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Stop Chasing Carrots: Healing Self-Help Deceptions With a Scientific Philosophy of Life

by Chris Masi

Every year, Americans spend more than $10 billion on self-help products. Yet psychologists and philosophers agree that these commonplace approaches to creating happiness, success, and fulfillment make critical mistakes. Stop Chasing Carrots reveals how these mistakes begin with misconceptions about happiness and then presents a philosophy of life to achieve better results.

Here is the rare book that creates a philosophy of life based on scientific evidence. Replacing self-help materialism, Eastern spiritualism/minimalism, and complex but insightful psychological studies with an accessible, balanced, and realistic concept, Stop Chasing Carrots empowers readers to lead lives based on proven ideas.

The Otherness Factor: Co-Creating and Sustaining Intentional Relationships

by Kathleen Hall


What if finding love and purpose only requires we become more of who we are â?? would we know how?

Envision a life where we no longer exhaust ourselves trying to fit in or change one another; where relationships are more about otherness than sameness; where the search for common ground and shared interests doesn’t hold us back or limit our potential.

Today’s campfire for the long conversation about life, love and purpose is lighting up cyberspace and the global community. No longer can we pretend there is one right way to be in this world. Spiritual, religious and cultural beliefs may influence our choices â?? yet, each of us has the innate power to shape our life and form relationships through intention and volition.

Guided by ancient and contemporary thought leaders, we discover a new alchemy of science, psychology and spirituality. Beyond theory, our capacity to co-create our life has become scientific fact â?? revolutionizing and reframing all we thought we knew about freewill.

This book will take you to places far beyond the ordinary and offer you the power, courage and audacity to stand in your own otherness and form meaningful, lasting relationships. Turn the page â?? invite new energy and insight â?? as you begin to realize the potency of becoming more of who you are.

“.. through Socratic ‘discussions’ .. an approach to life that promotes self-knowledge, liberation from the ego, and an appreciation and acceptance of diversity.” — Kirkus Reviews

“…stripping away the oughts and shoulds that family and society hand to us …for those who are curious, for those who, the authors say, are always arriving.” — Judith Helburn for Story Circle Book Reviews

“If answered, the writers’ call to respect the otherness of those with different world views could go far to help resolve the murderous antagonism that seems to be ripping civilizations apart.” — Leo McLean, Award-Winning Journalist

Self-Discipline: Develop unshakeable Self-Control, Self Confidence, Willpower and Motivation through a powerful mindset (Achieve Your Dreams and Long Term Goals and Eliminate Procrastination Book 1)

by George Pain

Has you set goals for yourself but was unable to motivate yourself to achieve it?

Then Read Below.

There is no way to measure the loss opportunities caused by lack of self discipline in your life. Your inability to control your weight might seem like just a long term health issue, but it might have also thrown off life partners that might otherwise have been interested. Your lack of control over spending might seem like just a way to get into credit card debt, but it might also be the reason for increased weight gain and tensions with your spouse.

Understanding that you have no control at this moment over your impulses is the first step. Once you accept this fact you are ready to tackle them with the advanced techniques in this book. Understand that you will need to be stern with yourself when you get into situations where these demons are likely to emerge. These can be times when you are going to eat a second or third helping of food. They can be all those times when you know you should start working, but you put it off to do something more interesting – like talking with a colleague.

Get your life organized with principles of self-discipline that will serve you forever. When you start focusing on some areas of your life, you will notice that it improves other unrelated areas in your life.

Here’s what is Included in this Book

  • Cognitive Principles of Behavior
  • What is a Habit Loop?
  • Replacing Habits in a Habit Loop
  • The power of delayed gratification.
  • Understanding the Psychology of Procrastination
  • Utilizing Habit Pyramids with Examples
  • Areas to Apply Self Discipline

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El último manifiesto de la Tierra: Apocalipsis (Spanish Edition)

by José Isaac Aristizábal Medina

Que es el último manifiesto de la Tierra?.
No me atrevería a decir que es un libro, mas bien lo llamaría un mensaje que va dirigido a toda la humanidad y que usa la modalidad de libro para tratar de comunicarlo y llevarlo a los confines de la tierra.
El último manifiesto de la Tierra es el intento de un personaje desconocido por todos que busca con ello mostrar lo que muchos no quieren ver. Es el llanto desesperado de alguien que sufre por todos los demás, es el grito inclemente de un guerrero que pide con decisión que pare ya la explotación a la que han estado sometidos los hombres en la Tierra y es también una osada invitación al mundo a atreverse a cambiar las cosas.

Pause. Breathe. Shift.: Paving a Way to Emotional Freedom (Ours Minds Matter Book 5)

by Dash Trembley

This book was specially written to uplift, inspire and share useful simple methods and techniques that worked seamlessly. You can apply them to different aspects of your daily life in all the small ways that you can come to enjoy and fall in love with the process and become a selective sifter of your own thoughts.

It will lead you one step closer to living the life that is free of emotional struggle towards your health, relationships, food and everything that matters to you when you learn to make the shift in your perspective towards negative circumstances, old habits and beliefs.

Based on the Author’s real life experiences and deep love nurtured for diversity, growth, and development, you can have a little fun and humor along with her on a journey of focus, fun, and freedom to provide you with a gentle ‘push’ to restart the engine of your mind and life today.

A bonus compilation of inspirational quotes included in between each chapter to serve as a daily positive reminder and affirmation to create a life that serves you well and stretches your own mind to its fullest potential.

Bonus Chapter – The Journey of Seeking “My Truth”
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Call to War:: Using the Ancient Art of War to Derail the Trump Train, Dismantle the Alt-right, and Save the American Dream.

by Jaymes Warren

A handbook for those who want to stand up to the alt-right and fight to dethrone the Tyrant Donald Trump.
Short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what needs to be done to reclaim our Democracy.

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