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by Melville Davisson Post

This carefully edited collection of adventure novels has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Melville Davisson Post (1869-1930) was an American author, born in West Virginia. He wrote novels about the life in mountains and lives of man who, like him, have spent many years of their lives among them. These novels are intertwined with philosophy, and Biblical allegories. Although his name is not immediately familiar to those outside of specialist circles many collections of detective fiction include works by him. Post’s best-known character is the mystery solving, justice dispensing West Virginian backwoodsman, Uncle Abner. Post also wrote number of stories about Randolph Mason, a brusque New York lawyer who is highly skilled at turning legal loopholes and technicalities to his clients’ advantage. Post’s other recurring characters include Sir Henry Marquis of Scotland Yard, the French policeman Monsieur Jonquelle and the Virginia lawyer Colonel Braxton. Table of Contents: Dwellers in the Hills The Gilded Chair The Mountain School-Teacher

The Mornings

by Natalie Ramirez Cain

Marissa Morning is an expert at taking flight: she runs away from things. When she receives a phone call bearing tragic news, she must return to a place she has been running from ever since a traumatic event from her childhood altered her life forever. Now living in her deceased grandmother’s home, haunted by memories and mourning, she slowly begins to rebuild her life and forge new friendships. What begins to unfold just as Marissa is beginning to recover from her losses is that a sinister presence lurks in town, threatening to harm Marissa’s happiness and potentially her life itself.

This debut novel from Natalie Ramirez Cain highlights the power of love in dark times and the importance of forgiving othersâ??and forgiving ourselves.

Bible Study Guide – A Complete Commentary of the Bible : Bible Commentary 400 pages – 100% of your purchase is donated to find a cure

by Revered Michael Collier

Bible Study; The Complete Guide to the Bible ; Bible Study Guide
100% of your purchase of this ebook is donated directly to find a cure, minus Amazon selling fee. Please purchase to continue helping our cause which since 2001 has provided over 37 million dollars directly to christian related causes. Please purchase and leave great feedback. God is good all the time

Must-have for reading and studying God’s Holy Word. Take notes,Features a powerful Resource Guide that links your Bible text with outstanding study Bibles, maps, commentaries, and more for an in-depth Bible study experience. Start a Bible reading plan and track your progress as you read through Scripture. Our unique split window allows you to create your own customized parallel Bible to easily compare Bible translations

Study all Scripture:
Every book is the inspired Word of God. And not just the easy ones. Song of Songs is inspired. Obadiah is inspired. Revelation is inspired. Because every book matters, Explore the Bible digs into every book.

Understand the text in its context:
Every passage of Scripture has a context that illuminates its original intent. In order to have the most complete understanding of Scripture, we must understand the historical and cultural factors that influenced Scripture as it was written, as well as how it fits into Scripture as a whole.

Discover the world of the Bible:
Essential to our knowledge of Scripture is the reality that it actually happened. Explore the Bible presents archaeological evidence to illuminate the very real people, places, and events in the Bible.

Develop a deeper knowledge of Scripture:
In a culture grasping for any truth, it is more important we know God’s Truth than ever before. Explore the Bible is committed to helping Christians of all ages develop a deeper knowledge of the Bible, what it tells us about God, and what He is asking us to do.

Apply Scriptural truths every day:
The Bible isn’t just something that happened, it is a living text that still speaks, inspires, and compels us today. That’s why Explore the Bible is committed to helping us both know and live the Word of God.

Mail Order Bride: The Actress Bride (Historical Western Romance)

by Emma Ashwood


Olivia Hamilton is a talented actress in New York City, struggling for survival, until she responds to the classified advertisement placed by the spoiled, rich Lorraine Clarke. Lorraine hires Olivia to impersonate her in far off California, where she is to dissuade Lorraine’s intended marriage.

This was an exciting prospect for the impoverished Olivia: a paid role as a wealthy lady in a town where no one knows her. When the intended proves to be a handsome, delightful fur-trader with everything going for him, and a secret to hide, Olivia falls in love and fails in her quest to have plans for the marriage cancelled.

Can Olivia pick up her own life on the New York stage after this pretense, or will her connivance forever taint her future?

Will the real Lorraine enjoy the fruits of her dishonesty in Olivia’s stead? What of the handsome Maxwell Owen and his awful secret?

Hope Healing Manual VI: A Socialite Sees the Light

by Robert J Bryant

A socialite of the highest order, Ms. Dobson-Hobbs, is summarily kicked out of her social club. Can this event along with a new friend bring her to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior? An exciting and inspirational work of Christian fiction in the Hope Healing Manual series. It also includes commentary and daily thoughts from the Hope Healing Church website.

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS COLLECTION: Dollars Want Me, How To Control Fate Through Suggestion, Concentration, The Call Of The Twentieth Century & The New Emancipation: … in Your Personal & Professional Life

by Henry Harrison Brown

The concept of New Thought promotes the ideas that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere, spirit is the totality of real things, true human selfhood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect. It is usually believed that God or Infinite Intelligence is “supreme, universal, and everlasting”, that divinity dwells within each person, that all people are spiritual beings, to heal oneself mentally and emotionally. Henry Harrison Brown (1840-1918) was an Editor and publisher of NOW in 1900s. He also served in U. S. Volunteers during Civil War from August, 1862, until October, 1865. He had already gained immense experience and reputation in mental healing and teaching since 1893 and his book “Dollars Want Me” (pub. 1903) ran up to 30 editions in 1917.

What your health says about you and how to change it

by David Hayes

In this powerful book, David Hayes guides you through an acclaimed strategies for creating a more fulfilling life. Each goal-orientated lesson empowers you to take control of the barriers that keep you from achieving the love and success you desire. From breaking the unrewarding cycle of people pleasing to dealing with unsupportive friends, this book approaches the problems you face with a candid look at why you aren’t satisfied–and how to fix it. Hayes’ life-changing wisdom helps you uncover your self-limiting beliefs as well as push you out of your comfort zone by zeroing in on the most difficult issues. Never one to sugarcoat the truth, she holds you accountable for your actions while offering expert advice for knocking down that cynical inner-voice and loving yourself wholeheartedly.

With What your health says about you and how to change it, you will shut off your internal auto-pilot; kick empty expectations to the curb; and live a bigger, gutsier life.

A Young Bride’s Heart

by Annabel Blair

When Naomi’s father passes away it is a devastating blow to the family, leaving Naomi and her brother and sister to fend for themselves.

She tries to keep the family business afloat, but it isn’t meant to be and she is forced to close its doors forever.

To make matters worse, her sister Faith has fallen ill again. Naomi works her fingers to the bone trying to pay for her sister’s medical expenses, but it simply isn’t enough.

Desperate and out of options she decides to become a mail order bride, hoping to find a man wealthy enough to pay for her sister’s treatment. But what she doesn’t expect to find is love.

She struggles with her guilt at taking advantage of her new husband, but she can’t risk letting her sister die.

Also comes with a FREE series of CLEAN Bonus Stories

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