, who treats her like a sister. And way, way too impulsive… 

A steamy-hot, full-length STANDALONE novel with no cheating, featuring two M/F couples and a slightly magical HEA. Intended for mature readers because of language and spicy situations.
Originally published in serial episodes as Eight to Midnight: A Best Friends Romance

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