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Ogre’s Lament: The Story of Don Luis

by Stuart G. Yates

Spain, 1648. Fifteen-year-old Luis is different than everyone else in the small, sweltering village of Riodelgado – because he can read.

Targeted by the local toughs, who make his life a misery, Luis works tirelessly to provide for his ailing mother and young sister. Then, one day, a wandering soldier arrives to the village and everything changes.

People are murdered. Children disappear. The mayor blames an ogre, and the soldier has evidence of the hideous creature. He demands it be hunted down.

It becomes clear to Luis that there is more to the story than the appearance of an ogre. Is the mythical beast just a smokescreen, designed to keep everyone from the truth?

Fire and Flesh: A Manifest Delusions Short Story

by Michael R. Fletcher

A retelling of the conflict between Francisco Pizarro and Atahualpa set in an early version of the world of Manifest Delusions.

This story was written back when I was still world-building for what would later become Beyond Redemption.

The Hell (The 3 H’s)

by Brian Barr

Welcome to the final book of the 3 H’s Trilogy: The Hell!

Susie and Mac are ghost hunters. They investigate and exorcise haunted houses for a living.

A client hires Susie and Mac to investigate a house in Lexington, SC. Although they are experienced in handling malignant spirits and haunted territories, the client promises that this place is unlike any the ghost hunters have exorcised before.

Susie and Mac never back down from a challenge, or from a job. They’ll make their way to the house, and encounter the hell that’s waiting for them.

Whether they can survive or not is a different question.


Gregory Alex Bailey built his perfect house of horrors in the 1950’s, continuing the family tradition of sacrifice and murder. Within that house, he was certain that he could succeed where former ancestors had failed, and secure a place for them in the land of the living.

Lucas didn’t want to continue his father’s legacy.

Out of love for his son, Gregory killed him.

Lucas gained his second chance through his resurrection, when the loyal and devoted Janice made the ultimate sacrifice for him. Lucas’ new life gave him an appreciation for his father, who had long disappeared by the time Lucas came back.

Desperate to see his father again, Lucas did all he could to maintain the house, while training his children in the family tradition.

Like the father before them, the children rebelled. Lucas understood. As he had rebelled, so did his father, and his grandfather before him. But sooner or later, every Bailey accepted their fate.

Eventually, they would all share…

The Hell

The Right Side of Wrong

by Tess Burnside

She was orphaned as a baby and abused as a woman. She spends her days covering bruises until they fade, only to get new ones. Her life is as dark as the lifestyle she is forced to live. Would Joy ever be able to escape the terror in her life to find any?

He was Marine with PTSD with deep scars inside and out. Now a killer-for-hire, he uses that way of life as a form of therapy by righting the wrong to make his life tolerable. Can Gary ever get past his demons to feel the happiness and love that only Joy can bring?

They are two people from completely different worlds. Neither of them is aware of the true motive or reason why they have come together unwittingly. There is a physical attraction between the two of them they can’t ignore. Joy is not aware that the seemingly sweet man is a professional killer hired by her husband to murder her and Gary does not know that Joy is his mark. She’s drawn to him, quickly becoming addicted to his gentleness. He’s equally drawn to her in ways that he can’t explain. He only knows that the more he is with her, the more he can’t be without her.

Nothing can prepare either of them from the truth they are about to learn.

Although this is a love story, if you’re looking for a glamorized BDSM story of love, trust, and control, this isn’t it.

Some Demon

by Mel Murphy

A quadriplegic woman gets help from a supernatural being to free her from the grip of her neglectful relatives.

Dysphoria and Grace: (Urban Post-Apocalyptic Thriller) (The Night Blind Saga Book 1)

by Christina Rozelle

**This book/series has steamy scenes and dark subject matter, and may not be suitable for everyone. Recommended for readers 18+. Please read full disclosure below.**

“How?” She swipes at a few stray tears. “How do you . . . not let it break you?”
“You look it straight in the black, evil eyes and tell it you won’t be broken so easily. And you get up and keep moving. It’s what I’ve done my whole life, with everything. Whatever it is, you let it make you stronger, okay? Because the alternative road is an even darker one, I promise.”

Twenty-year-old orphan, Grace Vincent, is damaged beyond repair. She’s had a rough life, and with the state of the world, things aren’t getting any better. With crime on the constant rise, and all licensed civilians age sixteen and up armed, it’s no wonder she has a pet name for her 9 mm, Suki.

While attending the slummiest community college in Selam, Texas, Grace still lives at home with her adoptive parents and their “miracle” baby, but only for a few more months until she graduates and they buy her a new car. She smokes and drinks a little too much, loses herself in music, and to keep things interesting, she’s falling hard for her best friend.

But when the government imposes Martial Law, requiring civilians ages twenty-one and up to be vaccinated in an effort to eradicate violence, and things don’t go as planned, Grace is left to navigate a frenzied world while wrangling difficult realizations and regrets. With nothing else to lose, a decision must be madeĆ¢??fight and live, or surrender and die.

When Grace has lost all hope, two chance encounters prove there are secrets in Selam, lies about how the end happened, and hope for her yet, despite the insanity in her screwed-up mind. The world may have ended, but Grace’s new life has just begun.

“You can’t break someone who’s already broken. This, I know to be true.”

**Content Advisory/Trigger Warning**

Dysphoria and Grace/The Night Blind Saga is a dark apocalyptic romance series with some very steamy, sometimes rather dark F/F scenes, M/F scenes, and other mixes (later books in series). In these books you will find a buffet of language, gore, drug use, violence, assault/abuse, and a bunch of other stuff of this nature. If you don’t ingest your literature occasionally (or often) on the edge, gritty, in the dark, and/or possibly in a random stairwell, this series may not be right for you.

*Recommended for mature readers 18+
*Those sensitive to the topics of angel babies and sexual assault should read at their own risk.
*Not recommended for those with PTSD (though the main character herself suffers from PTSD, so… your call)
*The books in this series may contain possible cliffhangers
*Book two releases this summer, and book three releases in the fall. There will be six books in the series, with the remaining three due out next year. To be notified as soon as they become available, sign up for my newsletter (and get a free book!) here:

*If you’d prefer gritty, but cleaner (no sex), check out my best-selling YA Dystopian Scifi Horror series, “The Treemakers Trilogy.” You can snag book one for free here:

The Good Neighbor

by Evan Grant

Connor Callahan is a good neighbor. He is always keeping a watchful eye out for trouble and is quick to lend a helping hand when needed, especially when it comes to his neighbor, Mr. Obolensky. The old man is falling apart in these latter years of his life, and there’s no one else around to help him. Connor is happy to fill the position. But even with almost daily interaction with the old man, how much does Connor really know about him? He is soon to find out how different a person can be when they are behind closed doors…

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