Free poetry Kindle books for 04 Jun 17

Light Is Coming: Haiku Poems

by Saleh M. Radaideh

Haiku poems about hope, thought, anticipation, liberation, the cruel world we live in, embracing the now, handling everything that comes our way, looking to the heavens for help, knowing that God is with us, and the redemption which comes in the midst of the night.

Extras included.

Playing Opossum: Poems of a Neurotic Southern Girl

by Jessica Wesley

Enclosed are personal poems from a dark chapter in my life. These writings, rough-hewn as they may be, helped me navigate through the pitfalls of anxiety and depression. In short, this poetry isn’t about dahlias blowing gracefully in a field. You want that, look elsewhere. It fulfills the adage: If it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t read. JLW

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