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Banana Recipes for Bread, Cake, Pudding… Banana Everything!: Banana Packed Recipes for Any Occasion and Any Time of Day

by Martha Stephenson

Do you love bananas and wish you had more ways to incorporate them into your food? Well then, this recipe book is perfect for you!

With recipes from simple banana bread to banana nutella cupcakes and banana tea sandwiches, there is something banana in here for everyone!

There are also recipes for every time schedule- do you only have 10 minutes? Try a banana berry smoothie. Looking for a great banana breakfast recipe?

Try the overnight banana oatmeal- it will be ready for you when you wake up in the morning! So whip up a banana coconut daiquiri and get ready to make some creative banana dishes with this great recipe book.

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Guide des 3 plantes sauvages comestibles les plus faciles à cuisiner (French Edition)

by L’Avis des Plantes

Quels plats pourriez-vous déguster si vous saviez reconnaître parfaitement des plantes sauvages et les cuisiner ? (sans risque d’intoxiquer vos proches !)
C’est ce que ce petit guide de cuisine et de botanique vous propose d’apprendre le plus simplement du monde !

Il y a quelques années, je me sentais très limité concernant la consommation des plantes sauvages qui nous entourent, comme beaucoup de gens qui n’osent pas en cueillir de peur de les confondre avec des plantes dangereusesâ?¦ J’ai même failli m’intoxiquer un jour où j’ai osé franchir le pas, en prenant des feuilles de sureau pour de l’égopode (heureusement que c’était trop amer pour être mangé !). J’étais frustré de ne pas pouvoir profiter des bienfaits qu’offre la nature, pourtant à portée de la mainâ?¦

Puis, j’ai décidé de me former auprès du spécialiste français des plantes sauvages comestibles : François Couplan. Son stage m’a vraiment fait voir les choses d’un autre Å?il et j’ai pu acquérir les connaissances nécessaires pour cueillir et cuisiner en toute sécurité. Depuis, je cuisine régulièrement plusieurs plantes selon les saisons et mes promenades, comme par exemple une excellente recette au saumon et à la criste marine (voir sur mon blog). Je me régale et mes proches ont changé d’avis sur mes expérimentations culinaires.

Alors j’ai une bonne nouvelle pour vous, parce que c’est une partie de ce savoir que je partage dans ce livre : les 3 plantes sauvages les plus faciles et les plus sûres à cueillir et à cuisiner ! L’ortie, le plantain et le pissenlit. Délicieuses, nutritives, disponibles partout en Europe et toute l’année (ou peu s’en faut).

Grâce à ce livre, en quelques minutes, vous serez capable de :
reconnaître à coup sûr ces 3 plantes sauvages comestibles, sans avoir à suivre des études de botanique (grâce à la partie 1),
les cuisiner selon 3 recettes faciles et savoureuses, qui intrigueront vos proches (grâce à la partie 2).

Et si vous avez déjà l’habitude de la cuisine sauvage, je pense que vous allez adorer ces 3 recettes !
Bonne lecture et� bon appétit !

Low Carb Recipes: 50 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in Just 2 Weeks

by Mathias Müller

A vegan or vegetarian diet not only means cutting out meat or animal products.

Just a glance at the recipes in this cookbook will show the also adapting this limited range of foods to low carb rules isn’t a loss but rather a culinary plus.

Targeted at 14 days, aside from weight loss the focus is also on how your diet can not only have a negative, but also a positive impact on your weight.

Combined with a balanced diet without feeling hungry, “Motivation” becomes much less of a factor than other changes in nutrition or diets.

To ensure you will be able to eat vegetarian/vegan as well as low carb all day long over the 2 week target the recipes in this cookbook are split into a total of 5 categories. This includes:

Breakfast Recipes

Quick to prepare or with attention to detail. With these breakfast recipes you will always start your day with a culinary highlight.

Soups and Salads

Warm or cold, vegetarian/vegan cuisine always has a few surprises with clever soup and salad recipes boasting full flavor without a lot of carbs.


Taking a break from your tough morning while replenishing energy for the rest of the day. Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, which is easily reflected in these recipes.


Dinner always means different tastes coming together at the same table. These dinner recipes will fit any taste. Create dishes in your pan, pot or the oven which may just become new favorites in your kitchen.


Nutritious snacks for at home, the office or on the go. These snacks make it easy to forgo fast food and the like and indulge in your own balanced snack.

Every recipe includes nutrition facts, difficulty and the cooking time. They make it easy to keep the needs of those working outside the home as well as families with little time to cook in mind. This truly allows anybody to become a low carb fan in these 2 weeks and in exchange feel more confident about your body.

Healthy weight loss and trim down with the low carb diet!

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Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Top 50 Meals From Cuisinart Pressure Cooker-Good Food Can Be Fast, Good Food Can Be Easy

by Christian Anderson

Top 50 Meals From Cuisinart Pressure Cooker-Good Food Can Be Fast, Good Food Can Be Easy

Today’s pressure cookers aren’t the scary pressure cookers your mom used. Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use Cuisinart pressure cooker. Do you have 30 minutes before dinner to cook? Pressure cooker meals – even the fastest that only require 12 minutes of cook time – take at least 25-40 minutes to cook, including the time it takes to reach full pressure. If you’re cooking a large cut of meat or full pot of something else, it could take longer. Of course, it’s all hands off cook time once it’s in the pot, so you can go do something else while it cooks. If you don’t own a slow cooker and want to invest in a multi-function appliance, then a pressure cooker is for you. If you don’t mind or really enjoy learning to use a new kitchen tool, this is a fun way to do it.

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Expand your culinary repertoire and prepare delicious meals for your whole family

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