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Hillary Clinton Shattered: How Donald Trump Shattered Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party

by Benjamin Free

Hillary Clinton Shattered

How Donald Trump Shattered Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party

So, how did a man who made his fortune via business deal and celebrity appearances beat out someone who was, on many occasions, said to have been the most qualified presidential candidate the country had ever seen?In order to breakdown that question, one has to consider all of the factors that played in her nomination: her win over Bernie Sanders and the controversy that surrounded it, the issue with her emails and why this issue was not only important but completely dissected by the public, and one has to go back so far as to take a look at her political career and some of the decisions she made along the way. No one is perfect, but everything plays into a one-track mindset that would eventually grate the nation the wrong way. The nominee platforms for president would become so skewed that many would lose hope, swaying their votes in favor of the bombastic personality simply to spite Hillary.But, to what end? Why would over half of an entire nation elect a man with no political career over a woman whose entire career was political? What made Donald Trump so palatable to the majority of Americans? Why in the world was Hillary Clinton deemed more of an animal than a rich white man with no political experience whose basic “locker room talk” surrounded around the topic of forcing himself onto women and them “allowing” it because he was rich.The answer is clearer than one might suspect and not at all laid where one might try to look. The answers within this book with wrile up the deadest of hearts and anger the most passive of individuals. But, it is a modern reality the world is now currently facing, and in order to never repeat the past, people have to understand what happened.It is imperative that we understand what truly happened.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How did Trump win?
  • Hillary and Wiki leaks
  • Secret Agenda
  • Bernie Sanders
  • America’s Frustrations
  • And much, much more!

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Meditation For Beginners: How to Find Peace in a Frantic World (Meditation For Beginners, Meditation Books, Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness Meditation)

by Mamondo

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Meditation For Beginners: How To Find Peace In A Frantic World!

Do you find it hard to relax? Are you looking for tips on how to ease stress, to enhance your quality of living and make the most of your moments? If so, relaxation meditation is the key!
Delve into the benefits of STRESS RELIEF MEDITATION and unlock the door to the healthy, happy life, exciting life you deserve!
You don’t have to be experienced in the meditation exercises!
We are offering you reliable, GUIDED MINDFULNESS MEDITATION in a well-written, easy to understand meditation book!

Download Meditation For Beginners and find …

  • Insight on the types of meditation
  • The best meditation techniques
  • Precious tips on how to start meditating
  • The benefits of stress relief meditation
  • And Much More!

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32 animals, 32 lessons (Get inspired)

by Nabi Gueye

When we observe animals carefully from their behavioral or symbolic aspects, we may take great lessons we might have tried out both in our social and private lives.
These are observations I made on some animal’s daily lives, completed with research. For each of those selected animals, there is a conveyed message, knowing that I could also be interested in other points.

Catching the Invisible

by J.W. Anderson

Catching the Invisible is a journey through life in search for magic. This short novel talks about little things in our daily life that make a massive difference to how we feel. It talks about invisible values, like trust and honesty, that become visible once you take care of them.
Catching the Invisible is about believing in yourself; it is about being self-honest; it is about death of a loved one and most of all, however, it is about hope and belief that “day will come again”.

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