Free history Kindle books for 05 Jun 17

History Shorts: Richard III

by Cathy Burke

Richard III ruled England for only two years but somehow turned into one of our most infamous kings. Find out why inside this short ebook.

While it may be short, it contains all the key facts to give you a quick and concise summary of Richard’s rise to the throne and subsequent demise. Recent reviews includes this 5 star review which stated:

“This book explains briefly but well the Wars of the Roses, and the relation between the important people in the story of Richard. The family tree was extremely helpful in determining who’s who. It also explains the controversy behind this short-reigned king’s rule.” and;

“Well written and easy to assimilate. Gives a great view of this period in history and I really enjoyed it.”

Ever open a history book and start yawning before you’ve even got to the second page? It’s not that the words on the page are boring, it’s just the breadth of the topics discussed and the enormity of the task ahead as you read page 4 of 240.

Ever want to just open a nice short book and find out the key facts without having to wade through pages of trivia? Hopefully this series of books will do just that. As the title suggests, this is history; short and sweet.

This History Shorts is about Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England, and possibly England’s most infamous ruler. There are a lot of stories about Richard III, from how he got to the throne, to how he was killed, and this short and sweet version of history aims to give you the facts, and nothing but. Yes, it’s short, but would you really prefer it if I was to add 50 more pages just to make you feel like you had bought something a bit more price-worthy?

The topics discussed are in question format, and the questions that are answered within are as follows:

1.Who was Richard III?
2.What was Richard’s claim to the throne?
3.How did Richard III become King of England?
4.How long was Richard III king for?
5.What kind of king was Richard III: good or bad?
6.What was he most famous for?
7.Who were the women who played a part in Richard III’s life?
8.What were the Wars of the Roses?
9.Where there any major rebellions against Richard III?
10.What were the circumstances around Richard III’s death?
11.What was Richard III’s reputation?
12.What happened to Richard III’s body?

The Journal of Leroy Jeremiah Jones, a Fugitive Slave (Alabama 1855) (Plantations and Pirates Book 6)

by Karen McWilliams

The Journal of Leroy Jeremiah Jones, a Fugitive Slave (Alabama 1855) is one adventure after another that Leroy shares with his plantation owner’s step son, Eddy. Both boys call Massa Jake “Snake” which he has been since he married Eddy’s Mama, Miz Evil Eye who has one blue eye and one brown eye and whistles through her teeth. The two boys get in one mess after another until they encounter the worst of the worst when SNAKE plans to give away Leroy’s 3 year old brothers for Christmas presents. When SNAKE and Missus Evil Eye go to HUNTSVILLE for a few days, Eddy skips school and goes fishing with Leroy. They stumble upon a SECRET CAVE which becomes their hideout until Leroy’s family is rescued by an Abolitionist. Many fugitive slaves hid in caves and bayous or swamps. Their friends in the Quarters supplied them with food, lights, and other things until they could help them escape via the Under Ground Railroad…

Titanic – The Most Complete Story Ever Told

by Matthew Vollbrecht

More than 100 years have gone by since the Titanic sank. The perfect balance between a historical reference and a gripping novel, this book offers an accurate and up-to-date account of every aspect of the Titanic saga, from its inception and construction to its more recent discovery and its impact on society and culture. The author also examines what has changed since Titanic was built and speaks to the question of whether a similar disaster could ever happen again. Complete with photos and web links, this book is written in an informal style that is appropriate for anyone interested in the subject – even young readers.

Sertão, Serra e Suor (Portuguese Edition)

by Herbet Frota

Romance baseado em fatos reais históricos unidos a uma generosa dose imaginária de acontecimentos, esta obra contempla uma belíssima saga ocorrida no século XVIII na região norte cearense. Trata-se da história de um vaqueiro que apaixona-se perdidamente pela filha do patrão, um poderoso fazendeiro. O amor é correspondido pela moça, porém, sua família consegue afastá-los. Um esporte praticado no nordeste brasileiro, a vaquejada, será o responsável pelo reencontro. A moça, agora mulher, anda aos beijos e abraços com outro. Será que conseguirão ficar juntos? Impossível não ler o livro em apenas 1 dia, a história é pegajosa e fascinante, prendendo a atenção do leitor que quer saber, a todo custo, o final da história.

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