Free poetry Kindle books for 05 Jun 17

Collection of poems

by Vanessa Ngam

Interesting, simple read, and thought – provoking.


by Zoogamwa

This is probably the best book I have ever written. Thanks. – Pete

Water in a Wineglass

by Beverly Tan

Water in a Wineglass is a love letter. It plays a song from the heartstrings of the author’s mind and wraps around timeless words we’ve heard at some point or another. I love you, I don’t, and everything in between. It’s the kissing of souls and the ripping of hearts blended into the eye of a hurricane.
The debut book of Beverly Tan pieces together words heard too often and brings relatable peace to weathered hearts.

Under Every Moon

by G L Francis

Explore edges where the mundane and uncanny converge, where ordinary and extraordinary intersect, and where reality and fantasy sometimes collide. Hear the voice of sand, of birds, of the tarot’s charioteer, of the crone who spins and weaves dreams and nightmares. Feel the talismanic beat of a drum, heart, or hoof. Find a name, witness ghosts dancing, and learn secrets of the seaĆ¢??Under Every Moon

A day in the life of a poet

by Forester de Santos

A day in the life of a poet is truly about searching for a unique writing style and what better way than crossing over through the shortest possible verse, even though the shortest possible way is truly not the easiest way! But even so, it was my way of developing one of many writing styles which let me into writing much better even though I no longer write in this poetic style, it is still reflected in my other and more knowledgeable and inspirational style!

The Sunrise

by Tarik Mowatt

If you’re looking for a little interesting book, this is for you.

A book of poetry, some may be confusing, some may be simple, and others fun and playful. But they’re my thoughts and experiences, combined and written down. I’d call it my relationship with life in various little segments. From poems involving space, to dancing, family relationships, hardships, and more.

I present to you, The Sunrise. I hope you enjoy it.

muted trumpets: phoenix desert poems

by charles ernest watson

Poems of the phoenix desert.

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