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Data Analytics: Become A Master In Data Analytics (Big Data Analytics, Statistics, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Analyzing Data, )

by Richard Dorsey

Data Analytics: Become A Master In Data Analytics

Analyzing data is not easy, due to the fact that you have to figure out which type of data analytics you are going to use, as well as defeat the challenges that you will come up against when it comes to analyzing data.

With this book, it is our goal to show you the easiest way to work with data analytics and how you are going to avoid some of the challenges and risks that you will be putting yourself up against when you are working with data.

You will realize that analyzing data is not the easiest thing in the world. However, it is going to get easier the more that you practice. Just guarantee that you are taking the time to practice and do not put too much pressure on yourself.

In this book, you are going to learn:

  • The risks of data analytics
  • The types of data analytics that are out there in the world
  • What the decision tree is
  • The benefits of using data analytics
  • Real world examples that will show you how you are going to be able to take this knowledge and apply it to your everyday life.

Data analysis happens no matter what line of work you are in, and it is my hope that with this book, you are able to learn everything that pushes you further in your knowledge of data analysis!

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Called 2 Care: Turn Your Healthcare Career Into A Profitable Business

by JaneNK. Nwanne Nwanne

My intention for writing this book is to encourage Dedicated Caregivers to discover who they are, acknowledge all the extraordinary talents and experience they possess, and use it to continue doing what they love while building their own empire.

The Writer’s Productivity Crash Course: The 5 Day Step-by-Step System to Habits, Routines & Writing Daily (Crash Courses for Authors Book 2)

by Nicholas Erik

No more gimmicks or BS. Get off the self-help treadmill and start writing every day – for good.

Frustrated by bogus productivity “hacks” that briefly motivate, but generate zero long-term results? Want to fix your discipline woes – forever? Sick of ineffective 21 day challenges that leave you feeling like an overstressed failure?

Enter The Writer’s Productivity Crash Course, which blends ancient wisdom with modern science and personal experience into a bulletproof behavioral change system. This short book will show you exactly how to produce more words with less effort, using a simple – but powerful – 5 step method.

In this crash course, you’ll discover:

> why most traditional productivity “advice” is actually BS
> why habits & routines are the most powerful productivity tools on the planet
> how to form bulletproof new habits – and why breaking bad ones almost always fails
> the art of small wins – and why they almost always outproduce huge goals
> the other hidden 50% of productivity that no one ever talks about
> the three key mindsets to keep you going long after everyone else has quit
> 5 step-by-step exercises designed to jumpstart your productivity immediately

No more motivational videos. No more “not feeling like it.” Just words – on demand, without resistance. Whether you’re writing your first novel or your twentieth, the Writer’s Productivity Crash Course will increase your productivity – right now.

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Blogging Full Time Income + FREE SOFTWARE

by Sandhiya S

Are you passionate in writing or are you interested in starting a blog and make a full time passive income online with your blogging skills??

Looking for a genuine blogging idea or struggling where to start ???

Then here is a complete guide for you to make you more successful in your blogging journey.

Whether your goal is to increase the sales in your current business or start a new blog online ,this
Money Making Blueprint With Blogging is what you need.

Believe me.

It will work great if you follow my step-by-step guide with the software and free tips that I am providing you with the book.

I would like to share my personal experience on how to start a successful blog and some of the tactics that I use to bring in instant sales to make passive income by working online.

This book comes with a complete step by step procedure.

And You are also going to get my Social Media Traffic Generation Software worth $69 completely FREE with this book.

The idea of blogging and building a business over it must be really exciting also quite frustrating sometimes.

It is not that easy to make more profit with your blog and not that hard too. Trust me.

However in this journey towards achieving a full time passive income through online home business and social network traffic is going to be definitely time consuming and you need to be consistent here to become more successful.

This book will also provide you a $88 per month membership free article spinning software which you can use it to build your online home based business.

You can automate the whole system using the software and the freebies that I provide with this book.

So what are you waiting for ?

I do offer 100% money back guarantee if this book does not satisfy you.

Just give a try on my system and start making money from your blog in just 1 to 2 weeks.

Above all your are also getting my Social Media Traffic Generation Software completely free with the book.

So enroll to the book today and start making money by just sitting in your home instantly.

Credit Repair Secrets You Wish You Knew: Quick And Easy Way To Repair Your Credit And Increase Your Credit Score Using Hidden Credit Restoration Secrets Of The Professionals

by Patrick Mannington

Find Out How To Wipe Out Bad Credit Fast, Build Positive Credit To Your Credit Report History And Improve Your Credit Score.

Discover the insider secrets of how you can repair your credit yourself, without hiring the services of credit repair consultants.

Having poor credit can devastate your life style. In today’s society, your credit speaks for you.

A low credit score can leave you paying high interest rates, which can translate into hundreds and thousands of dollars. Not only does it bring major problems into the act of getting a credit card or loan, but you may also be denied certain housing rentals and even employment opportunities.

This powerful guide is jam-packed with all the information you’ll need to remove derogatory information from your report and boost your credit score.

Wholesaling Real Estate: Wholesaling Real Estate Guide for Beginners

by Samuel Gobar

If you’ve heard of flipping houses but having given it a try because you lack the funds and skills, then real estate wholesaling might be a perfect start to begin your career as an investor. Why? Wholesaling doesn’t require a huge amount of money for start-up fees, and you won’t have to worry about making repairs. With our guide to wholesaling, you learn how to purchase and assign property in a matter of weeks and leave the renovation worries to other investors.

Wholesaling real estate is a quicker way to earn your fees, and it not near so nail-biting an experience. The risks associated with wholesaling are minimal because you aren’t purchasing the home, you’re only procuring the property to pass it to another investor who takes on the risks.

Read our guide and learn how to drive sellers and buyers to respond to your marketing. You’ll be able to negotiate with the confidence of knowing that your learned communications skills and proven strategies will enable you to build your business successfully. You’ll feel the reward of helping homeowners climb out from under the heavy burdens of a home they can no longer maintain or afford.

Some of the strategies and skills you’ll be learning within these pages are.
-How to market for the highest profits and greatest number of responses.
-How to accurately analyze the market for accurate pricing and the most profits
-When and how to work the wholesale process.
-What are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them
-How to compete with other investors and “Hunt with the Big Dogs.”
-The importance of treating your business like a business.

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