Free religious fiction Kindle books for 03 Jun 17

Childhood Promise

by Amy S Cooper

Sweet Romance

All our lives, we’ve been just friends.

Best friends, really.

The Plain life in the Amish community may not have always been easy, but we’ve always had each other. Even as we grew into adults, we had one another’s backs.
I just wish she knew I loved her.

Oh, I’m sure she suspects. When we were kids, I promised her that I would marry her when we were grown up and that I would have a farm for us. I think all of the elders in the community have always assumed it was going to be us in the end.

And now that I’ve just gotten my Uncle’s farm, the very farm I’ve worked on and lived on almost all my life, in my name, all I have to do is convince her that I love her.
I’m going to ask her to the singing tonight, and ask her if she’ll let me court her.
I just hope she sees me as more than a friend, too.

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Frontier Hearts: A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Angelica Rose

A Heartwarming and Inspirational Sweet and Clean Western Romance

Can a tragedy-stricken young woman finally find the new start she needs and the family she’s always wanted?

Elizabeth Winn is a girl who has known hurt. The Civil War took her family and her husband, and now she is a stranger in her uncle’s home. What’s worse, her uncle’s older friends are viewing her as marriageable material.

Desperate to start a new life away from the pain of her past, she writes to The Western Times to offer herself as a bride, and connects with New Mexico rancher Cal Summers, who lives on the mesa north of Taos, running cattle and taking care of his widowed sister. After a series of swapped telegrams and letters with Cal, Elizabeth finds herself on the train west, nervous but excited for a fresh start with a new husband. But when Elizabeth arrives, she finds that the newspaper has promised her to another Taos manâ??mayor Aaron Stump, who lives in a fine house in town and is intent on a pretty eastern bride.

After the two men come to blows over her, Elizabeth must find a way to choose which lifeâ??and which manâ??will provide the happy future that she yearns for.

A story of hope, fear, new beginnings and true love.

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA.

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Nothing Less Than Fabulous (Sweet City Hearts 4) (Sweet City Hearts)

by Allie Pleiter

If Gretchen wants to keep her great job at Seattle’s largest coffeehouse chain, she’s got to come up with the best marketing idea of her life. When she discovers charming, charismatic barista Nateâ??otherwise known as “Señor Fabulous”â??she knows God’s led her to exactly what she needs. Can Gretchen woo Nate away from his current spot at Higher Grounds Cafe? What if landing the barista her company needs might cost her the man who’s already stolen her heart?

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