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Zodiac Signs: Character, Essence, and the Nature of the 12 Zodiac Signs & Relationship Compatibility Guide (Astrology Book Bundle:)

by Valerie W. Holt

Unlocking the Meanings of the 12 Zodiac Signs

This Zodiac Sign Bundle Book Includes:

  • Astrology: Character, Essence, and the Nature of the 12 Zodiac Signs
  • Astrology: Relationship Compatibility Guide – Finding Incredible Relationships and Soulmates
  • Decode Your Astrology Sign

    Have you ever been asked: what’s your sign?

    This is book contains everything you need to know about the fundamentals of astrology. If you’ve ever asked someone, or been asked, about their sign and just didn’t know – that’s about to change.

    Armed with this book, you’ll know the nature of each of the 12 zodiac signs. More importantly, you’ll know yourself better than ever before.

    Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • The Origins of Astrology
  • The Fundamentals of Astrology
  • Divisions within Astrology
  • The Essence of Each Sign
  • Learn the fundamentals of Astrology and discover the knowledge hidden in the stars.

    Discover Whom You Are Destined to be With

    Who are you most compatible with?

    In this book, you’ll find the answer to this question and much more. Each sign’s compatibility will be covered, specifically which zodiac signs you’re most compatible with. Each sign’s personality will be analyzed when it comes to relationships.

    Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn from this book:

  • Astrology and Love
  • The 12 Zodiac Signs
  • And More…
  • Learn the fundamentals of Astrology when it comes to relationships. Find your best match!

    More than bananas: How the Christian faith works for me and for the whole Universe

    by Glenn Myers

    It’s the biggest mystery.

    If the Universe were a funfair â?? galaxies whirling like fairground rides, streams of gas and dust strewn across the sky like bunting, people wandering through it eating hot-dogs â?? where did it come from?

    Who put it there?

    Science does a wonderful job explaining part of the story. It can get us from a few moments after the Big Bang to the bit where the hairy beings amble over the African Savannah eating soft fruit.

    It just can’t do the beginning, or the end, or the meaning.

    It can’t tell us why there is something, rather than nothing at all.

    And it can’t tell us how the fruit-eating primates turned into people who hum music, write novels, invent day-time TV and ponder the Nature of Being.

    For that, we need something more than bananas.

    More than Bananas is a freewheeling exploration of how we all (might) have happened â?? and what to do about it.

    Amish Hope

    by Deidra Scott

    Rachel is a young Amish woman who is determined not to become like her parents who married each other out of obligation rather than love. She has a crush on a young man in town and she thinks he feels the same way until he inexplicably announces that he is to marry one of her rivals. As if that wasn’t an insult enough, the bishop wants her to plan the wedding! Will the two realize they are meant for each other before it is too late?

    The Way of the Bodyguard

    by Nick Spill

    To be a bodyguard is unlike any other job.
    It is the oldest and most dangerous profession, with great rewards and the ultimate risk, death.

    Nick Spill takes us on an action-packed and at times hilarious journey inside the world of bodyguards where he protects the famous, the infamous and the anonymous.

    Written for anyone who is curious about bodyguards, The Way of the Bodyguard is an informative, inspirational and humorous nonfiction book and appeals to women and men readers. The Way of the Bodyguard reveals the skills and techniques to be a consummate bodyguard while Nick Spill recounts his experiences that soar from the mundane to the volatile and violent.

    More than a manual or a textbook, the book explores in human terms what it takes to be a winning protector in a dangerous world.

    The Way of the Bodyguard explores how to be a bodyguard and protect your client and the mental and physical skills Nick Spill describes so deftly, translate to all professions. He provides strategies for success for everyone, whether they want to become an excellent protector or live their life to the fullest.

    If you are curious about what it is like to be a bodyguard, want to become one or seek to escape into a world of unknown threats and logistical challenges, there is much to learn from the entertaining stories in The Way of the Bodyguard.

