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Be Safe

by Doug Weaver

The worst of the AIDS epidemic has passed with the discovery of new medications. But not everyone rejoices. Certain groups of gay men rebel when they find it impossible to embrace the notion that they’re suddenly expected to slough off their “end dates” and become useful, vibrant members of society.

Two pairs of men experience a chance meeting on their way to a burrito joint in Hollywood. All are gay men with HIV/AIDS, all are drug addicts/sellers (Gallagher and Rogarth are recent alumni of a local drug rehab.; Bert and Korn are simply out of drugs for the moment and fear that they’re about to get busted.) Through the use of multiple focalizers, the lives and values of all characters are explored, shedding light on Queerness (including homosexuality), the nature of chronic disease (especially AIDS), addiction, recovery facilities, 12-Step programs, and, it’s hoped, revelation.

The Road to Ascension (The Vanguard of the Future Book 1)

by T. C. Morgan

Eleven hundred years ago, on the fringe of what is now the Empire of Kverza, there was kept a secret power which threatened the rule of kings. Though the keepers perished, the eternal secret remained, waiting to be uncovered, unraveled, and unleashed. Be it the power of the Gods or something else entirely, those who harness its full potential will shift the course of history.

Or such is Seythif’s hope, for Seythif–who was formerly Kyeley in the hollow years before she understood what she could become–has devoted her life to the pursuit of that power.

Drawn to the mysterious and the forbidden at an early age, she finds these offered by Eseztavye, the woman who becomes her mentor and opens her mind to the startling truths around her. As she becomes enamored of the forsaken Gods and lost causes of antiquity, she grows increasingly disaffected with the life and world into which she was born, until at last she abandons her home and name alike in search of a greater destiny.

In her new home, in a remote corner of the Empire, she first glimpses her full potential. Moreover, there amidst the relics of the past, she first glimpses that mystery which has lain forgotten for so very long, and therein finds her purpose: she will take up the work that was left unfinished, she will succeed where her distant forbears failed, and the world will never be the same again.

Or such is Seythif’s hope.


by Hayden Young

Lost and dislocated, 23-year-old Blair is a ship without sail, pushed by waves from one shore to the next. She’s tormented by the past, by her own insecurities; and no one could possibly understand the state of her mind, or know the direction in which she should travel.

Until that night’s substance abuse support group. Until a man, as much of a loser as any of her old boyfriends, takes it upon himself to guide her and give a little friendly advice.

But what if she doesn’t want the guidance? Blair asks. What if she doesn’t want help?

Then the mysterious stranger will have to insist â?? and lead her on a journey bizarre and penetrating, one that will reshape her mind, transform her being, forever.

Something Like This

by Eileen Cruz Coleman

What happens when a sexy rich writer meets a damaged girl?
The only way that twenty-three year old Jadie Santiago can escape her sucky childhood is to force herself to move on with her life and bury a shameful secret.

When Jadie lands a new job at a literary agency things start looking up. Yet the one thing Jadie never expected was capturing the attention of the devastatingly handsome and rich Reece Carter, an aspiring writer who could destroy the precarious future she’s just started rebuilding.

Even though her heart might be in the right place, Jadie can’t seem to stop making one bad decision after another. Especially when it comes to those she loves. Which means getting involved with Reece could be dangerous, but so is ignoring the smoldering tension that ignites whenever they’re around each other. And before she can fully commit to someone, Jadie must learn to overcome her own inner-demons.

After Jadie bumps into the absentee father who abandoned her and is now homeless, it causes those crippling insecurities to come crashing back into her life. The shocking encounter forces Jadie to face a dark deed that still haunts her. Now she has no other choice but to tell Reece the truth and risk losing everything.

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The Crown of the Sea

by Dora Okeyo

I knew her before I laid my eyes on her.
She was the voice that drew in the ocean.
I knew she was royalty before I saw her. It was the words that preceded her arrival that haunt me to date.
They say there was none like Neema. They call her The Crown of the Sea.

Getaway (A Prologue for Two: The Billy Keene Stories and The Felix Stories Book 0)

by Chad Sanborn

A financial advisor with a gambling problem. His sexaholic best friend. And one very attractive and very bored young woman. When they all meet it turns into a vicious game of cat and mouseâ??but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?

Leaving behind their quiet suburbs, Felix and his well-off best friend, Geoff, check into a resort casino for a lost boys weekend. A little golf, some gambling and a lot of indulging their worst impulses.

No sooner do they arrive than they meet Sharla. She’s down for drinking, drugging and generally jacking with people. Nothing personal, it’s just her way entertaining herself while her boyfriend, a big and rich redneck with a temper, gambles away his daddy’s money.

Felix recognizes that Sharla is trouble. So when she decides to have some fun by letting Geoff think he’s seducing her all so she can steal from him, it’s up to Felix to look out for his naive friend. Of course, whenever Sharla’s involved it’s a different sort of gambling, and this time it will be for the ultimate stakes when her idea of what passes for entertainment takes a cruel turn.

But despite his suburban dad appearance, Felix is no stranger to ruthless people, and before this getaway weekend is over, everyone will be betting against their own better nature to survive.

With Getaway, award-winning crime fiction author Chad Sanborn give readers a fun, sexy and twisted introduction to some of the unhinged characters populating his crime fiction series, The Billy Keene Stories.

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“Very entertaining!”

“A quick read”

“The characters drew me in right away”

“I loved the bits of humor throughout the booK”

“I’m anxious to read the next books to see what happens”


Chad’s writing is “exceptionally light on its feet, striking exactly the right note without appearing to try too hard.” â?? Michael Harvey, author of The Chicago Way and We All Fall Down

“â?¦strong voice, assured proseâ?¦.” â?? Marcus Sakey, author of The Brilliance Trilogy and The Blade Itself

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