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HISTORY: THE MEN WHO CHANGED THE COURSE OF AMERICAN HISTORY – 2nd EDITION: Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Lincoln, M.L. King, Reagan, & Roosevelt. Lessons from the Great Men that Forged America

by Dominique Atkinson

How Ordinary Men in American History Lived Extraordinary Lives of Service to Their Country !!

This Book Contains the Fundamental History, Early Influences, Life Changing Events, &
Lasting Impact of Historical Figures such as Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Others!

The United States of America is built upon the foundation that great men created. Without them, the nation, had it even survived its political infancy, would not be the dynamic, thriving power it is today. These American men who changed the course of history are remarkable not merely for their accomplishments, but because they were born in ordinary circumstances and rose to prominence thanks to their resourcefulness, personalities, and convictions. The world knows who they are by name and by reputation, yet at their births, it’s doubtful that even doting parents expected them to rise to the levels of prominence which they achieved.

Had they been born in modern times, they would have been served by an entourage of press agents and publicists to promote their achievements. But only Ronald Reagan, who served as president of the United States from 1980-1988, lived in a time when self-promotion was expected, and the strength of his appeal resided in his ability to conjure an idyllic image from American mythology, when small-town values and virtues would triumph over sophisticated city cynicism. Benjamin Franklin charmed the notoriously selective French with his shrewd rendition of what they assumed was a typical American, combined with his genuine fondness for the ladies. Alexander Hamilton wheeled and dealed for that most middle class of virtues: the necessity to pay bills in order to demonstrate financial credibility. The Roosevelt cousins, Theodore and Franklin, were raised in privilege but made the common man a cornerstone of their presidencies. Abraham Lincoln’s frontier wit and storytelling did not make him the darling of Washington’s drawing rooms, but it connected him to the people and helped him survive the emotional demands of his office at a time when he was often at odds with his generals, his Cabinet, the press and even his wife. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s soaring oratory lent his campaign for civil rights a poetic glory that stirred his followers at a time of enormous suffering and upheaval for African-Americans, whose simple quest was to be treated as equals. And what is there to say about George Washington that has not already been said? Would the United States have flourished as it has without him at the helm for the nation’s introduction into independence? He was not born to the nobility or even to the landed gentry of his home colony of Virginia. His characteristic self-control, integrity, and attention to duty would have earned the scorn of the British aristocracy who wielded power in the nation from which the colonies sought independence, and yet those traits triumphed over the British, who ruled by pedigree rather than ability.

Join me in learning about these great men! It’s by studying their lives that we gain a sense, not only of who they were, but of what we have become as a country because of their influence. If any of these men were to be taken out of history’s record, the ensuing gap would be enormous. As we study the past, we can look back on their achievements and be glad that we journey upon the roads that they paved for history to travel.

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Ted Bundy: The Crimes of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

by Tom King

If you want a view into the mind of a serial killer and America’s most notorious at that, then Ted Bundy: The Crimes Of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer is for you. As you look back at Bundy’s childhood after digesting what he did to his unknown number of female victims, then behaviors such as playing with knives and placing them around his sleeping aunt take on a new meaning. Which was more influential in contributing to his killing behavior between the deception about his parentage and his letdown when Stephanie Brooks dumped him when the two were dating in college? Can we know anything meaningful or significant from a man whose testimony to various people through the years consists as much of contradiction as it does statements of fact?

By all accounts, it is hard to point to or single out any one specific episode in his life that would have sent him out on a murderous course at the beginning of his adult life. Bundy’s story is full of disguise, deception, evasion and a bizarre quest for control on all levels where others were concerned. This compelling account sheds light on the details of the life of the man whose sequence of killings provided the blueprint for investigating mass murderers.

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