    Interview with Nick Spill

    Q: Why did you write The Way of the Bodyguard?

    A: People were always telling me I had to record my work stories down in a book. I had one problem though. Confidentiality. You cannot blurt out all the secrets of your clients, the people you protect. So after writing and rewriting these stories for over 10 years, I finally arrived at this format. As the subtitle states: knowledge not gossip.

    Q: Who is your audience? Just bodyguards?

    A: I am addressing four distinct audiences; people who are curious about what it’s like to be a bodyguard, people who want to get into the profession or at least dream about being a bodyguard and of course bodyguards who are already working. There is a lot of material and entertainment for these three audiences. The fourth group is people who probably never imagined they would read about bodyguards.

    Q: Do you think bodyguards will be attracted to this book?

    A: The Way works on many levels and I trust it will speak to working professionals. There is a lot of detail in each chapter and quite a few “aha” moments where bodyguards will appreciate what I am writing about. At the same time the principles and concepts I explain in the book can apply to all working professionals.

    Q: What can an ordinary layperson get from this book?

    A: For a start no one is ordinary. I don’t divide people up into categories. I think that is narrow thinking. You would be surprised what so-called ordinary people can do under extraordinary circumstances. We see examples of courage and heroism everyday in the media. But by reading this book readers can gain more knowledge about the bodyguard profession and themselves. As I state over and over in the book, the Way is a journey, a path towards knowing yourself. Self knowledge, planning and lots of training can go a long way to accomplishing what you want to achieve in life and allow you to handle emergencies and unusual challenges as they arise. Whether you are a bodyguard, a teacher, a banker or a candlestick-maker, you can be your own protector and look after the ones you love.

    You read the entire Interview at Nick Spill’s website:

    Yoga: Yoga For Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Yoga, Chakras, and Meditation, Including the Top 20 Yoga Poses With Pictures and Benefits (Yoga, Yoga For Beginners Series)

    by Alisa Darve

    Yoga For Beginners – A Beginners Guide to Yoga, Chakras, and Meditation, Including the Top 20 Yoga Poses With Pictures and Benefits

    Are you looking at diving into the world of yoga? In this guide you’re going learn:

    • The History of Yoga
    • The different types of Yoga
    • 20 Common Yoga poses with pictures and benefits
    • Basics of Meditation in Yoga”
    • Basics of Chakras and how they relate to Yoga”
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


    by Melissa Keaster

    Orphaned in childhood, Mara has always done what is necessary to surviveâ??even pledged herself to a sinister spirit named Rivka. When Mara’s sister is struck by a mysterious illness, Rivka offers Mara a choiceâ??watch her sister die, or become a slave in exchange for the medicine needed to save her.

    Mara sells herself to Zev, an old friend who shares her sordid history with Rivka. Motivated by revenge and a lust for power, Zev coerces Mara into a life of prostitution and espionage in order to find Eleora, the magical gemstone necklace guarded by the Council of Ambassadors. Trapped in a tangled web of Zev and Rivka’s schemes, Mara’s life becomes a never-ending spiral of seduction and treachery until a kind young healer on the Council unexpectedly offers her freedom. In her new life, Mara finds healing, friendship, and even love but knows she must rid herself of Rivka to be truly free.

    Now Mara must choose whether to fulfill her oath and betray her new friends or double-cross Rivka and risk losing her sister forever.

    The Settlement (The Documentary Book 1)

    by Sally Demaray Hull

    Twenty-first century settlers are living in a nineteenth century town and outlying ranches in Montana for the purpose of filming a documentary. Each family has been thrown together, strangers to one another. Occupations and land have been secured by drawing them out of a hat. The parson is an atheist. The schoolteacher does not like children. The sheriff is a cocky eighteen-year-old. Each family is dependent on one another. With all of the coping of this new life, they begin questioning basic things and even begin wondering if the Bible has any answers. No one knows God. Their preacher does not even believe in God. But all is well, because God believes in them.

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